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Published by Stanislav Zimin

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Published by: Stanislav Zimin on May 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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КОНТРОЛЬНЫЙ ТЕСТКаждый правильный ответ оценивается в 2 балла.Вставьте в предложения пропущенные слова:1.We have already sold two … .
a.furnitures b.furniturec.pieces of furnitured.pieces of furnitures
2.You will receive information next week.
a.fathe b.furthec.fared.farre
3.You … Mr. Jones. I have already talked to him about it.
a.Needn`t have rung b.needn`t rungc.needn`t have ringd.needn`t had rung
4.I`m not … for such a long time.
a.used to drive b.use to drivingc.used to drivingd.used driving
5.Have you heard the … news about the bus accident?
a.latest b.lastc.latelyd.most lately
6.I of these two cars.
a.don`t like none b.don`t like neithec.like neithed.like none
7.… you have proposed is quite reasonable.
a.What b.This whatc.That whatd.It what
8.We didn`t know it was … exsprensive.
a.such b.such anc.thatd.very much
9.She often has her white coat … .
a.cleaning b.cleanedc.to cleand.to cleaned
10.Which of the employees … on Saturday?
a.did wor b.do worc.does word.worked
11.Our cat will be … by our neighbours when we go on holiday.
a.look afte b.looked aftec.looking afted.looked
12.If he … come today, give him these keys. But l think he`llRather come tomorrow.
a.will b.shallc.shouldd.would
13.You can use my car provided you … by two o`clock.
a.are bac b.will be bacc.will come bacd.came bace.
14.Hi said the information twice so that everybody … it.
a.remembered b.could remembec.can remembed.will remembee.
15.We saw her … the building.
a.to ente b.enteredc.to have enteredd.enteringe.
16.Nobody … enter this room so far.
was permitted b.was permitc.has been permission tod.has been permitted toe.
17.How … say that.
a.do you dare b.dare youc.you dared.are you daringe.
18.He would like …… become a doctor.
a.his son to b.his sonc.that his sond.that his son wille.
19.She dreams about …… London.
a.visit b.to visitc.visit tod.visitinge.
20.Never in my life …… such a thing.
a.have a seen b.I have seenc.I sawd.did I seee.
We didn’t arrive on time and they didn’t
a.too b.as wellc.alsod.eithe
22.Neither he … his wife heard the noise.
a.no b.oc.andd.but
23. He hasn’t bought the tickets. … We.
a. So haveb. either havec. neither haved. neither have bought
24. We waited for her…2 o’clock 
a. as far asb. tillc. for d. by
25. We will call the doctor…he feels better.
a. unless b. if c. asd. because
26. I asked her to help me, but she…
a. won’t b. wouldn’tc. shouldn’td. can’t
27. He…every day.
a. used walk  b. used walkingc. used to walkingd. used to walk 
28. They haven’t been to England , …?
a. have they b. have they beenc. they haved. they haven’t
29. The book was … interesting that I decided to buy it.
a. such b. such anc. sod. as
30. We should all help ... .
a. poor  b. the poor 

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