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TEST Tim Speaks English

TEST Tim Speaks English

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Published by Stanislav Zimin

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Published by: Stanislav Zimin on May 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CORRECT THE MISTAKES (oneper each sentence):
1. Tim speaks the English verywall.2. We’ll start after the breakfast.3. My favourite game is thetennis.4. The cholera is a dreadfuldisease.5. The green is a beautiful colour.6. The sight is one of the fivesenses.7. The December is the last monthof the year.8. The nature is beautiful inspring.9. A thief is a danger to thesociety.10. May I to visit you nextweekend.11. You cant make Emma tounderstand.12. He is more stronger than John.13. My work is more perfect thanhis. (unique, supreme, right,correct)14. She has returned back toschool.15. Exams begin from Thursday.16. From where can I buy a goodwatch?17. From now and on I’ll studyhard.18. Mary lives two miles far fromhere.19. Is the room enough large foryou?20. I told Liz to not come onMonday.21. All people are not hard-working.22. The teacher asked me whatgames did I play?23. Ive read the two firstchapters.24. The half year is nearlyfinished.25. Gemma spent all the day intoher room.26. She goes for a wolk at theafternoon.27. There was a fight among theboys.28. Charlie was standing justbesides me.29. You did a lot of mistakes.30. Kathy always puts on blackshoes.31. These flowers grow up veryquickly.

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