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2008-08-17 : How to Enjoy Answered Prayers (1): Enjoy the Prayer [Centered On Developing Relationship]

2008-08-17 : How to Enjoy Answered Prayers (1): Enjoy the Prayer [Centered On Developing Relationship]

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Published by lifechurch

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Published by: lifechurch on May 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Enjoy Answered Prayers [1]
Enjoy the Prayer [Centered On Developing Relationship]
** Starting Words
** Scripture Reading: Jn 17:1-26
1. The utmost concern of Father God is [relationship]
1) The beginning, break down, restoration, development of relationship
\u2460 Before God created heaven and earth, the trinity God is already in [intimate relationship]
- Most perfect unity, harmony, complement, match
\u2461 The relationship of the Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit trinity God, through [creating one man and one woman according to
their image], is expanded to the human world
- Love will bear fruits, just like a couple in love will give birth to children\u2026

- Before God created man, first created for them all things in heaven (spiritual realm), all things on earth (material world) (all kinds, all colours, all sounds, all scents, all tastes). Finally, created man and woman according to His own image (spirit, soul, body), told them to love each other, increase in numbers, rule over all things\u2026

\u2462 Adam and Eve was deceived by Satan and disobeyed God (committed sins); at the same time when they did not submit to God,
their relationship with God was broken; the moment their relationship with God was broken, their relationship with their own
selves and with others was also broken
- As a result, from loving God, they became afraid of God (guilt, fear, unease); from contentment, they felt inferior, shameful; from
loving man, they turned to pushing responsibilities, grumbling, hatred, competition
- Consequently, they were not aware that they were already blessed, thus they lost all blessings, and were bounded in problems and
\u2463 All of God\u2019s perfect will, loving kindness, grace, were revealed to man through the [peace offering] completed by Jesus Christ
- The blessing which God already prepared in advance is the better blessing, through Jesus Christ, God showed His eternal, infinite,
unconditional love to man
- Christ took the place of all the brethren belonging to Him, to receive judgment, curses, death, resurrection, and resolved all
\u2464 Through Jesus Christ, man restored the [children] relationship in his [relationship with God]

- The moment when man discovers that he is [actually the eternal child of God, chosen by God], and understands the things that God revealed, fulfilled and arranged through Jesus Christ, he can restore and enjoy the eternal, infinite, unconditional love, and will no longer be afraid of God and grumble against man, but will naturally love God and man

\u2465 In Christ, the relationship between person and person can restore the relationship of [brothers, brethren]
\u2466 The [reconciled relationship with God, with own self, with man] which is received in Christ, must continue to expand to all
peoples, to the ends of the earth, till the end of the world, till we finally acquire the [eternal family] and [the eternal relationship
between holy people, roles and duties]
2) The purpose for a person living on earth is to [restore relationship, develop relationship]

- Build the father-child relationship with God and the brethren relationship with Israel (born again), through the lifetime communion and serving, develop relationship (sanctify, serve, evangelize, raise disciples), bring the relationships and fruits built in the lifetime into the eternal kingdom

- No matter how successful a person is in all areas, as long as he fails in [restoring and developing relationship], his whole life would
be [futile]
- Man must grow in the relationship of love and care, the break down of relationship will bring about [fatal blow], Satan\u2019s works of
[deceiving, stealing, destroying] are all targeted at this\u2026
# Many examples of [serious consequences as a result of failed relationships]
3) At present, how is the relationship [between me and Father God, between me and myself, between me and brethren]?

- Have I formally built the normal relationship [with God and with man]? Is there a focal point in my interpersonal relationship (center on God and brethren)? From the time I knew God till now, how has the communion, love, fruits between me and God developed? Have things which gave me accusations appeared recently, such that I cannot sustain the intimate relationship with God? Are there contradictions with man which surfaced lately, that I do not know how to resolve?

- No matter what circumstances I face currently, as long as I preserve the [intimate relationship with the Lord], I need not worry, as I
will certainly meet better things
4) To [build relationship, develop relationship], the most important thing is to pray everyday [with a focus on relationship]
- Only through [the practical meeting and communion in the spirit], can relationship be developed
- Majority of Christians do not like to pray, or they cannot see that their prayers [are being answered] even if they pray, all because
they never formally build the relationship with God, and do not know how to [pray with a focus on developing relationship]
2. How to make prayers that [center on relationship]?
1) In Christ, build the eternal relationship [with God, with self, with man]

- Through the [cornerstone] Christ, build the relationship with God, with Israel <Ep 2:11-22>, through [peace offering] Christ, reconcile with God, acquire newly created identity, belonging, relationship, inheritance, and receive the ministry of reconciliation <2 Cor 5:17-19>, [your only Father is God himself] <Jn 8:41>, [who is my mother, who is my brother?] <Mt 12:46-50>

- The goal of life is to establish churches and to acquire more eternal brethren <Mt 6:33>, to win over a group of brethren with [one
Father, one Lord, one Spirit, one baptism, one body], to join together the different conditions and gifts, jointly build the body of
Christ and to expand <Ep 4:1-16>
- No matter who, in Christ he can become a new creation, receive a new, dignified and glorious relationship (Abraham, Tamar, Rahab,
Ruth, Peter, Samaritan woman, Mary Magdalene, Zacchaeus, Paul\u2026)
2) Must discover the loving kindness and grace which Father God originally prepared and provided for me

