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Proctor & Gambling

Proctor & Gambling

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Published by MarshallMD
It's test day at the local high school, which means it's one young man's time to shine.
It's test day at the local high school, which means it's one young man's time to shine.

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Published by: MarshallMD on Aug 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Proctor & GamblingByMarshall Layne Dungan@doctahmushi on twitter
INT. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS HALL - DAYBLEARY-EYED STUDENTS trudge into the local community centerhall, where a GRID of DESKS is laid out for them. Twojockish teens, KYLE and BRETT, walk together.KYLEI never should have taken APEnglish.BRETTNo course substitution is worthlistening to Ms. Thun Thun.Across the expanse of desks stands MS. THUNNELL (28),blonde, well-put-together, with nametag to match. Her prettyfigure is only matched by her icy demeanor.KYLEI dunno man, she’s worth
Don’t. Drop that thun-thun-thun...
As they begin to laugh at her, an impish young man, NICOWALKER, catches them. He isn’t pleased.NICOReally guys? Even today? You mightwanna save some of that blood flowfor your brain.Kyle grabs his crotch.KYLEThis is the only head that thinksfor me, loser.BRETTSo what, you’re about to ace thistest?NICOI’m well-prepared, if that’s whatyou’re asking.BRETT(mocking tone)
I’m well-prepared, if that’s whatyou’re asking. I did my taxes anbalanced my 401k just before I camehere, huh huh!
2.The rest of the students file past.INT. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS HALL - LATERMs. Thunnell stands before the students, hands claspedtogether tightly.MS. THUNNELLToday is a very big day for youall, but I do NOT want you tostress out. We’ve provided coffeeand donuts for everyone, I want youto take your time and really thinkabout your essays.Kyle and Brett are seated on each side of Nico. Kyle raiseshis hand with a shit-eating grin as he picks a BOOK offNico’s desk.KYLEHey, how am I supposed to focus on
The Sun Also Rises
when Nico’sgot...
Runes for Fun and Profit
? Doyou even
to see a vaginabefore you’re 30?MS. THUNNELLEnough. Nico, put the book away.Kyle, I sincerely hope you actuallyread Hemingway, otherwise the last9 months will have been a severewaste of your time.KYLE(to Brett)Tell that to my spank bank.The two chortle.INT. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS HALL - LATERTesting is underway.MONTAGE TESTING: shots of students under VISIBLE STRESS.ERASING, CROSSING OUT, STARTING OVER.Nico writes. And writes. Until his hand cramps. He looks upat the CLOCK: 30 MINUTES LEFT. He’s scrawling on his paper,faster than ever now.From the pressure, his pen tip BREAKS. Ink spills on thepage. He looks around, everyone is BUSY. He looks back atthe clock. Time is RUNNING OUT.(CONTINUED)

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