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Published by cnoel14

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Published by: cnoel14 on Jun 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hialeah Gardens High School  2008-2009 
ToMyTalentedandAmazinglyBeautifulStudents~ Astheyearwanes,Icannothelpbutlookbackatwhatwe’veaccomplishedinthisveryshortperiodoftime.Ihavetosaythat,asIreflected,IwasinastateofNOSTALGIA.Mymemoriestookmebacktothefirstweekofschoolwhenyoubegantheyearwriting“IAm”poems.Iwassoexcitedtogettoknoweachofyou!ThenIdid,andIfellinlovewitheachyou.Despiteyourquirks,bothemotionalandacademic,IcanhonestlysaythatIbegantoloveyoulikeamotherlovesherchildren.Iwantedthebestforyou,Iprayedforyourhealthandhappinessand,asyouallknow,Iwasnotafraidto“laydownthelaw”whenyouneededit.That’slove!Ifyouhaven’tfigureditoutfromalltheconversationswe’vehad,lovemeanswantingtheotherpersontogrow,evolveandbecomeallthattheyweremeanttobe.Isawmoreinyouthanyoudidinyourselves,andIknewifIchallengedyou, youwouldprovemeright…andyoudid!Asseeninthesepages,“mylittlesweeties”canreallywrite.NotonlywasitevidencedinyourSTELLARwritingscores,butit’salsoquiteapparentinthiscollectionofpoems!WhatIwantyoutotakeintonextyearisthefeelingofsuccessyoumayhavefeltduringthecourseoftheyearinourEnglishclass.Itwouldbeniceifyoucarriedallofthelessonsandknowledgewith you,too!However,themostimportantaspectofclassIwantyoutorememberisthelifelessons…andthatwhenyoutrulytry,successisinevitable!Whenyouwanttoquit,reflectonhowmuchbetterit feelstoproduceyourbestwork.Yourteacherwillappreciateit,too.Remember,“whatiswrittenwithouteffortis,generally,readwithoutpleasure!”Wordscannotexpresshowthisliterarymagazineisa“workofheart.”Thepoemsinsiderepresenttheschool’smostcreativeminds,talentedwriters,giftedartistsandtenaciousstudents!Iamsoamazedbyyourinsightandyourability;and,nottomention,howyoucantakeasimpletaskandmakeityourown,addyourflairandflavor,andproducesuchbeautiful(andsometimescomical) pieces.Ihavebeencreatingliterarymagazinesformyclassessince1999,andthisismyfavoriteso far(andIdon’tjustsaythateveryyear).NotonlydoIlovethenewtitle,butIalsobelieveit’sabeautifulcollaborationofyourwork.ItiswithprideandpleasurethatIpresentyouwith“Nostalgia,”ourclasscollectionofpoems!Loveyou,ChristineRodriguezYourEnglishTeacher
SPECIALTHANKSTO: AlltheparentsforraisingsuchAMAZINGchildren AzhareaMarquez,period3,fortheinspirationofthetitle AntonellaCerasuolo,period6,forthebeautifulartworkonthecoverMrs.MaritzaJimenez,assistantprincipalandfriend,forgivingmethebeststudentsintheschoolMr.RonaldRedmon,assistantprincipal,forthewonderfuljobhedoesDr.LouisAlgaze,principal,forbeingtheGREATESTleaderever!
You wrote these “I Am” poems the first few days of school. It was my way of getting to know you in a non-threatening manner. I borrowed this activity from my mentor back in 1992, the year I began teaching.Every year it is one of my favorites! Even though it gives you a format to follow,I discovered you had your own story to tell, which makes each poem incredibly unique and special…just like you! 
 I am friendly and nice I wonder if I will have a good school year I hear the birds I see me graduating I want to have a great school year I am friendly and nice I pretend that I am flying I feel happy I touch the sky I worry when one of my family members is sick I cry when something bad happens I am friendly and nice I understand what people say I say that I can do it if I believe it I dream that I am graduating I try do well in school  I hope to have a good school year I am friendly and nice~ Jame Gavilanes
I am Flamboyant and kind.I wonder where I’m going to be in 10 years.I hear music in my head.I see black dots sometimes.I want to be successful.I am flamboyant and kind.I pretend to be a good singer.I feel like destroying Ivana Marie Gonzalez.I touch a dolphin in my dreams.I worry too much about my mother.I cry at the sight of animal cruelty.I am flamboyant and kind.I understand people’s individuality.I say school should start at 9.I dream about the day I can hug my brother.I try to always be happy.I hope for a better country.I am flamboyant and kind.~ Michelle Gomez
I am a dreaming simple girl.I wonder how others think of me.I hear good things about me.I see a light in the sky.I want to be unique.I am a dreaming simple girl.I pretend to be a nurse.I feel positive.I touch the light of my future.I worry sometimes I’m too nice.I cry when they hurt me.I am a dreaming simple girl.I understand you have to fight hard.I say it’s worth it.I dream big.I try hard to keep it up.I hope my dreams come true.I am a dreaming simple girl.
Liset Rodriguez
I am a daughter and a student I wonder if I’ll ever visit FranceI hear people clapping at my graduation I see my parents crying of joy I am a daughter and a student I pretend to listen in math class.I feel happy about my future lifeI touch my future baby’s cheeks I worry about my dad I cry when I need someoneI am a daughter and a student I say I can become a pediatrician.I dream to have a family.I try to cook and do my best at school.I hope my future is just like I imagine it I am a daughter and a student.
~ Deatriz Aguirre-Cruz

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