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AP Syllabus Sample Virginia, 2005)

AP Syllabus Sample Virginia, 2005)

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Published by: TeachThought on May 29, 2009
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This course follows the grading system of the Virginia SatelliteEducational Network:
93-100 =A
85-92= B
77-84= C
70-76= D
Incomplete assignments will be entered in the grade book as zeros.
Major Papers 45%
Research Paper (Will be Counted as Three Major Papers)
Major Tests and Exam 40%
Classwork 15%
Since this is a college-level class, students should strive to:
Commit yourself to the study of college-level material,Discuss literature and other issues with maturity and decorum,Treat satellite classmates with respect and kindness.
All written assignments must be completed on time. Each day apaper is late will equal a letter grade deduction.
Plagiarism is the use of someone else
’s words, key phrases, or ideaswithout giving proper credit. This includes paraphrasing a source without givingdue credit. Plagiarism is a serious breach of academic integrity and anyassignment containing plagiarism earns a zero.
Advanced Placement English
Instructor: Anna Lee Gibson
Course Theme:
"There is no coming to consciousness except through pain"
(Carl Jung)
Course Focus: The Hero
To search for additional texts, resources on myths, and philosophies online:http://www.bartleby.com/ 
First Semester Assignment Schedule
Aug. 29 - Welcome to AP English (Student Rolls from Schools)Aug.30 - Introduction to the Greek Concept of TragedyAug.31 - Oracle at Delphi -http://www.greekciv.pdx.edu/arts/theater/callaway.htm Sept. 1- Cadmus, Europa and the ancient Greek city of Thebes
Sept. 2- Writing Assignment 1
Autobiographies due for schools that begin before Labor DayShould include family information, personal hopes and dreams, and one storyconcerning your childhood. Essay must be typed. Please attach a picture suitableforuse on-airAug. 30 - Continue background discussionAug. 31 - Begin Discussion of 
Oedipus the King
Oedipus Rex
) by SophoclesYou may choose to download the play from the following address:
 If you download the F. Storr translation, please note that the play we are studyingis the first 42 pages of that file.SEPTEMBER ASSIGNMENTS
Sept. 4 - Labor Day (No Broadcast.)
Sept. - 4-14 Discussion and lectures of 
Oedipus the King 
*Sept 9- Autobiography due for students who joined after Labor Day.
Sept 15 - Writing Assignment 2 - 
Narrative Paper concerning:
The theme of this course is Carl Jung's statement that "there is no coming toconsciousness without pain." In a well-organized essay discuss the elements of blindness that eventually lead Oedipus to lose his family, throne, and actual vision.(These steps must be supported by text quotes from the play as proof to supportyour position.)
Sept. 16 -
Major Test covering the background and the play
Oedipus the King 
Sept. 19
discussion -
Sept. 20
Consider this as you read:
What is honor and a hero to the Spear Danes and the Geats? 
Address for Anglo Saxon Culture: Please note the Living History section with dress,food, and the West Stow village.
 What is honor in a warrior society? What is honor in our society?
What does the choice of a hero suggest about a nation or an individual?
Sept 21- October 7 - 
October Assignments
October Reminder: 
Declare Yourself a Candidate for the AP Literature andComposition Exam:
Speak to Your School's Guidance Counselor
Oct 3 - Research Paper Topic Approval
Oct. 7 - 
Major Test
(Beowulf) In class essay concerning an aspect of the development of the hero.
Oct 10 - 
Prologue to the Canterbury Tales 
Internet address:
Oct. 11 - Knight and Squire
Oct. 11 - Nun Prioress
Oct. 11 - Monk and Friar
Oct. 12 - Cook and Wife of Bath
Oct. 12 - Parson and Plowman
Oct. 12 - Summoner and Pardoner
Oct. 13 - Pulling together ideas
Oct. 14-19 - Wife of Bath's Prologue and Wife of Bath's Tal
Oct. 20 - Due Date - 
Description Paper Writing Assignment 4
Look carefully at Chaucer
’s techniques in presenting vivid descriptions of themanner of dress and personality of his characters. Although Chaucer appearsnever to criticize his subjects but simply relates the character
’s dress, physicalform, and mannerisms, the readers enjoy the facade of innocent revelation thatthe author invokes. Describe a well-known historical, political, or entertainmentpersonality using the techniques that Chaucer utilizes.
Oct. 21
Major Test on
Canterbury Tales 
Oct. 24
Murder in the Cathedral 
by T. S. Eliot
Please note that there is not an electronic text available for this work; therefore, itis the individual student's responsibility to find this short play before we begin thelectures on October 22!
Background Information on life of Eliot:
Oct. - 25-31 - Who are these characters and what is their motivation?Henry II
Thomas a' Becket
November Assignments
Nov. 1 - Due Date - Writing Assignment 5
Persuasive Writing
Many individuals attempt to justify their actions by re-adjusting truth to support aposition that is advantageous to them. Choose one knight from Murder in theCathedral and present his adjustment of reality to support a position which willbenefit him.
Nov. 4 - Major Test - AP format multiple choice questions. Total timing for thetest- 50 minutes.
Nov. 7 - 
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark 
by William Shakespeare (Act 1)
Address for online text:

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