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That Is It

That Is It

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Published by Divyang K Chhaya
Love Poem, Feeling of Inflamed senses, and inner surge To swim in Ocean of Life.
Love Poem, Feeling of Inflamed senses, and inner surge To swim in Ocean of Life.

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Published by: Divyang K Chhaya on May 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 That is it Her thoughtInflamed his sensesfeeling inner surgeTo swim in Ocean of LifeFloat with waves of AspirationIn euphoric Elationdelectable and expansive. Hungry appetite of his eyesremained unnourishedUntil thy sight her faceenvisioned her thoughtsLonger he went -Without seeing herMore desperately his eyes longedto meet Her's. Desire of being LovedOnly by herforced all Doors shutTrue lovepossibly lead himOnly to misery and unhappinessFor She looks at them ALLSilentlyIn a friendly wayTill her time is ripeto decide with whom lies herFuture. Confused by extrinsic influencehidden interferencesShe never sawThat which is conceivedBy the mindin contrast toThat really exists. Future laughs at thoseWho know FutureHistory speaksKings and Kingdomsruined by nightfallBeggars Almost certainof Their future Doomstruck fortuneBefore Sun rise. 
 Nostradamus "knew future"After Himfortunately She isprobably endowed with a giftTo KnowThat - FutureWhich is unknown to All. His harshness was easier to bearthan kindness, tolerance, and devotionUnrestrained Faith and Matchless Trust. Future distant and inaccessibleMeaningless and ephemeral.Tears of AngerFrustrated HopeStung Her eyes. When in right frameHe opened up visionsof RelationshipThat Never could beTennyson's Lady of Shalott. Better It'd've beenHad he been cold and distantFor Her to haveopportunitiesto Observe Him and His Future. She could smell Life in His skinHad She stretched her fingerShe'd've felt his heartBeating for Her.Even more- to Love HerTo make his Love immortalTo make her Love for HimShinedispelling darknessfrom every lost soulSuitably embellishedin Timemarching towards a future. In conversation with futureWith lifeWith herBeauty of all ThingsFades awaywhenShe withdraws herselfFrom Him. With Her gone

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