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138512228 Psychiatric Nursing Review Questions Compilation With Rationale

138512228 Psychiatric Nursing Review Questions Compilation With Rationale

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Published by Krishnna Dela Cruz
all about mental health nursing
all about mental health nursing

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Krishnna Dela Cruz on Aug 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 1. Situation: Knowledge and skills in the care of violent clients is vital in the psychiatric unit. A nurseobserves that a client with a potential for violence is agitated, pacing up and down the hallway andmaking aggressive remarks. Which of the following statements is most appropriate to make to thispatient?a. What is causing you to become agitated?b. You need to stop that behavior now.c. You will need to be restrained if you do not change your behavior.d. You will need to be placed in seclusion.2. The nurse closely observes the client who has been displaying aggressive behavior. The nurse
observes that the client’s anger is escalating. Which approach is least helpful for the client at this time?
a. Acknowledge the client’s behavio
rb. Maintain a safe distance from the clientc. Assist the client to an area that is quietd. Initiate confinement measures3. The charge nurse of a psychiatric unit is planning the client assignment for the day. The mostappropriate staff to be assigned to a client with a potential for violence is which of the following:a. A timid nurseb. A mature experienced nursec. an inexperienced nursed. a soft spoken nurse4. The nurse exemplifies awareness of the rights of a client whose anger is escalating by:a. Taking a directive role in verbalizing feelingsb. Using an authoritarian, confrontational approachc. Putting the client in a seclusion roomd. Applying mechanical restraints
 5. The client jumps up and throws a chair out of the window. He was restrained after his behavior can nolonger be controlled by the staff. Which of these documentations indicates the safeguarding of the
patient’s rights?
a. There was a doctor’s order for restraints/seclusion
b. The patient’s rights were ex
plained to him.c. The staff observed confidentialityd. The staff carried out less restrictive measures but were unsuccessful.6. Situation: Clients with personality disorders have difficulties in their social and occupationalfunctions.Clients with personality disorder will most likely:a. recover with therapeutic interventionb. respond to antianxiety medicationc. manifest enduring patterns of inflexible behaviorsd. Seek treatment willingly from some personally distressing symptoms7. A client tends to be insensitive to others, engages in abusive behaviors and does not have a sense of remorse. Which personality disorder is he likely to have?a. Narcissisticb. Paranoidc. Histrionicd. Antisocial8. The client joins a support group and frequently preaches against abuse, is demonstrating the use of:a. denialb. reaction formationc. rationalizationd. projection
 9. A teenage girl is diagnosed to have borderline personality disorder. Which manifestations support thediagnosis?a. Lack of self esteem, strong dependency needs and impulsive behaviorb. social withdrawal, inadequacy, sensitivity to rejection and criticismc. Suspicious, hypervigilance and coldnessd. Preoccupation with perfectionism, orderliness and need for control10. The plan of care for clients with borderline personality should include:a. Limit setting and flexibility in scheduleb. Giving medications to prevent acting outc. Restricting her from other clientsd. Ensuring she adheres to certain restrictions11. Situation: A 42 year old male client, is admitted in the ward because of bizarre behaviors. He is givena diagnosis of schizophrenia paranoid type. The client should have achieved the developmental task of:a. Trust vs. mistrustb. Industry vs. inferiorityc. Generativity vs. stagnationd. Ego integrity vs. despair12. Clients who are suspicious primarily use projection for which purpose:a. deny realityb. to deal with feelings and thoughts that are not acceptablec. to show resentment towards othersd. manipulate others

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