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Kleinkrieg Starter Set

Kleinkrieg Starter Set

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Published by René Vazquez
Kleinkrieg is a tactical scale hex and counter wargame. The starter set features a German force and a Russian force.
Kleinkrieg is a tactical scale hex and counter wargame. The starter set features a German force and a Russian force.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: René Vazquez on Aug 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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KleinkriegTurn Order 1.Initiative
Each side rolls 1d6, winner activates first. +1 to your roll for each turn you have lostinitiative.2.First Mechanized
Starting with the initiative winner, players alternate activating and moving tank units.3.Command Activation
Starting with the initiative winner, players alternate activating Command Teams: resolveeach activation (and its sub-activations) before alternating. Each team activates only once per turn.4.Non Command Activation
Starting with the initiative winner, players alternate activating any remaining teams outsidecommand range. Teams outside of command range are less inclined to move ahead with themission, roll a Skill check for any team trying to activate off command; a success indicatesthe team follows through normally, a failure indicates the team has opted to stay put.5.Second Mechanized
Starting with the initiative winner, players alternate activating tank units: they may shoot or move again.
Additional MG's: At the end of the Second Mechanized phase, starting with the initiativewinner, you may roll a skill check for any tanks with Additional MG's: a success indicatesthat the tanks have effectively directed their MG's: break two Infantry units within twohexes. Failure indicates the machine-guns have gone wild and spit bullets to no effect.Additional MG fire can never destroy a team.
A Closer Look at a Panzer IIIIn Kleinkrieg, a number of more technical details and minutiae are generalized and lumpedtogether for a number of reasons common to all wargames: playability, function, and over all tone or flavor. Despite this, the individual capabilities of the fighting men and vehicles represented here aredistinguished through a simple set of numbers.Each team and tank piece has three numbers. From left to right they are: Attack rating, Skillrating, and Defense rating. Infantry pieces are read top to bottom.
Attack rating is an abstraction of a unit's offensive capabilities. Mechanically, the Attack ratingmodifies the targets Armor or Infantry saves. In the case of this fearsome Panzer, a dread score of 9reflects the combined fire power of its main gun and supporting machine guns.
Skill rating is used to determine whether or not any given unit can offset some negative effects itmight encounter in the field. Skill represents a team's ability to cope with the chaos of the battlefield.The crew of this Panzer has seen long training sessions and hard fought days, earning their fame with pride and vigor, they know what to do and how to do it with a sharp score of 4. A Skill throw is a d6roll aiming to hit at or under the Skill rating of the team making the throw.
Defense rating is an abstraction of a unit's defensive capabilities. For infantry, this representstraining and experience in protecting themselves from danger. For tanks, it represents more specificallythe hardness of their armor and sturdiness of structure.
Infantry!The backbone of any fighting force, infantry chits represent teams of five or so men moving andfighting together in a cohesive manner. They move through most terrain with relative swiftness andmobility, fire power and quality is variable. Rules governing their function in Kleinkrieg are as follows:Infantry team movement restrictions:
Maximum distance is four (4) hexes
Maximum distance to move and shoot is two (2) hexes
Infantry movement distance is unaffected by terrain unless a scenario notes otherwise.
Infantry can only move voluntarily during the Command and Non-Command phase.Infantry team shooting procedures: Target, roll 3+ (+/-) modifiers on d6
Elect a target on the map with an unbroken line of sight to the firing infantry team, and roll ad6.
After rolling apply all applicable modifiers, a result of three or more (3+) is considered a hit.
Range penalties; -1 over 3 hexes, -2 over 5 hexes, -3 over 6 hexes
You may a roll a d6 against the skill value of the firing unit to offset any penalties by one(+1)
If firing from a town, river, forest, or hill hex add (or subtract) the relevant Cover modifier.Infantry team save roll procedure: When hit, Roll 4+ on a d6,(+) defense value, (-) enemy attack points,(-/+) any terrain modifiers.
Infantry teams make saving rolls when they have been hit by an attack by rolling a d6 andadding the relevant modifiers.
Add the saving team's Defense value, subtract the enemy's Attack value and add or subtract therelevant Cover modifier.
A result for four or higher (4+) is a success and indicates that the team has taken adequatedefensive measures and are still in the fight, operating normally.
Any other result is a failure and indicates a break down in morale or fighting capability due tocasualties or overwhelming resistance.
A failed save indicates the team is "Broken" and has scattered, taken casualties or hasotherwise been forced to ground. "Broken" teams receive Cover(+1) and can not attack or move, as they are too busy trying to stay alive. A Save result of less than zero is stillconsidered a normal failure. A team that receives the "Broken" status while "Broken" isdestroyed, quits the field, or any other suitable indication of loss and the piece is removed.

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