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Oh Mother Earth!

Oh Mother Earth!

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The Planet is in peril! Billy traces development as affects the planet.
The Planet is in peril! Billy traces development as affects the planet.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: BILLY CHILONGO SICHONE on Jun 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Billy sichone1993
1. “Once there was a valley of fertile land. There was grass for the animals and air wasclean. But sometime later man wanted wood, he thoughtlessly cut down all the trees and because of this no people could live, the climate also changed.This was the second reason men could not live. They became poor. So this beautifulvalley became a deserted place.”-USAMA AZHAR, PAKISTAN.( 10 YEAR OLD )2. “Man has lost his ability to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying theearth”=ALBERT SCHWEITZER (MISSIONARY AND PHILOSOPHER) 3. “Twenty percent of the earth is very cold,Twenty percent is mountainous. Of the remaining forty percent,about two percent has very little soil and rainfall. And man kind is busy destroyingthe rest.”- DONALD PHIRI (ZAMBIAN SCHOOL BOY)4. “In those days, the annual supply of rainfall was not lost, as it is now, though beingallowed to flow over treeless and denuded surface to the sea.”- PLATO, 347 BC(GREEK PHILOSOPHER)5. “In the distant past, forest and nature surrounded (besieged) man but today the oppositeis true, man is covered by a concrete jungle.”- BILLY SICHONE, 1993(ZAMBIAN STUDENT)6. “In ages past, man was struggling to cut and get out of the forest. But now he is busy planting and getting back into the forest.”- BILLY SICHONE, 1993(ZAMBIAN STUDENT)7. “It is an open secret that today, there is heavy pollution which if unregulated will leadto total destruction of this planet which man has sought to develop. The posteritydeserves and has as much right to a glimpse at the live, free range natural animals and notmerely fossilized photos.”-BILLY SICHONE, 1993(ZAMBIAN STUDENT)2
his is a humble effort to try and help spread the awareness of the indiscriminate andextravagant consumption of natural resources. This ignorant is especially true indeveloping countries, which are busy trying to develop. The developed world on theother hand, is facing serious environmental problems having realized that the naturalresources are not inexhaustible and that the planet itself is at the verge of being totallyvanquished and may not be habitable in the near future. The battle zone therefore is notlimited to the developed world. It is a fight that must be fought jointly from all angles of the globe. Though over 60% of the pollution is from the developed world
, this fightaffects all without exception. It is never to be forgotten that ozone layer knows no political boundaries.The scope of this book is scanty, covering the whole problem of pollution and the ozonelayer depletion. It is aimed at the reader who casts a casual thought about theenvironmental problems confronting us today. It is hoped that some reader will bespurred on to champion the cause of environmental protection. We long for the time likethat in king Solomon’s when they could import and export animals and timber withoutrestrictions (
1 kings 10:22-Bible
). The reason is probably that everything was inabundance and the demand was low. The ecosystem was probably in equilibrium thenthan now. Let us battle for a regeneration of such a time. It can be achieved, thoughremote to the human eye now!BILLY C SICHONE17/08/93LUSAKA
From the Rio Earth summit comments, 1992

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