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Lectures on Galatians

Lectures on Galatians

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 15, 2013
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LECTURES O GALATIASBY WILLIAM KELLY.A EW TKASLATIO.I. Paul, apostle, not from men nor by man, but byJesus Christ and God the Father that raised him outof the dead, -and all the brethren with me, to the as-semblies of Galatia. ^ Grace to you and peace fromGod the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, * that gavehimself for our sins, so that he might deliver us outof the present evil age according to the vrill of ourGod and Father, ^ to whom [be] the glory unto theages of the ages. Amen.^.I wonder that thus quickly ye are being removedfrom him that called you in Christ's grace to adifferent gospel 7 which is not another, but * thereare some that trouble you and desire to pervertthe gospel of Christ. ^But even if we or an angelout of heaven preach to you contrary to what wepreached to you, accursed let him be. 9 As we havesaid before, now also again I say, if one is preachingto you contrary to what ye received, accursed let himbe. ^^For am I now conciliating men or God ? or doI seek to please men? [For] if any longer I werepleasing men, Christ's bondservant I should not be.^'But I let you know, brethren, that the gospelthat was preached by me is not according to man.^2 For neither received I it from man nor was I taught |[it] but by revelation of Jesus Christ. " Yot ye heard |of my conversation formerly in Judaism, that I was \excessively persecuting the assembly of God andravaging it ; ^*and I was advancing in Judaism beyondmany contemporaries in my nation, being very ex-ceedingly zealous for the traditions of my fathers.15 But when it pleased God,t that set me apart out of my mother's womb and called me by his grace, ^^ to♦ Or, • another gospel, which is nothing else than,' &c.t Or, 'him.'
IV GALATIA^S.reveal his Son in me, that I should preach him am.ongthe nations, immediately I took not counsel withflesh and blood, ^^ uor went up to Jerusalem to thosethat were apostles before me ; but I went unto Arabiaand again returned unto Damascus. ^^ Then after threeyears I went up unto Jerusalem to make the acquaint-ance of Cephas, and I remained with him fifteen days ;^9 but no other of the apostles I saw, save James thebrother of the Lord. ^^ jv^qw what I write to you,behold, before God, I lie not. -^ Then I came intothe regions of Syria and Cilicia ; ^^ but I was unknownpersonally to the assemblies of Judea that are inChrist: ^^only they were hearing that our former per-secutor now preacheth the faith which formerly he wasravaging, -•* and they glorified Grod in me.II. Then after fourteen years I again went up untoJerusalem with Barnabas, taking Titus also with [me] ;- and I went up according to revelation, and laid be-fore them the gospel which I preach among the nations,but in private to those in repute, lest by any meansI should be running or had run in vain ; ^ (but neitherwas Titus, that was with me, being a G-reek, compelledto be circumcised;) *and [this] on account of thefalse brethren brought in stealthily, who came instealthily to spy out our liberty which we have inChrist Jesus, that they might bring into bondage,*to whom we yielded in subjection, not for an hour,that the truth of the gospel might abide with you.6 But from those reputed to be something, whatsoeverthey were maketh no diff"erence to me — God acceptethno man's person — for to me those in repute impartednothing ; 7 but, on the contrary, having seen that I wasentrusted with the gospel of the uncivcumcision, evenas Peter [with that] of the circumcision ^ (for he thatwrought in Peter for the apostleship of the circum-cision, wrought in me also toward the nations), yandhaving known the grace given to me, James andCephas and John, that were reputed to be pillars,gave to me and Barnabas the right-hands of fellowship,that we [should go] unto the nations, and they unto
A KEW TIIA5TSLATI02^". Vtlie circumcision, i^only that we should remember thepoor, which very thing also I have been diligent to do.^1 But when Cephas came unto Antioch, I withstoodhim to the face, because he was self-condemned ;* ^^forbefore that certain came from James, he ate with thenations; but when they came, he was withdrawingand separating himself, being afraid of those of thecircumcision; ^^and the rest of the Jews also dis-sembled with him, so that even Barnabas was carriedaway by their dissimulation. ^'^ But when I saw thatthey walls: not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel, I said to Cephas before all. If thou, beinga Jew, livest nationally and not Jewishly, how forcesfcthou the nations to judaize ?^^We, Jews by nature and not sinners of thenations, and ^^ knowing that no man is justified byworks of law, but by faith of Jesus Christ, even wobelieved on Christ Jesus, that we miglit be justifiedby faith of Christ and not by works of law ; becauseby works of law shall no flesh be justified. '7 But if,while seeking to be justified in Christ, ourselves alsowere found sinners, then is Christ minister of sin.Let it not be. ^^For if the things which I pulleddown, these I again build, I constitute myself a trans-gressor. 19 For I, by law, died to law that I maylive to God. ^o With Christ I am crucified, yet Ilive, no longer I, but Christ liveth in me ; but thatwhich I now live in flesh, I live in the faith of theSon of Grod that loved me and gave himself up for me.21 1 do not set aside the grace of Grod ; for if righteous-ness is by law, then Christ died gratuitously.III. O senseless Galatians! who bewitched you,before whose eyes Jesus Christ was portrayed amongyou as crucified ? ^ This only I wish to learn fromyou ; received ye the Spirit by works of law, or bythe report of faith ? -"^ Are ye so senseless ? Havinpjbegun in Spirit, are ye now being perfected in flesh ?* Suffered ye so many things in vain, if indeed in vain ?5 He therefore that ministereth to you the Spirit and* Or, 'liad been blamed.*

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