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What Leadership Means

What Leadership Means



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Published by lahiru3001

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Published by: lahiru3001 on Jun 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Leadership Means
In Pacific Rim focus leadership is defined as “process of influencing others positive behaviors to achieve organizational goals”
(Bartol, Tein, Matthews, Martin, 2005, p.400)(Bartol, Tein, Matthews, Martin, 2005, p.400)
To define leadership from just one definition is immature. “Leadership is the process bywhich a person exerts influence over other people and inspires, motivates, and directsgoals.”
(Jones and George, 2003, p.443)(Jones and George, 2003, p.443)
Some common characteristic exists in all above leadership definitions and one can betaken as “Influencing”. Leaders do influence people through inspiration and motivation.Through this influence, individuals commit on their works effective and efficient manner and the way which is expected by the leader.The degree of experiences that people have and their perceptions toward leadership isdiverse. Due to this fact different view points of leadership emerge. And also the culturethat they live and the values that they accept are directly affected on to emerge differentview points of leadership.My view toward leadership focuses on, influencing other people’s behavior in order direct them to achieve desired objectives and outcomes in any situation which ischallengeable. In this my view point I used the word challengeable, because alwaysleaders are risk takers in all situations which they deal with. Without influencing peopleleaders won’t be able to win the challenge which is very risky. Even the person who is inthe managerial position who cannot influence others toward certain way is not a leader.One of my colleagues in the work place defined leadership as, “Search for theaccomplishment of self actualization through leading people toward accomplishing goalsand objectives. Further more he stated that leaders should be equipped with scientificapproach which focuses more on task orientation and respect, humanity which morefocuses on people orientation.1
(2.0) Short Life History
Effective good leaders are always not born, they are made. It means they have acquiredcharacteristics of a leader from their birth. Mr. Richard Branson is one of the goodexamples who have got a lot of experiences and insights in to leadership from his birth.In my life I have strongly influenced leadership qualities from one of my uncle who is anassistant manager at a well reputed company. I feel the qualities that I could influence aremore towards people oriented. Some of the important characteristics that he has can benoted as followers. He has kind heart and always he is willing to help people. And also Ihave never seen a day that he gets angry. Even when some mistakes happen from thefamily member he doesn’t make conflicts with those family members. In this kind of situation he has the ability to influence and direct the person to get in to the correct track in polite way. And also I could get know that he respect that he is delivered from thework place even from the lower level employee, such like security guard, is greater thanthe other people who are in the same position as my uncle. This happens because of therespect and humanity that he has towards other people in the Organization. . He alwaysdisplayed appropriate conduct, showed a good cooperation with others, displayed loyaltyto superiors.And always my uncle tries to achieve certain goals through hard working. He is from avery poor family. As I get knew just after the A/L exam he didn’t have money to studyfurther. Therefore he joined with a private company as a Clerk. Mainly because of thehard working and the characteristics that he shows, he could come to the position wherehe is now.I belong to the Sinhala Buddhist culture. Therefore the Buddhist cultural aspects directlyinfluence my attributes, qualities and values which I deem. Mostly I could get thosethings from my Dham School where I went for ten years. Some of the values which Iinfluenced were empathy, warmth, high tolerance etc... Because of those qualities, I feelthat the values which I deem in the society are slightly different than the people who arein similar age.2
(3.0)Personal Experiences
I have several situations where my leadership qualities get emerged. I got one of theexperiences, at the time period where I worked as a prefect at my Dham School. In everyend of the year in My Dham School we held annual Prize giving Ceremony. We hadenough human resources but the main problem was we didn’t have enough financialresources in order to hold it. Therefore in our monthly meeting our teachers decided tovisit all homes in the area in order to hold the Prize giving Ceremony effective andattractive way. Students who were willing to participate for it were grouped. All Prefectswere made as a leader of each group and each prefect had to take the responsibility of thegroup which he is operating. And also the areas in the place were divided in to eachgroup.The number of the people in the group which was given to me includes five memberswith me. I had the feeling of self confidence on me that I can work with the groupeffective manner in order to achieve maximum results. Trustworthiness is anotheleadership trait I displayed. I said what I had done and I did what I had said and also Itrusted my group members. And also the enthisiasm that I had was spread amoung mygroup members. All of us in my group had a deram to do the prize giving in colourfullway. In order to do that we worked hard and tried to collect much more mony each andevery day. I influenced my group members that we could collect much more money thanother groups and we compete with others as well having the drive and achievementmotive. Not only that but also each end of the day after collecting money I didn’t forgetto tell my group members that we were winning the race. And finally we could collectmuch more money with hard working, than other groups. Therefore the effort that we didwas finally ended with a colourful and attractive Prize giving. 3

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