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Starting Star chapter 6

Starting Star chapter 6

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Published by Winterfred
Jenny and Richerd gets attacked for the first time.
Jenny and Richerd gets attacked for the first time.

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Published by: Winterfred on Jun 02, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Chapter 6 First Vampire Attack 
Richerd came as he promised. He poped on my roof so fast I jumped when I first saw him."I didn't scare you did I", he asked."Yeah, try running a little slow next time", I smiled. Hecrawled in my window."So, where are we going", he asked. I thought he could thinkof a place, but I just remembered he was new."I don't know. I could go to the mall, but that seems like agirlly thing", I gave him a option. He shook his head."No, I don't like the mall here, it's to small", he complined.This isn't like New York, we don't have a lot of big malls."Um, how about going to your house", I asked. Maybe he'lllike this option."What about a walk. . . . . . in the woods", he said. That wasa very likely alternative. I othen would walk in the woods toescape school and other pressures."That sounds great, I know a few trails", I said happly."I don't like to travel on trails, It ruins all the fun in notknowing what's ahead of you", he said. Was he crazy? Thereason for the trails was so we could find ourselfs out. A fewboys went into wood, and didn't use a trail, they were founddead. Some say they were attack by some animal, they werefound bloodless. . . . . . was that a vampire attack?"But-but""See you at the Major trail", he sighed. He was gone just asfast as he was here.I walked at the door, and headed down stairs."Hey Jenny", father greeted me. He was a little too happy.He is usually mad when comeing home from work. His bossstresses him out every day."Hi, father", I returned the greeting.
"Where are you going in such a earily time", he asked. I hadto lie to him. He thinks just like my mother when it comes toboys, no worst. He says boys around my age only want onething, so he doesn't want me alone with any boy. I couldn'ttell him I was going on a trip in the woods alone with a boy."Out with some new friends. . . . . Taylor and her friends", Ilied. I used Taylor's name knowing they never herd of her."Oh, that's nice. Have fun", he said and began to eat again. Ilelf the house before more question could be asked.I don't have a car so how was I supposed to meet him at theMajor trail. The only car I had was my friend's, and reallythat's not my car, it's her's.A black car came from around the conter, driving at lest120mph. I really do hope it's Richerd."Get in the car", he said stopping the car and opening thedoor. It was Richerd, and he wasn't in a good mood. Helooked scarey, as if he was going to kill someone right thenand there. I hoped in the car."What's the rush", I asked. He didn't look toward me, hedidn't even give me a response. "Tell me what's going on", Idemaded. This was more than him just trying to get mesomewhere as fast as he could."A vampire has taken the job of planing you muder. I don'tknow who he is, all I know is he's the person who we souldblame for the muders that have happend in this town. Thecamper and the lost boys who were found off trail in thewoods. I have to get you out of here. He said you would bedead by the 3rd day. I can't let you die", he said almostcrying. He really belived this person had a good chance inkilling me."What's his name", I asked. Dumb question, I know, but Ireally wanted to know for some reason."Lucifer, he will kill anyone to make sure you're dead", hesaid angry. That was a odd name."So, where are we going", I asked. I couldn't go that far from
home."New York", he said. What! I can't go out the state. I wouldbe grounded for life if my dad finds out."No-No, I can't go that far", I nearly screamed at him. I willnot go out the state with him."It's ok, no one will hurt you-""Turn this car around! Now! I refuse to let you take me thatfar", I think I was yelling at him now. He looked at me for thefirst time ever since I got in the car."Fine", he said lowly in defeat. The car stopped. He didn't goback toward my house, instead he went toward his."We're going to your house now", I asked."Yeah, it's plan two", he said. He already made a plan, and aplan two, wow. I didn't even make up a half of a plan yet, andhere he is making up plans."Does you family know about what's going on", I asked. Iwould hate to just appear with problems they didn't knowabout."They are aware, but they thought I was going to take youout of town. I can't wait to see they're faces when I show upat they're house", he smiled. That was the first time I reallysaw his fangs. They really wasn't that long, maybe 1/2inches longer than normal, But they looked so sharp, that itwould seem he got them made that way."You have fangs", I said just now realizing this."I hope it doesn't creep you out", he sighed as if he wish Icould of never seen them. I like them a little. . . . .they're cuteon him."Nope, I like them", I said smileing, looking at him for hisreaction. He looked at me shocked, he didn't think I wouldlike them at all."I thought most humans didn't like fangs, or anything likethat", he said still shocked. I guess I'm not most humans."Most humans don't have a vampire as a boy-friend", Ireplied back. A wide smile poped on his face.

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