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Another Cappuccino

Another Cappuccino



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Published by samvit
A short story about a guy who is away from his beloved and in her absence meets this beautiful stranger.
This is an effort to look into the mind of the youth, full of vigor and vitality.
Interesting what he discovers in the end/beginning.
A short story about a guy who is away from his beloved and in her absence meets this beautiful stranger.
This is an effort to look into the mind of the youth, full of vigor and vitality.
Interesting what he discovers in the end/beginning.

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Published by: samvit on May 30, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Another Cappuccino
It was close to the evening and every thing was ready to retire, just like any other usualday he was sitting just by him self, trying to be alone, and trying not to be lonely, lookingat the people walking with each other, wondering in themselves.The city was in its early youth; just like humans cities also have age and some specialattire. This was a growing city where people are thinking if the west is the way or just awaste. Just like there mind this conflict you can also see in the construction and the wholecomposition of the city. More or less every thing one can see if for the youth. Peoplesome where in there 20’s.He is his late 20’s, facing the new realities of this world and new dimensions. It’s thistime when a boy really becomes a men as he faces the true and naked realities of thisworld. Today when he was trying to observe there was some thing already there, something pre occupying his mind. His long beloved was supposed to have an operation, worstof all in spite of all his wish and all his will still he was not been able to be with her. Itwas not a major operation but somewhere deep in his heart he felt the need to be there.He was slowly drinking the coffee, and in those moments was wondering when he will beable to touch her warm lips soft like the foam and refreshing like the morning sun. For hisown sake he was wishing to be there, for his own sake he was trying not to be alone.In that café where he was he was sitting it was difficult to be alone, there were a lot of  people coming and going. This was one of the most famous places in the town, located inthe busiest area of the town.This café was also very famous amongst the traveler, coming to see the arts, feel the peace and live the tradition of India. A lovely café with a spirit of its own, but somethingwas certainly sad there, someone was surrounded with pain.He was thinking more and more about her, thinking and remembering how she wasalways there when he needed her; needless to say she was the one. He was thinking of the precious moment they have spend together, those priceless memories, his only beautifulreality, restlessly wondering how she will be now and when will be they together, todaywas the test of there love.When he was totally engrossed in her thoughts a soft voice got his attention. This voicewhich made him realize of this side of the reality, this time and space where he was nowin, he looked up, there was a girl.Just like any other day the café was full and she was looking for a place to sit and theonly place available was the one right next to him. Right after the beautiful thought of his beloved there was this blond, beautiful, bubbly and smiling.
“Would you mind if I will sit here?” and with these words something was loosing, the lustwas choosing its prey.He was pretending as if nothing is stirred and nothing is shaken. In his own lies he wasgetting lost.“So how you like the town?” he asked, but was he really interested and was he reallywilling to know? There was something behind the question, some kind of quest. How hewas getting lost in his own greed.Just a few more minutes and the operation has to happen and he promised her that he will be there with her when she will close her eyes, will be there with her with all hisconsciousness and in all possible ways will comfort her. The very moment she will closeher eyes he will open his awareness and be with her, will go deep into meditation andmelt his own existence with hers. It was just last night when he promised her that he willmeditate for her and with her, pray for her when she will be operated.“Hhmm the place is very pretty, pretty romantic I wished I would have not been alone”,her words and her presence was now making him uncomfortable now, it seems like he isslowly surrendering to his instincts, inspired to do what have been done in the past.The mind was chattering, “She will never know, she is far away, and look at this girl sheis willing and is wishful. The conversation was going faster and faster and so was thetime. While having a conversation it was hard to keep notice of the time, it was alreadylate in the evening and the darkness was growing, on this ground and also underground.The girl he met a few moments back was willing to take him to this dance show, justacross the street, crossing his heart he realized the music. He realized that he has to go for what he has promised for, promised to be with her when she needs him.“You know I got a real good place and that too very cheap, you need to check out therestaurant on the roof, there is a perfect view of the lake from there.” She wanted tospend some more time with him, something more then just sometime. Strange voices of temptation were teaching him the lesson of cunningness. “Look at her, look at her fine body, bursting youth which you can feel all around her presence.” All he needs to do is tolet it flow and let it happen. But will he be happy then? Voices and more voices, so many people were there in this small space. So many thoughts were there suffocating the sweetfeelings.Seems there were multiple conversations going on, with her and with in, the hormones allset to sabotage the harmony.It was almost the moment, just another moment and things will be more visible, thequestion will be asked and actions will be taken. Just before the moment he heard themusic of his own heart, saw what he was looking in her is what he saw in his beloved,

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