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Your Daily Dose of Zarahness-012007-092908

Your Daily Dose of Zarahness-012007-092908

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Published by Zarah Jane Lim

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Published by: Zarah Jane Lim on May 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Monday, September 29, 2008
I almost got hit by a car! 
12:11 AM 9/23/2008this morning (9/22) on my way to school/work, i rode in a sidecar as i normally do everyday. irode with manong tall, thin, moustache man. at the intersection on benavidez-recto, he tried beating the red light. but he didnt see the car roaring toward us. other vehicles were still notmoving or were just about to start going, but this car was really speeding towards us. Manonggot surprised and thankfully, was able to swerve out of the way. Thank God the other vehiclesweren't moving yet so we had room to turn.I saw everything in slow motion; i think that's what normally happens during accidents / badsituations. no i didnt see my life flash before me; it was like i was nonchalant about it all, butdeep inside i was shocked.I came close to an accident and God saved me from danger. Praise God. Thank you God for  protecting me. May you always cover me with the precious blood of Jesus; keep me away fromharm O lord. Also I pray for your constant covering and protection upon my family and uponLawrence and all my loved ones.Again, thank You God for protecting me. It was a very close call but You did not allow me to beharmed. thank you!Posted by zarahlim at12:58 PM 0 comments  Labels: blab, praise,work  
8:41 PM 9/26/2008We had a party today at school because of the teacher's day celebration. They had GoldenFortune cater the event. I was so hungry so I was looking forward to all the delicious Chinesefood that will be served...During the 2nd course, I asked the waiter serving what the soup was. "Sweet corn po." So, beingveeerrrry hungry, I dug in... But Yina told me, "Zarah, may crab.""No! Egg yan," I insisted."Hindi, crab yan.. nalalasahan ko eh."Then the Chinese teacher on left joined the conversation and agreed with Yina.I got so nervous coz I really look sooooo scary when I have an allergic reaction (like Hitch) so I
ran to the nearby Silver Drug and bought Zyrtec, all the time praying "Lord please don't let mehave an allergy break out, I still have to tutor the guys later and we have the APAW concerttomorrow, and I wanna go to church on Sunday, and I wanna go to Baguio on Monday. PleaseLord, please..."I didn't get any lunch after that because the food they served all had shrimp in it. Hay.But praise God because He heard my prayer - I didn't have an allergic reaction to the"sweetcorn" soup. Hehe! Praise God!Posted by zarahlim at12:34 PM 0 comments  Labels: blab, praise,work  
Thursday, September 25, 2008
Algebra + Biology modules + Cramming = Craziness 
It's been three days since I started tutoring and though they're all very nice andcooperative (I hope they stay that way until March!), I'm really feeling the pressure. It'sbeen 6 years since I graduated high school (8 since I finished my sophomore year), soyou can just imagine how rusty my Algebra skills are right now.During our first meeting, they told me they had a
by the end of the week
Long Test 
(today) about Variations, Pythagorean Theorem andParabola. Because I wanted to be the dutiful tutor and be able to explain all that theycan't understand about the subject, I got online and practiced answering worksheets.BUT I really forgot about it na. I forgot about the formulas, etc. Tsk. So yesterday, Iasked them to answer the exercises in their book.When the time came for me to check their answers, one of them asked me, "
Chi, kayamo ba
?" waaah! Now, I've been honest with them right from the start, telling them Iforgot about it na, and though I'm starting to get the hang of it, I'm not so sure if I cancorrect their paper efficiently. So I asked him to explain how he got his answer, tellinghim, "
 Alam mo, pag ikaw ang nag-explain, mas maiintindihan mo
." Which he did, and sowe helped one another. Haha! I understood the lesson, and because he was able toexplain it to me, I knew he understood it as well.When we got to the part when we both couldn't explain how we got the answer, weasked one of their classmates to explain it for us. Hay. Embarrassing as it may sound, Ifelt stupidly incompetent in front of the girl explaining the parabola and direct variationequation. Huhu!!Because I'm not feeling so good with my tutoring skills in Math, I try to make it up tothem by helping them out in their Biology module. I'm not a whiz in Science; if you knowme at all, you'll know that my worst subject is Science. Hehe. But making modules,writing, and creating teaching materials are my special thing, so since Tuesday nightI've been online, chatting with my tutees, extending our tutor hour, helping them do
research and drafting their module (which is due THIS WEEK. waaah!!)Because of this, I haven't been able to take new assignments at Eph, which really bumsme out. But I really just couldn't handle it now, what with my evenings spent doingresearch and reviewing.It crossed my mind that it would make my life easier if I just quit; my evenings would befree for me to do anything I want - watch Alias marathon, surf the net, write articles,read books, etc, etc. But then I know this is not what God wants me to do. If I quiteverytime I encounter hardship, I wouldn't be able to make it to the next level of testing.God gave me this opportunity and as He promised in His Word, He will not leave me todo it alone. He will equip me with all the skills I need, along with His grace and favor, soI can endure this task. Praise God for this!
Philippians 4:13
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 
 Posted by zarahlim at2:17 PM 0 comments  Labels: blab,school,teaching,work  
Friday, September 19, 2008
God is good... all the time! 
Yesterday I got the confirmation re: the tutoring gig offered to me last month. I'll be starting nextweek.What's amazing is the way it came about. The offer just came up, taking me by surprise. And the pay's
good too! I didn't want to name my price coz I didn't know what's a fair rate for atutoring stint. I also took into consideration the fact that I don't have any formal experiencetutoring students. The only ones who have been under my "scary tutor" style was Abby andXandra. (Abby's a consistent honor student right from the beginning, but I won't take credit for it- she's brilliant even without a tutor.) Anyway, because of my reluctancy to name my price, theysettled it for me. It may not sound like much to some, but still, for a part time job, it's reallysomething. I totally wasn't expecting that kind of amount. Now I'll be in a better position to helpour family, plus I'll be able to pay in full my laptop. Hehe! God is good! I can't stop reveling inthat fact - He is GOOD!!He gave me one blessing after another, even if there are lots of time Idon't feel worthy of all this. But that's God's grace for you. He gives you stuff even if sometimesyou don't deserve them, just to let you see how much He loves you.Another amazing thing is that I am already asked to handle 11 sophomore students. My momtold me what a blessing it really is because other tutors have a hard time finding even just onestudent to teach.Indeed, God is good!I always find myself drawn to this classic hymn whenever faced with abundant blessings & favor 

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