- In my growing up background, relationship, process, conditions, discover the eternal perfect will of God, just as what the Psalmist said [For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made\u2026My frame was not hidden from you. Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be\u2026] <Ps 139:13-16>

- At any time, anywhere, in all things, see with awe the loving kindness and grace which God prepared for me and give thanks and
praises (this have to become habit) (everything in heaven and on earth, nature, food and beverages, affairs, meetings, rest\u2026)
3) Every time in prayer, first [be one-to-one, face-to-face] with God, then start to converse
- Because God is living [word, Christ, Holy Spirit], therefore the moment I have the heart to look upon God, God will reveal Himself
to me\u2026
= My spirit will be transformed; with my spirit, I can see Father God turn His face to me / my heart already has [my understanding of
and experience with Father God]; through [my understanding of Him and my experience with Him], God reveals Himself to me\u2026
\u2192 Must confirm in my heart all these [things which happened in the hearts of those who are blessed and born again], and then
continue to expand them further\u2026
4) Every time when I discover in the midst of prayers some [prayer contents which are not fitting to the identity of children], must
resolve to remove\u2026
- Christ the Lord said, [And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans with their many words\u2026Do not be like them, for
your Father knows what you need before you ask him] <Mt 6:7-8>
- Truly accept the [Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent] God as own beloved Father, then will know what you should ask for
5) In everyday living, with the [spirit of sonship], search for the perfect will of Father God and love to submit, refuse to accept any
[spirit of slavery] <Ro 8:15-17> -- Especially in the morning or before doing things
- The perfect will of God lies in [love God, love man, glorify God, benefit man, build kingdom]

- Everyday, must be diligent and balanced in carrying out the unique roles, missions, plans, timetable that Father God prepared for me, cannot be overworked or lazy \u2013 The Lord said, [But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness\u2026 Each day has enough trouble of its own] <Mt 6:33-34>

- While doing the same thing, if rely on the [spirit of sonship, spirit of joy, spirit of freedom] given by the Holy Spirit to do, will surely
receive hundredfold power and effect
6) At any time, in all things, see and enjoy [the ever-present help of Father God]

- When I receive the assurance and know that [what I am doing now is according to the perfect will of Father God], I will see/ when I do things with the heart of loving God and loving man, I will see / when I [converse with the Lord] at all times, I will see / when I rely on the Holy Spirit at all times, let go of my flesh, desires, thoughts, I will see\u2026 the more experiences, the more the relationship with the Lord will be developed\u2026

7) The more clearly I can see the promises of Father God fulfilling in my times, the deeper the degree of communion with the Lord
- Already saw clearly: In the past 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, the wonderful great deeds fulfilled by God; therefore, the
contents and depth of conversation with God, the foundation and power of victory in spiritual battle are further expanded\u2026
3. In the midst of problems, build more wonderful relationship
1) When will you meet the crisis of [relationship development]?\u2192 seize this opportunity to receive more wonderful answers
\u2460 When meet temptations\u2192 the prevention before temptations come is more important / When meet temptations, think of [the pain

of losing the loving relationship with God after committing sins], or remember that [the things that are tempting me are only temporary, worthless, empty], also can think of [the ability to enjoy the loving kindness and grace of God surpasses every joy], etc\u2026

\u2461 When receive accusations because of sins\u2192 the Lord is always willing to [reason with me], and is willing to [purify me of all

unrighteousness] <Is 1:18, 1 Jn 1:9>/ more scary than committing sins is the drifting away from God as a result of [guilt], the result of drifting away from God is powerlessness, more temptations will follow after, thus more sins will be committed/ the [sins] which many saints thought they have and which give them accusations in their hearts, will instead be discovered to be not sins, but what they considered as [righteous], is actually not righteous / the result of confession of sins and repentance, is not merely [do not commit that repented sin again], but is to restore the relationship with Father God, converse in love and walk together in love\u2026

\u2462 When judge others and hate others\u2192 judging others is judging own self, because we ourselves always do [the things which we are

judging others about]/ the judgment that comes from judging others and hating others can already be seen [in the hearts of those who judge others], and God\u2019s discipline will be seen in his family, interpersonal relationships, living, career \u2026[Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth (inheritance)\u2026 Blessed are the merciful, for they would be shown mercy\u2026Blessed are the peacemakers\u2026] <Mt 5:1-12>, [Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors] <Mt 6:12>, love covers over a multitude of sins <1 Pe 4:8>, [love is the fulfillment of the law] <Ro 13:10>

\u2463 When meet with tribulations\u2192 if holy people encounter tribulations, there must be spiritual reasons \u2460sins; \u2461 r ef in e me n t; \u2462

important things are ahead; therefore, first need to examine my own life and living, then through confession of sins, repentance, renewal, receive complete freedom, and walk with God (submission). Tribulations which come from purification, will bring about the most perfect answers in the midst of tribulations (in Christ, there is certainly answers). Also must search for the perfect will of God, prepare heart and wait\u2026

\u2464 When feel that the answers to prayers are delayed\u2192 when the matter is more important, prayer answers come later (just like when

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