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Adriana Koulias the Double

Adriana Koulias the Double

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Published by Gypsysky

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Published by: Gypsysky on Jun 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Double
Adriana Koulias

Human beings have always had a presentiment that they carry within themselves another being. Myths a
legends tell of the monster that must be conquered if the human being is to progress. The Persian saw hi
the hairy rough living Enkindu companion of Gilgamesh, the Greeks saw him as the Minotaur that had t
overcome by Theseus, the Grimm brothers portray him as Rumplestiltskin the clever little man that
eventually drives his leg into the earth and tears himself in two when the girl solves the riddle of his nam
Once again this being was portrayed by Hermann Hess in his book Stepenwolf and by Dostoyevsky in hi

poem \u2018the Double\u2019. The enigmatic creature that feeds off the blood of human beings could even be the

vampire of old legends. A parasite that hates the light of day and only lives in darkness. The Werewolf is another example as is the tale of Frankenstein. Most recently we see him in the creature Gollum of the L of the Rings.

Tonight we will explore the double according to Rudolf Steiner and his knowledge of the human being a

triune of members.
Lets remember what we have been saying about the human being.
Rudolf Steiner has told us that the human being is made up of three physical members, three soul memb

an ego and one day will develop three spiritual members.
Tonight we will concentrate particularly on the body and the soul.
The physical members are:
Physical body - Bones/limbs
Etheric body\u2013 Blood / Organs
Astral body\u2013 Nerves/ senses
The soul members are:
Sentient soul - Feeling
Intellectual soul -Thinking
Consciousness soul - Willing

The human being is not so insular as he may imagine. In every breath, in every perception, in every inta food, in every sensation, thought and act of will human beings are accompanied by beings of a spiritual nature. Luciferic beings and Ahrimanic beings (retarded beings of opposition) enter into the human soul during evolution, and it is a fact that they live side by side with elemental beings or nature spirits and als higher (progressive) spiritual beings in our Physical, Etheric and Astral bodies.

We have heard in past lectures how Lucifer entered into the human being through his nerves and senses t is, into his Astral body during Lemurian times. This made it possible for Ahriman who exists around us i material world to enter into man through his senses. Ahriman longs to reside in the Etheric body for it is the Etheric body, in the body of formative forces, the life body where resides memory that he finds it mo suitable for his development. Along with these beings there are elemental nature spirits that enter man through his food, enchanted in the minerals and vitamins that he ingests. Through his eyes man also take these elemental beings that live in the Etheric element of the Earth, through his sense of smell and all his other senses taste touch etc. These beings have no ego and must rely on man in order to progress. A man moral character disenchants these beings and allows them to progress further in their evolution.

A man who is not moral traps them inside himself and they become prey to Luciferic and Ahrimanic bei
There is however another being that enters man just before he is born. This forms a part of what Rudolf
Steiner calls \u2018the Double\u2019.

When man is born he cannot at first penetrate all the way down into his Etheric and physical body with h ego and his soul members. That is he remains unconscious to the physical part of human existence. Into t the human being does not dive down. We see this in the biblical tale of the fall when the tree of life (Eth body) is denied man when he eats from the Tree of Knowledge. This happened for our own good, becaus knowledge concerning these processes was not only dangerous - man would have been able to manipulat physical body that is right down into his bones as well as his blood etc\u2013 but also would have taken his f away from developing his ego consciousness. Just think how little you can concentrate when you have p or when you are ill. At these times you cannot use your higher faculties because your physical processes overpowering them. We must not be able to sense every process of digestion, every impulse from our br to our muscles. This would be extremely distracting and occurs only during illness.

It was therefore necessary for human beings to forget this knowledge and unconsciousness of it resulted.

Rudolf Steiner tells us that wherever there occurs unconsciousness this creates opportunities for spiritual
beings to enter into man. Therefore the fact that man is unconscious into his physical nature creates an
opportunity for spiritual beings to enter into the void left by the soul and spirit. It is into this space that a
being enters a short time before we are born who takes possession of those unconscious physical process

This being Rudolf Steiner tells us falls into the category of an Ahrimanic being. A being that is connecte
with the great being of opposition Ahriman whose realm is matter, the earth and the fallen ethers.
This double being under the service of Ahriman continues to live within us during our life predominantl
our Etheric body in the same way that our spirit lives predominantly within our soul.
Why do they enter man?

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