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AMORC - The Triangle May 1921 (color).pdf

AMORC - The Triangle May 1921 (color).pdf

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Published by sauron385
The Triangle was published between 1921 and 1924
The Triangle was published between 1921 and 1924

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Published by: sauron385 on Aug 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No. 3 I MAY 21st, 1921Price 5 Cents
 The British Ambassador, Sir AucklandGeddes, recently said:"The next fifty years are going to be themost glorious or the most disastrous in thehistory of the world. The present genera-tion .cannot hope to see a successful end tothe world revolution now in progress. Theway out of world turmoil must be led bythose who keep in view three essentials,
Beauty, Service
Keeping thesethree in view, civilization will sail safely. Letone be occulted and civilization is in danger.Let two be occulted and peril is nigh. Letthree be occulted and civilization fails. ThusX^Babylon fell, thus Egypt, thus Rome and>oubt not, fell all the civilizations of the past.>^day civiliz^akyr potters.Many of our readers have heard in ouFlectures that the Rosicrucian teachings are pre-pared around and upon a basis that is as de-void of theories or hypotheses as is possible;and our high degree thembers know that ithas been our greatest ambition to make fewer —, positive statements and have these based uponknowledge than to give a great many state-ments and admit afterwards that they wereguesses or presumptions. We have called your attention to the fact that science, today, yesterday, like unto last century, is filled withtheories, and that it changes these theories,modifies them ~ or makes them obsolete onshort notice. We have stated also that someof science’s fundamental propositions relatingto the most important things in our lives andpurporting to explain the most vital and in-teresting conditions of our existence, and theexistence of our universe and the operationof nature’s laws,
are theories and not to be
considered as laws, or facts.
We have beencriticized for making this statement and somehave smiled and said that we could not provev this statement. But, now let us call your at-tention to what we read in one of the univers-ally recognized authorities of scientific mat-ters, put upon the market within the past two years and being used by researchers andscientific persons as indisputable authority.
true Rosicrucian spirit we will not mention
name of the publication nor the authormaking the following statements. We arequoting from an explanation of the nature andcause of "Tidesand being interested in whatrelation man had to the tides we were sur-prised to read the following statements. Aftermaking an explicit statement of how both theSun and the Moon lull the waters of the earthand do so in inharmonious periods and rela-tionship, and after going into very minutefacts of heights, depths, and all the technicali.ties that would puzzle the average investiga-tor, we come to* this very beautiful expressionof the scientific mind:The foregoing explanation is called theequilibrium theory of ihe\^ides. It is veryplausible, but unfortunatelyfails to agreewith the observed facts, thoiigh it1®^>£vertheless of great ‘use in leading up to a >theory. *
Unfortunately, this theoryis not in accord with observation. Ther€f areplaces where the high water comes as muchas six hours away from the meridian passageof the moon. In other words, this equilibriumtheory is at times
in error by the maximum
possible amount.
 The trouble is that it tellsus what would happen if the forces
gover y^ 
ing the tides had plenty of time to act.”
Now we ask our members to stopthink and mentally say tdrTjiemselves wha*.they would say to us in letters and otherwiseif any one of our lectures closed one of itsscientific explanations with any such apologyas this. And what would science 8c*y'oftss— as mystics if we admitted that one of our ex-planations contained in it an error of themaximum possible amount? After all, is itscientific knowledge we want or merely thatsimple, beautiful, unpainted, unmeasurable,uncenotaphed thing called Troth.
\ *
We know that our President is a Free-mason, but he is also a mystic essentially, forread what he said recently:"I believe in prayer. I believe in prayerin the closet, for then one faces God alone.1can understand how these Prophets of old,in their anxiety, problems and perturbations
 Two |jj THE
and preplexities, found courage and strengthwhen they ‘gave their hearts to the ‘Great Om-nipotent’ in prayer.”It is easy to picture the occasion when thisstatement was made and to whom, and why.LODGE ITEMSIn one of the high degree convocationswhen the members were sitting in soft bluelight concentrating and watching the variouscentres of violet lights pass through the room,one of the brothers noticed that a brother sit-ting near him was breathing so deeply as toaffect the violet lights that came near him.Reaching over and tapping the brother on thebrother quickly spoke and said: “Oh, I am notasleep, I am simply practicing some deepbreathing principles.” Then the other replied:Oh, I did not think you were asleep, but yourbreathing is blowing out my lights.”In the mail received at headquarters in thepast week were several interesting letters, ex-tracts from which we give now:From The Unity School of Christianity,Kansas City: It is our pleasure to bless yourgood work, and unite with you in the Spiritof loving se.»ce for humanity.”
