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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. Discovering the Pathways
The Autism Epidemic
A Paradigm Shift
Living with Autism
Recovery Is Possible
How I Evolved My Approach
Working With a Practitioner
Using This Book as a Guide
The Core Science
Following the Program
The Complexity of Modern Life
The Complexity of Modern Ailments
The Myth of the Magic Bullet
Beyond the Single Cause and Cure
Where to Begin?
The Puzzle of Autism
Multifactorial Effects
Individualized Treatment
Understanding the Pieces of the Puzzle
A Brief Review
Book Overview
My Promise to You
Neurological Infammation
The New Science of Nutrigenomics
Genetic Testing
Why Do We Need Methylation?
Which Genes Should We Test?
Autism: A Multifactorial Condition
Methylation Is the Message
Repairing and Building DNA
Immune Function
Digestive Issues
DNA Silencing
Neurotransmitter Balance
Metal Detoxifcation
Membrane Fluidity
Energy Production
Protein Activity
Pregnancy Risks
Infections, Bacteria, and Viruses
Methylation: Nature vs. Nurture
Meet the SNPs
Why Gene Testing?
The Alphabet of Genes
SNPs and the Methylation Pathway
Basic SNPs
Chapter 3. Promoting Detoxifcation Safely
Genetic Factors
Environmental Factors
The Invisible Burden
Key Environmental Toxins
Toxic Metals and Neurological Infammation
Infectious Agents
Strep and Gut Bacteria
Vaccination-Induced Viral Load
Herpes Viruses
Other Chronic Viral Infections
Microbes and Metals
Patterns of Metal Elimination
Using Creatinine to Monitor Progress
II. Implementing the New Approach
Building a Foundation for Health Balance
Baseline Tests
A Three-Step Program
Step One Overview
Step Two Overview
Step Three Overview
Step One: Preparing for the Program
Basic Supplement Support
Why We Use So Many Supplements
Diet and Food Reactions
Controlling Excitotoxins
Neurotransmitters: Balancing GABA & Glutamate
How Glutamate Harms Nerve Cells
Toxic Food Ingredients
Foods to Avoid
Chapter 5. Promoting Healthy Digestion
The Liver
The Kidneys
The Pancreas
The Digestive Tract
What’s Going on Inside Leaky Gut?
Addressing Gut Imbalances
Excess Acid
Key Factors for Gut Health
Optimizing the Methylation Cycle
Understanding Detoxifcation
Monitoring Your Minerals
Are You Ready to Begin Step Two?
Adding Supplements
Bypassing Mutations
Understanding Your Test Results
How to Read the Nutrigenomic Test
Step Two: Where to Begin
Overview of the Mutations
First Priority Mutations
Addressing SHMT and ACAT Mutations
Addressing CBS Mutations
The BH4 Three-Legged Stool
Second Priority Mutations
Methylation Cycle Overview
COMT Status
MTHFR Status
Tracking Methylation Status with Tests
Supporting the Shortcut
BHMT Status
Other Important Genes
The ACE Deletion
Strengthening All Parts of the Cycle
Revisiting Gut Support
Mitochondrial Support
Decreased G6PDH Activity
Glutathione Support
Urea Cycle Support
General Amino Acid Support
Increasing Detoxifcation
When to Undertake the Metals Program
Metals and Microbes
Preparing for the Metals Program
Supplements to Promote Detoxifcation
RNA Formulas
Starting the Metals I Program
Tracking Detox
The Metals II RNA Program
The Metals III RNA Program
The Metals IV RNA Program
Immune Factors
Managing Detox
Supports for Symptoms
Additional Factors
Addressing Strep
Infections and the Thyroid
A Few Pointers About Aluminum
A Word On Detox
Beginning This Step
Remyelinating the Nerves
Suggested Protocol to Support Nerve Growth & Myelination
Changes in Mood and Behavior
Additional Therapies
In Conclusion
III. Walking the Pathways to Recovery
Luke’s Story
Heathar-Ashley’s Story
Anne’s Story
Drake and Blaise’s Story
Mit’s Story
Cameron’s Story
Joey’s Story
Chris’s Story
Brendan and Kyle’s Story
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Autism Pathways to Recovery Book

Autism Pathways to Recovery Book

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Published by: lupolska on Aug 11, 2013
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