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Desert Plants, Life Science - Michael MacGillivray

Desert Plants, Life Science - Michael MacGillivray

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Published by mardelunaysol

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Published by: mardelunaysol on Aug 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scott Foresman Science 2.1
GenreComprehension SkillText FeaturesScience Content
NonctionPredictCaptions• Labels• GlossaryPlants
ISBN 0-328-13771-5
ì<(sk$m)=bdhhbi< +^-Ä-U-Ä-U
Extended Vocabulary
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by Michael MacGillivray
The roots of a plant growinto the soil. They hold theplant in place. Roots also takein water and nutrients. Plantsneed nutrients to live and grow.The stem holds up the plant.It also brings water andnutrients to the leaves. Leavesuse sunlight, water, and air tomake food.Some plants have flowers.Flowers make fruit and seedsthat can grow into new plants.Scattering helps carry seeds tonew places where they cangrow. Some plants havecones instead of flowers.Their seeds come fromthe cones.
 young tree
What You Already Know
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Monument Valley, Arizona, USA 
The environment of a plant is the placewhere it lives. Plants have adapted to live indifferent kinds of places. Prairies, woodlands,and marshes are places where plants can grow.Deserts are hot and dry environments.Even so, plenty of plants can be found in thedesert. Read on to find out how desert plantshave adapted to live where it is hot and dry.

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