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SMS Collection

SMS Collection



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Published by Kalvan_1176
Collection of nice & nasty SMS which I received from my friends and collected from various sites.
Collection of nice & nasty SMS which I received from my friends and collected from various sites.

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Published by: Kalvan_1176 on Jun 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nice & Nasty SMS
To knw cel’s serial no type *#06#; To know modl no & code no typ *#9999#; Toknw Hardware version typ *#8888#; These r commn 4 all GSM fones. All cell usrsshuld b knw ths.Why did Lord Sivan & Parvathi could not complete the computer course?Because, their Son Ganapathi ran away with mouse. ha...ha..ha..A,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,u,v,w,x,y,z. What r u looking for? I kicked allthose who were between U and I.V gathered in a large hall, an angel asked us 2 write down our sins b4 going 2heaven, b4 i could start writing mine, i heared u shouting : EXTRA PAPERPLEASE.Golden words in life - Never Cry For Anybody B’coz The Person 4 Whom U r Crying Never deserves Ur Tear... And Who Really Deserves It... Will Never LetU Cry.Speak less to people whom you love most... Because if they cant understandyour silence.. They can never understand your words...Good friends are like a pair of scissors joint together often, moving in oppositedirection, yet punishing whoever comes in beteween....I want 2share “EVRYTHING” with U, Your SADNESS.. ur HAPPY MOMENTS...,Evry single SECON OF THE DAY.... Let’s START with your “BANK ACCOUNT”What’s d fastest thing on earth? Bullet? nah... Sound? not quite... Light?almost... Ans: PRAYER coz it reaches GOD even b4 U say it...Birth is the ‘START OF LIFE’ Beauty is the ‘ART OF LIFE’ Love is the ‘PART OFLIFE’ Death is the ‘LAST OF LIFE’ But Friendship is the ‘HEART OF LIFE’Life is short, LIVE IT; Love is rare, GRAB IT; Anger is bad, DUMP IT; Fear isawful, FACE IT; Memories are sweet, CHERISH IT; I am Cute, ACCEPT IT...Pagal iravai theduthu. Iravu pagalai theduthu.Vandu malarai theduthu. Nathikadalai theduthu. Athellam sari Unnai ean police theduthu?Dont Expect anything from life, expectations hurt. When u don’t expect, everymoment, everything is a suprise n every surprise brings hapiness with it...
Never search your happiness in others which will make you feel ALONE. Butsearch it in yourself, you will fel hapy even if you are left ALONE...Punch Dialogue: Love pannura ponnum, Namma use pannura cellum moneyillena outgoing cut.All about college...... College Life: Shock, Chairman: Thiruda Thiruda, Trustees:Ali Babavum 40 Thirudargalum, Principal: Malabar Police, HOD: Pidhamagan,Staffs: Padikkadhavan, College Campus: Ciraichalai, Attenders: Nanae RajaNanae Mandiri, T&P Cell: Indru Poi Nallai Va..., College Bus: Sundara Travels,Canteen: Marma Desam...Reporter: Today is TIGER awareness day what is ur message? To improve alover... Sardarji: In all fasion shows we have to contest TIGER WALK...ah..ah..ah...Softly the leaves of memory fall, Slowly i’ll gater n pick them all, Bcz 2day 2moron till my life is through, i’ll always cherish having A FRIEND LIKE U.In life don think d pain u went thru bt d lessons it taught u, nt hw much u cried bthw much u smild, nt hw much u wer hurtd bt hw much u wer loved.Sardar claims cash fom insurance company for his burnt house. The firm says itwon’t pay cash but will rebuild the house, same size and shape. Sardar upset: If thats your policy cancel my wife’s insurance!Vijayakanth: dai naama andha tv mela case poodanum; thondan: edhukkucaptain... Vijayakanth: naama katchi aarambichatha velayaattu cheydhiyelpooturukaanda...Husband: Yei, yennadi ithu. Sambarla katthiri kaai mulusu mulusa kedakkuthu....Wife: theriyatha ungalukku... Ithu than “ARINTHUM ARIYAMALUM” kulambuFriends are amazing when they are new, they are wonderful when they are true.But do you know they are a “blessing” when they are like you.There are 6 Billion people around d world. I dont know y i msg u? may be bcoz...5,999,999,999 cant replace a Chweet FRIEND like U...!“Those who joyfully leave everything in GOD’S HAND will eventually see GOD’SHAND in EVERYTHING.” Worry ends where FAITH begins...The person who hates U thinks abt U double the times the person who loves U,so never mind it’s hate or love be proud that U are remembered...
Valuing Friendship is not by seeing each other everyday... Nt by msgng or bycalling...! What’s more important is in our busy lives, we REMEMBER EACHOTHER.Each moment of ur life is a picture which u had never seen B4 & which u willnever see again so enjoy & live & make each moment beautiful!Satyam theateral Ajith padam, Devi theaterla Vijay padam, A;nert thaterla Vikrampadam, Police Stationla Unnoda padam... Ayyo Ayyo Ore Thamasu po....Two sardarji is looking at Egyptian mummy. Sar1: Look so many bandages,pakka truck accident case. Sar2: Aaho, truck number is also written... BC-1760!!.When god creates a person, he gives a heart inside every person, but he gaveme a person inside my heart... Thats u my dear friend...The value of tears is never understood when there’s always someone to wipe itfor you, wishing you to always stay unaware of pain and tears...One day RAVANAN went to a disco but when he was about to enter, he faintedbcoz of shock. Why?? Bcoz d entry fees was Rs.2000 per head...World is a Theatre. Our life is a Movie. God is the Director. Nature is theProducer. U r the Hero..., Enjoy LifeWenever you share the goodness in your heart, you always end up winninghearts because life is an echo. It gives back what you have given...!A single Candle can illuminate an entire room! But a sweet friend like U canlightup an entire Lifetime Thanks 4 d brite Lights’f FrenshipWhen tension creeps into ur mind, just close ur eyes, think of me & see ur fingers, U’l find my fingers clutched into urs... to say, Don’t worry i’m with U!Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes sun shines, sometimes rain pours. Butdont forget, it takes both sun and rain to make a RAINBOW. Enjoy Life.Friends are like a Best “CALCULATOR”. They Help 2 Add “JOB”, Minus ‘FEAR’,Multiply “HAPPINESS” & Divide “GRIEF”. Thanks 4 Being my Calculator...Friendship is a silent gift of nature.. more old, more strong, more deep, moreclear, more warm, less words but more understanding..Its the best feeling in the world ven i say hai to u r sms to u bcoz i know atleast icrossed ur mind for 1 second.

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