om the Rector of one of the largest Me-morial Episcopal Churches in a large Easterncity: “Let me assure yoiLofjny continued ap~—ft^d that it would be more profrtafe^ ^ a*.,preciation of the splendid work you are doing nounce the authorship in this new fashion bein leading souls through the Gates of Truth. cause many are easily mistaken in their comFrom the editorial department of a large Prehension of names and titles. There wasweekly devoted to improving conditions in a tline
™ he-
thls, au$or and organizationAmerica comes the request for more informa criticised the title Imperator and claimedSion regarding the great work we are doing. that * was outside the pale of Rosicrucian terX . mmology. But today,—ah, that is different!\rom Calcutta, India, came a ^tter Surely none of our members will be fooled,the'sS*4preme Magus of the R. C. Illuminati kut w}iat of the seekers who are dazzled byox the Oriefltrvu which letter the usual greet an attractive title, highsounding words andmgs and acknowledgment of fraternal relation tempting indications?ship preceded congratulations on our workand increasing power. The new issue of the Little Brown Caskethas been completed in a new and attractiveIn another letter from Vienna, Austria, there form with some slight additions to fit our newis a request for more intimate relations be form of propaganda. There has been suchtween our American Order and a very old a continued request for this new edition thatgroup still existing under a charter granted by we do not expect the present edition to lastthe Christian Rosenkreutz Council. very long. Thousands of copies would be
A t e 
i used the first month if we were to ship theAnd, from Pans France, has come a re new edition in quantities to each lodge as wequest tor the establishment of a small Lodge have heretofore, but we will now await theunder our direction for those who visit Paris, expressed desires of each Lodge. Informthe request is signed by one who is a mem your Lodge Master or Secretary if you are"er J" . der 1France and connected with planning to use many copies of the Littlethe Masonic Grand Onent of France. Brown Casket, so that each Lodge will knowWe wish to announce that new membership hoW many to have shipped’ certificates are to be issued to all members of Someone in the Grand Lodge of Floridathe Order in America who are now in or has designed and had printed a very attracabove the Fourth Grade. These certificates tive paper seal to paste over the flaps of enare in Latin and are issued under the name velopes. It has a gold cross in the centreand power of the International Order R. C. containing a red rose and bears the legend in Two representatives of our Order v.jfll visitcertain R. C. Lodges in Europe this summerofficially presenting and receiving certain
pers and documents. The importance othese matters will be revealed in Septemberor October.Some of our members have sent us circularswhich are being distributed by a publishingand supply company in New York, whereina book on Rosicrucian Symbols is advertisedas being an authoritative treatise cn construc-tive symbolism by the Imperator of the Amer-ican branch of the Rosicrucian B'otherhood.”All of which is very misleading. For instance:We have a copy of the book among our relicsof Rosicrucian pretentions, and nowhere onthe title page or elsewhere in the book can befound the statement that it was written orauthorized by “The Imperator of the AmericanBranch of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood.” Infact, the author’s name is veiled behind acoined, symbolic name and all the early ad-vertising of the book gave this same odd .nameas the name of the author. Furthermore themovement originated by the author and stillfostered by him as a prolific entelechy of mys-tic books, has always announced itself undera different title than the rather indefinitethough insinuating title of American Branchof the Rosicrucian Brotherhood.” It is orevident ths£ Jie^who^pj^p^YetLthe circuy
