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Houyi: The Sun Killer

Houyi: The Sun Killer



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Published by Xeran_
Houyi, man, Chang'e, archer, carry, assasin Smite, Hirez, Xeran, god, gods, suggestion, physical, ranged, crow, dance, movement, rope, travelling wind, long range, sun, 10 suns, mythology
Houyi, man, Chang'e, archer, carry, assasin Smite, Hirez, Xeran, god, gods, suggestion, physical, ranged, crow, dance, movement, rope, travelling wind, long range, sun, 10 suns, mythology

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Published by: Xeran_ on Aug 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Created by XeranVersion 1: 12-08-2013
The Sun Killer 
This is my god concept/suggestion for HouYi: The Sun Killer for Smite.Also I try to still hold myself to my design philosophy of no hard CC nor jumps or dashes if it isn’tabsolutely necessary. Just like my other god suggestion, which can be found at my scribd page(http://www.scribd.com/Xeran_), I will try once again to propose an unique and interesting characterfor Smite. I hope you enjoy the concept and I would appreciate it if you would give me some of youropinions and feedback of this concept.
Even though I try to create realistic kits and base my values on similar skills and gods thevalues are their mainly for demonstration purposes.
Also everything between brackets is optional oris just for clarification.
Creating unique and fun character
Only soft CC (no stuns, etc.)
No jumps/dashes, introducing unique ways for this (except this time…!)
Match with his lore as good as possible.
Introducing new (more soft) CC
Interacting with environment
Respecting carry’s kit needs
High mobility
Fits with Chang’e, has (minor) similarities (sort of same style of fighting)
High skillshots
In Chinese mythology, the sun is sometimes symbolized as a three-legged bird, called a Sun-bird.There were ten of these Sun-birds, all of whom are the offspring of Dijun, God of the Eastern Heaven.The ten Sun-birds resided in a mulberry tree in the eastern sea; each day one of the Sun-Birds wouldtravel around the world on a carriage, driven by Xihe, the Mother of the Suns.Folklore also held that, at around 2170 BC, the Sun-birds grew tired of the routine and decided thatall of them were to rise at the same time. The heat on earth became intense. As a result, crops shriv-eled in the fields. Lakes and ponds dried up. Human and non-human animals cowered in shelters orcollapsed from exhaustion. Time passed and the suffering continued. Yao, the Emperor of China,decided to plead for divine intervention and to ask Dijun for aid.
Dijun was well aware of his sons' misdeeds, and sent for Houyi, the God of Archery, to teach his sonsa lesson. Dijun wanted Houyi to simply frighten them so that they would not dare to cause mischief again. Houyi, too, wanted to settle this crisis peacefully, but a single glance at the scorched land wasenough to convince him that desperate measures were needed. Angered by the suffering of the peo-ple caused by the Sun-birds' misconduct, Houyi lifted up his bow and shot them down one by one.Upon killing the ninth, Emperor Yao hurried to halt him as killing the last one would leave the worldin total darkness. Houyi agreed and was hailed as a hero for mankind. Yet, later, Houyi's actionscaused him to make enemies in Heaven and as a result he was punished with divine wrath.In an alternative version, Houyi attempted to settle the problem peacefully by simply frightening theSun-birds, but approaching the Sun-birds and threatening them with the arrows, but the sun-birdslaughed at him and said he wouldn't dare shoot them, knowing that their father would not kill them.Angered by this Houyi took aim and shot one of the suns from the sky. Houyi realised he had actedout of anger and knew he was in trouble with Dijun, but reasoned that since he had already begunthe task he might as well finish it and shot the remaining suns out of the sky one-by-one, but beforehe could shoot the last sun the Emperor came to stop him reminding him the world needed the sun.From that day the remaining sun-bird now scared by Houyi, always did his duty and behaved well,always rising and setting on time.
Reference images
He will mainly look like the most upper right picture. A good looking chinese archer, some belts, Chi-nese sleeves, long hair and a good decorated bow. His Chinese clothes will be mainly red, gold, whiteand black ass color pallet. It would also be nice if there would be a red or golden dragon painted onhis clothes. This also could be a black or red crow(/raven).He will be young, because he need to be the same age as Chang’e. And this will be the first real nor-mal looking good male in Smite (no over muscles, no fish tails, no over teenaged, no fat bellies, noold mans, no baby in diapers, etc.).He also has the swift, dance like moves from his wife and will be quite the dancer around the battle-field, but his moves will be more aggressive, but he has quite some light feet feets.His bow will be a long bow, mainly because he also is quite the long range specialist. His bow will beheld vertically in a perfect archer stance (see again the upper right picture) He will see archery as aform of art and therefore his moves will be quite graciously. His moves will be like crazy anime im-possible style moves (and then mainly the 2
Carry(, assassin)
Physical, ranged
 Attack progression:
High damage, high mobility (extreme)
Low defense
Really have trouble with making good ability names this time…
Passive: Three-legged crows
 And here is where I really have trouble with creating a good passive, sorry for that… See this mainly asa placeholder for now.
Shooting down enemies minions and jungle creeps (need to last hit) causes them to transform insmall three legged crows, which are then consumed/absorbed by Hou Yi giving him 5% back of maxhealth.I know this passive is very similar to Bumba’s, but can’t think of something good (right now), whichsuits the rest of his kit and role, without being too OP. And currently, because of his carry(/assassin)role he still lacks some basic sustain and this can help him with it (stronger early game, not too muchlate game) too help him a little bit extra with early jungling if played as assassin, because he lacks real jungle abilities for this.

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