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Cacti & Succulent Catalogue - RedBud 2011

Cacti & Succulent Catalogue - RedBud 2011

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Published by mardelunaysol

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Published by: mardelunaysol on Aug 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Redbud Supply Inc. 1345 Fiddlers Green Rd. Ancaster ON L9G 3L1
P: 1 888 733 2830
E: sales@redbudsupply.com
Redbud Supply Inc. 1345 Fiddlers Green Rd. Ancaster ON L9G 3L1P: 1 888 733 2830 E: sales@redbudsupply.com
Cactus Collection
Succulents include all plants that store water. They usually can be watered inrequently, the water will cause the skin to swell, and will gradually contract and shrivel as the water level inside theplant decreases over time. Succulents other than cacti are native to all continents except Antarctica.Cacti are succulent plants that are water-storing and are native to the New World: North America, South America,and Central America.
Cacti and Succulents need bright lighting conditions, but not scorching sun. They need to be watered thoroughlywhen the top inch o soil is dry to the touch. Allow water to ush through the soil.
When plants aren’t getting enough light, they tend to stretch toward the light source, which can lead to a leggy,unattractive plant. Not watering oten enough will cause the roots to collapse and they will be unable to take upwater when present. Over-watering can cause the roots to rot, thus killing the plants. I the base o the plant shouldbecome mushy, this indicates rot and the plant cannot be saved.
<< Grated “Moon” Cactus
are actually two plantsgrated together. The upper, colorul cacti are born withoutchlorophyll, they are not green like other plants but canoccur in hues o orange, yellow, pink, purple, bright rubyred or multicolored. This portion is grated to a greenHylocereus species to provide the needed chlorophyll or photosynthesis.
>> Jade
are members o the Crassula amily. Many varietieso Jade exist, including Mini Jade with its tight, compactleaves; ‘Hobbit’ and ‘Gollum’ or “Fingers” Jade, with their elongated, tube-like leaves;’ Ruby’ Jade with its red-edgedleaves and ‘Sunset’ Jade, with its yellow tricolor leaves.Pink Jade is a variety that has a sought-ater rosy pink  ower that blooms in November and December 
Redbud Supply Inc. 1345 Fiddlers Green Rd. Ancaster ON L9G 3L1P: 1 888 733 2830 E: sales@redbudsupply.com
Cactus Collection
<< Echeveria
have succulent leaves that grow like petals o a rose. Colors vary rom ruby-glow black, grass-green, icyblues, rosty violets or nearly iridescent pastels. Drought tolerant.
>> Sempervivum
 orm clusters o geometricrosettes, some with interlaced silken hairs with theappearance o cobwebs. These plants are coldand drought tolerant.
<< Crested Cactus
are cacti that are rare reaks o nature that occur when the growing tip multiplies and the stembegins to “go crazy”, orming undulating “an” shapes thatcan give the appearance o “brains”.
>> Monster Cactus
are sometimes conused with“crested cacti” but dier in that the stem does not orm an shapes; rather the stem seems to “sprout” manynew growing tips, resulting in a “bizarre” appearance.
<< Euphorbia
are the Arican continent’s Old World versiono cacti. Though they resemble cacti, Euphorbias aresucculents that come in a multitude o shapes. They have awhite, sticky, caustic sap.
>> Hairy Men Cacti
Botanists suppose that themodifed spines that look like hairs have grown tocreate more shade or the plant, and to create suracearea or moisture to collect.

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