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IMAGE Magazine Summer 2009

IMAGE Magazine Summer 2009

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Published by modelsdirect

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Published by: modelsdirect on Jun 02, 2009
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0871 224 6000
Summer skin solutions
Get a grip:positive self-imagefor teenagers
Simple rules for healthand happiness…New-look ModelsDirect –perfectlyplaced for the futureof all our models
Ten for men
UK BTlandline calls to the above 0871 number will cost no more than 10p per minute.Calls from mobiles and other networks may vary
SUMMER ‘09 IS HERE ANDwhilenoneof us can predictquite what the weatherwillbe, we can promise that theMD team will be workinghardto help you achieve yourmodelling ambitions. Here at
magazine we’re doingour best to help too,withtipson health, beauty and mentalwell-beingfor all, plus newsof some of the assignmentsthatthose already signed upwith Models Directhaveenjoyed in recent months.Whateveryour plans thisseason,we’re delighted towelcome you to the MDcommunity, and hope you’llfind plenty toinform andentertainyou in this issue.GILLIAN BENDALLEditor
In this issue
04Ten for men
Forget thoserigorous exercise regimes, restrictivediets and guilt-ridden lifestyle plansif you’re a man, all you need tostay healthy and happy is to followthis simple set of rules
07Models Direct news
Around-up of news from the team at ModelsDirect, plus models talk about theirrecent assignments
11New-look MD
With its fabulousnew branding, Models Direct is evenbetter placed to bring models andclients together…
12Get a grip!
We all have a mentalpicture of who we are, how we look,what we’re good at and what ourweaknesses might be and forteenagers, it’s especially important tomake its impact on the self-esteemapositive one
14Summer skin
Change yourskincare regime to suit the newseason…
Models Direct has unveiled a bright new look and business brandingthis summer – just the latest move in the company’s continuingcommitment to invest in its people and position at the forefront of themodelling industry. For more on the new look take a look at p11 or logon to the website www.modelsdirect.com.
Summer 09 IMAGE
Look after your smileit’s good for you!
Awinning smile may help yourmodelling ambitions, but now it’sclear that it could help protectagainst major health issues too.Gum disease – typicallysignalled by bleeding – affects19 in 20 of the population tovarying degrees, according to theBritish Dental Health Campaign.Research links gum disease to:Heart disease – September2008 saw researchers presentnew evidence to the Society ofGeneral Microbiology in Dublin.Bristol University ProfessorHoward Jenkinson said: “Itdoesn’t matter how fit, slim orhealthy you are, you’re adding toyour chances of getting heartdisease by having bad teeth.”Diabetes – Columbia Universitylast winter completed anextensive study on links to type2diabetes and established apattern of people with gumdisease being nearly twice aslikely to develop the condition.Premature births – in July 2007the University of Chile found linksbetween gum disease andpremature births. One in threewomen at risk of prematurelabour presented with gumdisease bacteria in their amnioticfluid, as well as their mouth.Low birth weight babies – theraising of amniotic fluids meanswomen with gum disease areseven times more likely to havealow birth weight baby.Thankfully, beating gumdisease can be a simple matterof good oral healthcare. Studiesshow people leading healthy,active lifestyles are 40 per centless likely to experience gumdisease. Brushing twice a day fortwo minutes a time with a fluoridetoothpaste is an essential start tothe routine, while flossing orbrushing between the teeth isanother essential technique.
“I really enjoyed working at the show, itwas somuchfun.The people I was workingfor were lovely and very downto earth,they really looked after me and made sureIwas OK with everything I wasdoing!Theytook a fewpics ofmeandthey are goingto email them to me so I will upload theseonto my profile on Models Direct, andhopefully may gain some more work inthenearfuture. Thankyou for your helpmuch appreciated.”Sacha, model fee £300“The assignmentwas fantastic. The othermodels were veryfriendly. Themembers of stafffrom JasmineDirect are a greatbunch toworkwith, lookingforward toworking withthem again.”Rebecca, modelfee £400“Thank you forthe assignment,itwas a greatday. Theteammade me feel comfortablethroughout the day. It