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Praying and Affirming for a Job, by Mary Kretzmann

Praying and Affirming for a Job, by Mary Kretzmann



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Published by Mary Kretzmann
Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry; Includes Paramhansa Yogananda's "Affirmation for Material Success"
Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry; Includes Paramhansa Yogananda's "Affirmation for Material Success"

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Published by: Mary Kretzmann on Jun 02, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Praying and Affirming for a Job
By Mary Kretzmann,
Director ,
We receive prayer requests for every type of human need, physical, mental and spiritual.Over the years, we have received a fair number or requests regarding the need for employment. While this need for “right livelihood” and prosperity and has been anongoing human need throughout history, we can see patterns in the ebb and flow of the prayer requests regarding this topic over the last 20 years in the ministry. Since so many jobs have been lost recently, I offer this for those all looking for work now.In prosperous times, we would get a few prayer requests for jobs because people wanted torealize a higher potential in their career or income. I would normally counsel them on howto apply their own energy and divine will power, using positive thinking, and theaffirmations as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda. I then put them on the prayer list for general blessings in body, mind and, soul. I did not want to emphasize the material needsof those prayer requests in prosperous times, when we already had so many pressing needson the list, such as severe illnesses.I saw an increase in prayer requests for jobs once the baby boomers hit their 50’s, rightwhen so many of the US jobs were being outsourced. Suddenly many people who werewell educated were out of a job. They hadn’t planned on this. For some reason, most othem were men, and they were now dependant on their wives for financial support, shouldthey be so lucky. Others moved in with Mom. This represented a true human need for material survival, as well as for marital and family harmony.I realized these people needed extra support. There is a common thought that men in their 50’s, once out of work, are almost unemployable, and might not find work again, andcertainly not a “good” job. Well, luckily, it’s not my job to fix the nation; my task issimply to do my best for those who ask for our help and prayers. Sometimes they come tome after they have been out of work for many months, or even well more than a year. So,my first question is always, “Are you serious about this? Do you really want a job?”I need to know if they were done with the “plus side” of being unemployed. You know – the days off, and the thought/dream/fantasy that anything could happen, including a greatnew job offer that comes in from left field, like a total gift from above. People need that phase, really. They just don’t need it to go on forever, because being unemployed begins totake on it’s own reality, such as in more casual dressing, later breakfasts, no shoes, etc.This is death to the job search. So, what follows is my process of how I have guided people, while we also pray for them. Those who followed this whole plan with gustousually had a job in about 2 weeks. Yes – 2 weeks! Apply your positive energy!
To learn more, see my free e-booklet:Opening to Divine Abundance.
 Mary Kretzmann’s job search plan’ 
on the next page. Print it out, and use it!
Do you really want a job?
And are you willing to follow through, and do myplan?
It is important to get this agreement right from the start. This is partly tosave my breath, but also to eliminate the ‘a la carte’ or “pick and choose” mentality.Since “their way” has not worked, I need to see if they are willing to apply full positive energy in new direction that is bound to bring them many benefits. Myquestion assumes they trust me, which they do. (That is why they called.) If theysay ‘yes,’ (which they all do) then we proceed to:
What kind of job?
What are your best bets? If that field seems blocked, or glutted,we will still work and affirm for it, but I will also ask:
Is there any training or certification that you can acquire in a relatively shortamount of time that will enhance your chances and value in your chosen field?A
nd I will also ask:
What is your second best option, and how can we can we make it better?
Sometimes, especially once a person is in his 50’s, we must cultivate the concept o practical flexibility. Paramhansa Yogananda said that most people, once they hit age40, become “psychological antiques.” This negative quality is also death to the jobsearch, so, be flexible and try to look at things in a fresh way.
5.What time did you normally get up, have breakfast, and leave for work?
Okay – that is your new schedule. Vacation is over. 
