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Published by anujnehra

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Published by: anujnehra on May 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This Agreement of lease made and executed on this 1
of August’2008 at GhaziabadBy and Between
Smt. Shureshwati
resident of Opposite Ghaziabad Public School, Near IMR Institute, Delhi – Meerut Road, Duhai, Dist. Ghaziabad. Herein after referred to as LESSOR ( which expression unless repugnant to its meaning or context, shall mean and include itssuccessors, agents, legal representatives, executors, administrators and assigners) of the one part.
M/s JSIW Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
having its registered office at 4,Asstt Mitre Estate, Nr.Vadilal Factory, Dudheshwar Road, Ahmedabad-380004, Gujarat, represented by itsPlanning Manager Mr. G R Das here in after referred to as the ‘Lessee’ (Which expressionunless repugnant to its meaning or context shall mean and include its successors, agents legalrepresentatives executors administrator and assignees) of the other part.WHEREAS the afore mentioned LESSORS are absolute owners and possessed of the AbovePremises, more fully described in the schedule here under and hereinafter called as Premises.Page 1 of 4
The LESSORS has represented to and assured Lessee That:A.The LESSORS are the absolute owners and in exclusive possession of the said building/ property where the ‘schedule Premises’ forming pert of.B.The LESSORS has a clear and marketable title to the said building /property includingthe schedule Premises, free fro all encumbrancesC.The Schedule Premises is vacant and no person or company or firm is in possession useor occupation thereof D.No suit litigation claim or dispute or any nature whatsoever relating to or concerningthe building / property or any part of there of pending o raised at any time by any person or company or firm or authorityE.There has no been any branch or violation of any laws, rules or regulation inconstruction the building /property including the schedule premises and all approval/ permission of the concerned authorities as required have been duly obtainedF.During the terms of this lease and its renewals LESSEE shall be able to peacefully anylawful objection from any person or authorityG.The lessors shall strictly in letter and sprit abides by and complies with all the termsand condition of these presentsRelying on the aforesaid representations and assurances and believing the same to be trueLESSEE has agreed to take on lease the schedule premises for there office or other  purposes on the terms and conditions set out thereinThe LESSORS has agreed to let out and the Lessee has agreed to take on monthly rental basis the schedule Premises for a period of 11 months commencing from 1
of August’2008. NOW THEREFORE THIS AGRERMENT OF LEASE WITNESSETH AS FOLLOWS:1.PERIOD OF THE AGREEMENT:That the lease shall be for a period of 11 months commencing from 01.08.2008 andending on 30.06.2009 and renewable at the option of the parties for further period onmutually agreed terms and conditions.2.PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT:That the lessee shall use the premises for office only, and shall not make use of the premises for other purposes without prior intimation to the LESSORS,3.RENT AMOUNT AND MODE OF PAYMENT:The LESSEE shall pay a monthly-consolidated rent of Rs.14000/- (Rupees FourteenThousand only) and maintenance expenses of Rs. 6000/-, which shall be paid to theLESSOR on or before 10
day of every calendar month. The mode of payment of therent shall be by way of cheque/DD such rent payable by LESSEE includes all leviesand shall be subject to tax deduction at source under the Income Tax Act, in the handsof the LESSEE, as applicable, at prevailing rates. The LESSORS shall alone beresponsible for the payment of municipal taxes, property taxes and other taxes andlevies, present and future, payable in respect of the ‘schedule premises’.Page 2 of 4
4.SECURITY DEPOSIT AND MODE OF REFUND:The Lessee has to pay a total sum of Rs.20000/- (Rupees Twenty One Thousand Only)(One Month Advance) in favor of the Lessor. The said security deposit is the Interestfree Refundable Security Deposit and the deposited shall be adjusted towards notice period of rent and the balance amount if any will be refunded immediately at the timeof vacating the premises. It is agreed that the aforesaid two obligations shall bedischarges simultaneously, i.e. LESSEE will hand over vacant and peaceful possessionof the ‘Schedule Premises’ only against the LESSORS refunding in full the saidsecurity deposit amount to LESSEE by means of Demand draft or pay order payable atsuch place as LESSEE may intimate, if the LESSORS commits default in refund of thesaid amount, during the period of such delay till repayment and in such an event thelease hereby granted shall be deemed to have extended /renewed for the period uptodate on which the LESSORS pays all amounts due here under LESSSEE and LESSSEEshall not be liable to pay any rent and/or any other charges arising out or inconsideration of the continued occupation of the ’schedule premises’ by LESSEE because of the default on the part of the LESSORS in refunding the said securitydeposit.5.ELECTRICITY AND WATER CHARGES:The Lessors will provide adequate electrical supply for the schedule premises. TheLessee shall have to pay as per the electricity bill as per Meter reading.The LESSORS will provide ground water (bore well) and municipal water to theLESSEE. In the event of ground water failure (Non availability of ground water even at greater depths ), the LESSEE shall make arrangements at their own cost.
6.PAYMENT OF TAXES:Payment of taxes relating to the Scheduled Premises like Municipal tax /Cantonment tax including property tax, ground rent, shall be made by LESSORSin time
MAINTAINENCE OF PREMISES:The Lessee shall maintain the Scheduled Premises in good, working and usablecondition at all times except that of natural wear and tear and replace any such items asmay be broken or lost due to lack of diligence or proper care or due to regular usage attheir (Lessee’s) own cost with prior intimation to the LESSORS.7.ALTERNATIONS:That the Lessee shall not make any structural additions, alternations or changes to thesaid premises without obtaining the written consent of the lessors. That the Lessee shallnot cause any damage to the windows, walls, roof or flooring or any other part of thesaid premises. In case any damage is done to the building or Fixtures, the Lessee shallcompensate the Lessor for the Same.Page 3 of 4

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