wasareallyenjoyable day.”Margaret (firstassignment within threeweeks of registering), model fee £185“Thankyou again for the assignment,all the team were extremely polite andfriendly.”Laura, model fee £300“Thankyou for the opportunityto work atthe event. I really did enjoy myself andmet some very interesting people.”Tara, model fee £260“First I got a call from the agency sayingIhadto go for a photoshootwithLee thephotographer.Iwas so excited to justtakethe photos because this was the first timethe agency got back to me. He was reallyfriendly, he explained everythingthatwashappening. After a fewdaysIwas told Ihad the partandhadto go for a wardrobecheck! The day I went I was so excited butnervous about what I wouldbeaskedtowear. ButwhenIwas there the peopleweresonice and helped me witheverything, I evengotbreakfast! On thecommercial daythey did my hair and makeup,Iwas feeling like a star already!Iwaslooked after the whole time.Itwas anamazingday and if I had the chance todoit again I would!”Antoniette, model fee £532“Both days went well. Saturday was lovely,anicechanceto be out making the mostof the niceweather and Sarah,thegirlIwaswith,was really nice and easyto getalong with which made the daygoalotfaster, even with sore feet! Sunday was
Hereswhatworkingmodelssa yabouttheassignmentsthe y vegotthroughModelsDirect
pretty goodtoo, when Iwent in at 10Iwas toldthey’d hadsome inter-est in one ofthe flats wewere adver-tising in theleaflets, andone couplewanted tobuy whichwas encour-aging andmade it seemmore worthwhile to getonandhandout some more leaflets eventhoughitwas raining that morning! The ladythere, I think her name wasHilary,was really friendly and relaxedwhich wasnice and they tookafewphotos on the Saturday whichwas cool too. Overall, a greatweekendfor myfirstexperience doing promowork. I’m glad to have been offeredthe chanceandlookforward to what’sthrown my way next!”Emma, model fee £266“Natasha was very helpful.Ifoundthepeople very friendly and welcoming, theymade me feel at ease. Thankyou for theassignment.”Amie, model fee £133
success boosts testosteronelevels which is why men arecompetitive. Identifying with asuccessful team can have thesame effectWork on your relationships –astudy of 6,000 blokes foundthat the married ones gotbetter jobs and were healthierSleep long and get up late regularly getting four insteadof eight hours’ sleep bringsforward the physical andmental signs of ageing. Laterisers have faster brains andlower stress levels. Sleep welland live long!Get out in the sun – vitaminD, which is important forbones, teeth and happiness, isboosted by sunlight (but keepthe sunscreen on)Walk – it’s good for the heartand lungs and improves brainfunction by boosting itsoxygen supply. Get off the busastop early, or take the stairsinstead of the liftSing – the breathing controlneeded to sing (howeverbadly!) makes it one of theeasiest and most effectiveways to shed stressDrink water – many of usdon’t drink enough. The darkeryour urine, the moredehydrated you are. A coupleof extra glasses of water a dayshould make you feel better
Summer 09 IMAGE
National Men’s Health Week 2009 aims to improve men’s awareness ofthe range of health and related services available, and how they can usethem effectively. For news on this, plus all-year-round health advice, logon to
occupy the middle groundbetween the two extremes,the Men’s Health Forum – anindependent body that worksfor the development of healthservices to meet men’s needs,and to enable men to changetheir risk-taking behaviours –has come up with what it calls‘the top ten incredibly easythings that any fool can do toimprove their health’. They are:Read a book or two – now aprescribed treatment in somehealth authorities for beatingthe blues, reading in theevening also helps relaxationand sleepOpen a window – it lets innegative ions which neutralisethe positive ions from electricalitemsPlay cards and docrosswords – they keep thebrain activeSupport a decent team –
IMAGESummer 09
t’s fair to say that somemen are notoriously slowon the uptake when itcomes to health advice – theyeither fall into the Jim Roylecouch-potato category ofwoeful slothdom, or hurlthemselves headlong – andwith all the gusto of Eddie theEagle – into exercise with thebelief that pain must surelyequal gain.Thankfully, for those who
Forget all the rigorous exercise regimes,restrictive diets and guilt-ridden lifestyleplans – if you’re a man, all you need tostay healthy and happy is to follow thissimple set of rules…
Ten for men

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