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Background on the Next Generation Research Act

Background on the Next Generation Research Act

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Published by: Senator Baldwin Press Office on Aug 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin -
The Next Generation Research Act 
An Introduction
In order to build long-term economic growth, we need to make a strong commitment to
supporng research, innovaon, science, and technology. Wisconsin has a proud tradion in theseelds. From discovering how Vitamin D can best be absorbed, to unlocking the potenal of stemcells, to developing a more eecve cancer radiaon therapy, our sciensts have produced break
throughs that save lives and create jobs. Groundbreaking research supported by
Naonal Instutes of Health (NIH) alone adds more than $800 million per year to our state’seconomy.
Unfortunately, current policies are pung the brakes on research and innovaon at a me whenwe need to be stepping on the accelerator. Over the past ten years, the purchasing power of theNIH has decreased 22 percent while our global competors have ramped up their own researchcapabilies. This year, Sequestraon cuts will slash $1.5 billion from the NIH budget.These destrucve policies are parcularly devastang for our naon’s young researchers. WhenSenator Baldwin met with NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins, he cauoned that “we are pung anenre generaon of sciensts at risk.Without acon, talented young sciensts may decide to dosomething else, or leave the country to pursue their research. As is, the average age of a rst-meNIH grant recipient is 42 years old—up from 36 in 1980. The best and brightest scienc mindsneed to know that our country stands with them. Congress must send that message.Senator Tammy Baldwin supports a budget that would prevent harmful Sequestraon cuts to theNIH and Wisconsin’s research instuons. The Senate’s budget approach provides for up to $8billion more in NIH research investments than the approach taken by the House of Representaves.Soon, Senator Baldwin will introduce
the Next Generaon Research Act 
to demonstrate a com-
mitment to our naon’s young sciensts. This legislaon will coordinate eorts within the NIH toimprove opportunies for our next generaon of researchers.
When the Senate re-convenes, Senator Baldwin will introduce
The Next Generaon Research Act 
to demonstrate her commitment to our naon’s young sciensts andcoordinate eorts within the NIH to improve opportunies for our next generaon of researchers.

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