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Wind Turbine Speed Control

Wind Turbine Speed Control

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Published by pearsch
Experiments in wind turbine speed control.
Experiments in wind turbine speed control.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: pearsch on Aug 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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9AUG2013, edited by PEARSCH, IAeSR.
What is needed is a method stabilizing the turbine speed by converting theexcessive speed to voltage/current which is fed back into the charging circuit.Wind Turbine Control MethodsPDF formulas for determining pitch control of turbineblades.Control of a Variable-Speed Pitch-Regulated Wind Turbine - cviPDFOwen Magnetic Transmission The flywheel, clutch and transmission were replaced by a motor and generator,forming a combination electromagnetic clutch and recharging generator. There wasno direct connection between the engine and wheels; in place of the flywheel, the
motor and its field coils rotated around a hollow prop shaft. In a mechanical clutch,slip--friction--creates heat; but with no physical connection between engine anddriveshaft, the only wear is to the brushes. Instead, the slip created an electric field,and that in turn induced current in the armature of the motor. Taking that current tothe generator (in reality, the two units were identical motor-generators) made itturn and imparted torque to the driveshaft. Thus, controlling engine RPM controlledgenerator output. In addition, the Owen Magnetic had a sophisticated 24-voltbattery system for starting, lighting and providing supplementary power. It couldalso be driven at low speed on battery alone, although the gas engine would turn.>-----------------------

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