gold "Ad Rosam per Crucem.'* We havenot discovered who is responsible for thispretty c, evice, but we shall learn, psychicallyor otherwise.Bro. Irwin Winterhalder, the Swiss sculptorwhose huge statue ‘‘The End of the Trail"was admired by millions at the PanamaPacificExposition in San Francisco, and is repro-duced in photographs and wall plaques inevery city, is engaged now in making eightlarge wall panels in relief, depicting in Egyp-tian figures, and hieroglyphs the principleevents and features of our Order and its work. The panels will be donated to the CaliforniaGrand Lodge and arrangements will bemadeto have dup icates for any Lodge desiring todecorate their own Temples with them. Those of our members who have for a year or more sought from headquarters therecommendation of an efficient, sincere anddependable astrologer connected with ourOrder and worthy of the confidences neces-sarily placed in his hands, will be glad toknow that we now recommend he who hasbecome an associate of the Executive Staff aswell as Official Astrologer to the Imperator.He is prepared to calculate and mathematicalinscribe a birth map for those who desiregpd render an interesting, enlightening andI reading oJLjtb^ ^yiijjbolical indications^\ka£U>iis found therein accOrding^to—thetrue and ancient system of astrology. Pleasewrite direct to him for his terms and requisitedata. Address: Mr. Howard Breeding, 1255Market Street, San Francisco, California.We would suggest that if you have neverhad a true and conscientious astrological de-lineation of your life or character made, that you have one made. It opens a new vistaand teaches many wonderful principles which your bias or prejudice toward astrology mayhave kept from your understanding. Toknow one’s natural though undeveloped orhalfdeveloped abilities, to have suggestedone’s greatest talents and fortitudes as well asone’8 weaknesses, is unquestionably a greathelp, making for success and more rapid prog-ress in this period of evolution. To knowalso when and how the greatest success mayattend one’s endeavors through cooperationwith natural or planetary laws is even moreimportant. Parents should not overlook thevalue of such a character delineation of theirchildren as a guide for the present and future. The Grand Lodge of Florida is planning tohave its own Temple and the scheme includesan attractive reading room as well as an officefor the Grand Secretary. The Supreme Grand Master is arranging tomove his office and home to San Francisco soas to be in closer contact with the work andwith the greatly increased activities of theorder due to the unusual stimulus that hascome to it during the past six months. Wewill hail with great delight the close compan-ionship and help of our beloved Brother. The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has re-cently changed some, of the features of its Temple and have added an additional officeto their suite of rooms for the convenience of their members. The Lodge is growing withenthusiasm and in number of members. The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania reportsincreased activity among its members in thevariouslines of work and are m^tiflfl^arrangements for increased member^r*^ v—^ ..A large Lodge is being hfganized in St.Louis with the help of a number of our mem-bers who are located there and who are giv-ing a great deal of time to the establishmentof an important center of a large territory.An interesting proposal regarding the newform of, propaganda and the acceptance of the members into the order, and also bearingupon the initiation fees for new members isbeing submitted to a!F't“the Masters of theLodges since they constitute the SupremeCouncil. Their vote upon this proposal willmake it a law. All our members are urgedto speak to the Master of the Lodge regard^/ing the changescontained in this propbsaFrfS. 'fore they invite seekers to become membershf our order and in this way avoid any errorin regard to initiation fees and the method of accepting new members.If any of our members have any music writ. 'ten for, or suitable for, the cello, which? theyfeel they can dispose with, it woulcLbe appre-ciated if they would send i£*o Headquartersaddressed to the Supreme SigbT' IT1' i**,News regarding Lodges is scarce thismonth because Lodges have not appointed areporter in each group to send us items andwe wish that this would be done right away"because we want to make the Triangle brimfull of interesting items regarding each Lqdge,the activities of its members, or personal mat-ters of interest to all.If any of our members have bound sets of Ephemerides (Astrological Almanacs) whichthey no longer have any use for and wouldcare to send them to Headquarters, theywould be very much appreciated. The New
Grand Lodge has elaboratedupon the plan of holding a monthly generalmeeting of members and hereafter will addmusic and an appropriate form of entertain-ment and refreshments. This plan should beadopted by every Lodge even if such special(monthly meetings are held at some home orat some other special place so that the mem

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