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Kau Adalah Sumber Degup Hati

Kau Adalah Sumber Degup Hati

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Published by Divyang K Chhaya
Malaysian Love Poem
Malaysian Love Poem

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Published by: Divyang K Chhaya on May 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Kau Adalah Sumber Degup Hati{You Are My Heart Beat} And there cometh SheHer Lover next to his Brethren;and, standing withoutthey sent unto Her, calling Her.They say unto Her,Behold, Thy Lover in painand Thy Brethren without seek for Thee. And She answereth them,and saith:Who Is my Lover ?She was offended in Him. Openly discreditedHis face lost before His Kinnatural it was for Whom to expect Herto walk straight to Her Loverand burn His lips in unmatched passionFor He had spoken the Truth about His LoveHer promises and assertions of loveInstead, She burnt his heart . Her lover, saith: A man without a FutureIs not without honour,save in His own place,and in His own house, and among His own kin. Suppressed and assimilatedby eclipse of remarks about Himmade by Her nears and dearsAnd "friends"Conveniently motivated to see them separated-She realized,Had She not broken Him so soon, so suddenly,without indication of Her intentHer influence alone, profound and magnificentwould've changed the face of his Dynasty-By Her unique and lovely presenceHe would've risen to heightsmuch higher than Her unnourished Thoughthad taken him. Life without HerSad and EmptyFor Him. Now the morning would bringNo amelioration of His deteriorating state-A price He pays for being in love:Coming daylight would rather intensify It. 
 Laboring thoughts at night'd bethe gravest apprehensionsthe Living Memory of Her love; most wanted Love,A Sensation of no ordinary kindwith His life attempting to resolvewhat must otherwise remainutterly inexplicable and obscureat the Altarof Crucified Love. His eyes threatening HimTo close foreverIf They do notSee Her each day.His powers of persuasionthat never failed to convince the Judgesfailed to persuade his EyesSearching for Her real Selfand not merely Her memories. She knoweth notwhy She derived a great pleasurein hurting Him whence She could'vebeen considerateas She had always been.Upon learning how hurtful Her words and deed wereShe knoweth not why She enjoyedgradual mincing of His heart and terrible torture. She knoweth notWhy She listened to those those new comersin her abodeWhose design was it to bring aboutA Clalmititious Separation.Her friends passed a decree against himon incomplete and superficial factsdistorted and manufacturedby those who never came upfront. Had She allowed anyone elseto decide for her ? Ever before ? She knoweth why she was so influencedThis time. Had She not been with most of Her friendsfor hours and daysfor months and for yearsYet - How much did She knew about each of themor will She ever know Even Now ? 
Does she not know Him more than the mostin shortest time. She Knoweth not if She lost a Good Friendor escaped commission of a grave mistake. Time was something She needed mostMoving away from Her newly introduced escort;whom She met seven months agowho was nice and moderate,She sat under chhaya of a huge treeNear a Research & Development Center. He followed HerStanding beside HerTo communicate.He saith: You're the ReasonOf my heart beats-You're the meaning of my Life. You're the Reasonof my happinessYou're the MeaningThat prevents this lonesomenessTurn into a Vacuum. You're the Reasonthat makes me work: Day and NightTo Earn a better Future for YouAnd You for MeTo live this life. You're the MeaningInnate in my dreamsThat are still AliveTo be delivered unto Thee on their becoming True. You're the ReasonGoverning my HeartYou're the Meaning predestinedTo be ThatWhich is inevitable in This Life. You're the Reasonof my reliance upon Trust and LoveYou're the Meaning ingrained in my Ambitionclear to the arctic of every living kind. You're the Reasonof Freshness being so FreshYou're the Meaningof Charm being so Charming. 

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