Be dressed and ready for work. This helps gets your vibration in tune with employment. (Note, this can beadjusted, if necessary, to a generic Monday to Friday, 9-5 model. But that means – ready to
be at work 
from 9-5 – dressed, fed and ready to go. It would also mean acommute time…Work with this idea. It is there to help YOU.
How would you dress each day for your preferred job?
Suit? Khakis and shirtwith tie, or no tie? What kind of shoes? (For women, I ask the same questions, butgeared to female clothing). Once this has been discussed I say:
You will now dress for your preferred work each day…
including shoes.
If younormally pad around the house barefoot, too bad: You don’t now. You are “atwork.” If you are barefoot indoors for spiritual or cultural reasons, then buyyourself a brand new pair of work shoes, and wear them indoors only, as “clean”shoes. Once you have a job, you can then use them as regular work shoes. Do notuse slippers for this purpose, or any form of shoes you would not wear at your  preferred job, because:
Studies have been done regarding shoes/no shoes. 
This involved telemarketerswho worked from home. People could tell, simply from their voice, etc., whether or not they were wearing shoes. So, think what this does to your work vibe when youcall for an interview, or even worse, do a phone interview for a job! The employer might not think –“Oh he’s not wearing shoes,” but, rather, “He seems dreamy or notvery serious, or like he doesn’t really want this job.”
Positive thinking:
 Material Success Affirmation
by ParamhansaYogananda
Memorize it line by line, if you have to. This embeds it intoyour subconscious where it can do battle with your negative and discouragedthought patterns. It is very powerful to do this right before bed, and right when you
wake up. That really gets it into your thought patterns. But – while you are lookingfor work, please also do it during the day. Your “work” now is to memorize it.Write it out, many times. Get the job done!
This will enhance your understanding and inner growth regarding all of these related issues of your  positive things and how you might either attract, or repel, the job opportunities youwant and need right now. You need all of your inner forces to work together  positively right NOW.
(This step is extra – the plan will work without it. But I recommend it for added understanding. It may make the difference in increasing  your magnetism to get your absolute BEST job.)
You are now ready for your job search.
Approach your job search like a job initself. Make a to-do list, work at it, and take specified breaks, and then get back to“work.” Network with people, etc.
Write a brief, positive statement about finding work. Keep the statement inpresent tense. Not “I will find” but I
finding work now…
You can add in afew specifics, but don’t be too rigid. Say your statement right before each phonecall or interview, etc. Keep this one brief. It can even be a line from the bigaffirmation:
 Material Success Affirmation
Review questions 3 and 4.
The emphasis should be on things that can beaccomplished in a relatively short, focused and decisive manner. “Short” can meananything from a few weeks to a program that takes a couple of months, or even ayear. Interestingly, it is normally the
to retrain, or certify, that increasesthe person’s magnetism. I frequently see them get a job before they have had achance to complete the program. But this gets them out of a discouraged rut.However, you still have to follow through on this…get started!
Improve your skills as part of your “work day.”
If you have decided on some plan of improvement, then be definite about it. Make it a scheduled part of your 8hour “work day.” This action creates magnetism for getting the right job. You needto be moving forward. This gets you OUT of the pack of psychological antiques.
Go clean your room…
You’ve probably heard of 
 feng shui
. I won’t tell you tohang doo-dads. But if your place is a mess, or if the closets are too cluttered, thenthat is blocking the energy, too. Really. Fix it, as a scheduled part of your workday.I’m by no means perfect about this…but I have a job! You don’t! So get busy. If you are really challenged in this area, see
Finally, find some way to be of help to others.
This is an important step, and itincreases one’s spiritual magnetism and grace, or “good karma” if you like to usethat term. You don’t want to do it to manipulate divine law, but rather to get in tunewith divine law. Do something every day to be of help to others, without seeking payment. (Don’t refuse payment if it is offered, since you are looking for a job,after all.) But be willing to serve others “for free” as part of 
“Mary K’s plan” 
tohelp you get a job. If nothing else, it gives you something to do. Get off the couchand go help somebody! This generates a positive energy and magnetism, whichhelps you get that special job, if you add it to the rest of the plan, above.

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