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Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life



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Published by Praveen Kumar
poem from praveen kumar
poem from praveen kumar

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Published by: Praveen Kumar on Jun 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wherever be imbalance,There is nature's danceOf emotions, evolution and emergenceOf new heights and new horizons.Wherever be cravings,There are strivingsTo reach higher and widerAnd reap nature's fuller subtleties.Perfection is stillness,Distance brings motionThat strains strength to pleasant fatigueWith sweet hopes of fresh blooms.Contentment is quietus,Discontent is lifeThat draws being out of shellTo drown in nature's limitless treasures.Disturbance is sunrise,Calm peace is sunset;While one leads to brightness,The other broods to quite sleep.Fullness is open sky,Reachless and characterless;No shape and shade to stir,No cloud, no warm breeze to stir.Spotless white and straight?It is tasteless twilight;No warmth, no chill, no smile, no wrath,No hooks, no crooks, no lively twists.No urge, no thrust,No relief of release?Life is dull, heavy, painful tedium,A repeat run on a forfairn course.Nothing it holds?Nothing it moulds;
Like a layer of sand on a seabed,It lives itself for existence's sake.Contentment's thick hideHides inner worldFrom the joys of tumultuous growthAnd uncertainties that brighten the life.The rhythms of life,The musics of nature,Shut to the shell of dunny self That dwells itself in perfectitude.No dim and dip,No shocks of sparks,No maddening dance, no joyous whirls,But a constant glimmer of dull twilight.It is neither left,Nor ever be right;But algate straight on its pathIn a saturnine lightless brood.Give it some strains,Bring some features;Break the white brood of perfectitude,Drive a hole to let some light inside.Give twists to straight linesTo create new shapes; .Guide life through the joy of shocksOf the nature's strange fitful dance.Stir the inner pendulumTo pace with timeAlong the infinite cosmic clock With shocks and thrills all along.Rise and fall is joy,Light and shade is beauty,Uncertainties bring hope,Change infuses health and strength.Perfection is imperfect,Imperfection, perfect;This is how the world is trapped,

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