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Basics of the Spiritual Ecology

Basics of the Spiritual Ecology

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Published by Boris Petrovic

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Published by: Boris Petrovic on Jun 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This material was published in the “Man and nature” magazine (“Light”)
9 for 2004. We are quoting it here with minor changes for the first acquaintance with the activities of the Non-Governmental organization “ Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly” (World Assembly - NSEWA)in relation to the decision of the General Directorate of the Russian Section of the World Exhibition “EXPO-2005” on inclusion into the work program of the Section presentation of the principal documents developed by NSEWA, which we shall touch upon later.The
26th of July of the year 2005
has been declared 
the day of the World Assembly.
Basics of the spiritual ecology
 In relation to opening of the new division “Ecology of the humanness” we have already informed our readers that the “Nature and Man” magazine “The Light” is launching a new initiative aimed at the spiritualresurrection of Russia. The first comments on the initiative revealed that we have supporters. It is our pleasureto offer to your attention the interview of our correspondent Mr. Melnikov with Liubov S. Gordina, Doctor of technical science, honorary Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, president of NSEWA, Expert of the Higher  Ecological Expert Council of the Russian Parliament (State Duma of RF, the holder of “Women of the year 2004” title awarded by the American Biography Institution, holder of the “2000 prominent intellectuals of the XXI Century” Medal Award (Cambridge) for the input into creation of the concept and structure of the
“Noospheric Spiritual-Ecological Constitution of Mankind”.
Liubov Sergeevna, what is and what for was established “Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological WorldAssembly”?
The idea of such organization emerged 15 years ago.
The distinctive feature of the Assemblywithin other non-governmental organizations is that the most prominent personalities of our Planet are beingvoted into its “Honoris Causa” membership, who substantially define the spiritual-moral environment of themodern civilization. Judge yourselves: the Credential Papers of the Assembly have already been handed to theworld-known singers Elena Obraztsova, Placido Domingo, renowned philosopher, scholar of the ancient MayanCivilization. Recently we handed such credentials Mr. Sri Ching Moy. Assembly membership embraces suchpersons as Marina Popovitch, the pilot and 101 world title holder, and
Mr. Anatoly Poletayev, the author of the version of the final part of Peter Tchaikovsky’s 5
Symphony, the chief Director of the “Boyan”orchestra. This genius “Maestoso” that has already been named “The World Anthem” was declared theAnthem of our Establishment, …
This anthem was for the first time performed on the day of the 35
 anniversary of the Orchestra in the hall of the Moscow Philarmonia named after Tchaikovsky, where more than1500 persons standing upright greeted such decision. I can not but say that Credential were also handed toNatalia Kassatkina and Vladimir Vasiiliev, the Directors of the “Classical Ballet” Theatre. The Credential to behanded to Hillary Clinton, Richard Bach, Ted Turner, were sent to USA into our Representative office as wellas to Israel to be handed to Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak.1
The decision to establish World Assembly was taken at the International Conference
“Prospects forConservation and Development of the Unitary Planetary Civilization. Culture. Ecology. Outer Space”.
 Held in Moscow in May of 2002. And in September of the same year this decision was supported by the GlobalCivilian Forum in Johannesburg where I was lucky to represent non governmental organizations of Russia. TheCoordinating Chair of the Assembly is working currently in Moscow. We are represented in a lot of countries:USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, UK, Japan, Spain, Ireland, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine etc. We areprepared to open our representative offices in France, Brazil, Peru, Viet Nam Germany, Austria, Switzerland.The main goal of such Offices is to provide their proposals and amendments to the worldwide concept developedby Russian scientists. The basics of that concept are as such:It would be naive to deny that the word until today has been developing chaotically. The Mankind couldafford itself to develop in such manner when the resources were plenty and nobody could imagine the naturalresources to become depleted any time ever. The air then was clean and the clear river waters were abundantwith fish. But today’s word is so much oversaturated with environmental, economical and political problems thatthe very existence of its is becoming questionable.The Humanity urgently needs to accommodate an idea of scientifically managed natural order. A lot of reasonable ideas are being voiced and offered by modern scientists, but unfortunately they are not being heard bythe ruling circles. Particularly important is emergence of the new science named “Globalistics”, not to mixedwith “Globalization”! Professor Arkady Fedotov is this Concept’s author. He suggests upon analysis of differentmodels of the development of civilization and of the UN-collected data that under further unmanaged or poorlymanaged development of the global civilization the history is bound to “implode” by the years 2020-2025. Thisis not a horror film, but scientific prediction. Professor Fedotov’s work was awarded by the RussianGovernment. Fedotov considers our Planet the space ship with the Mankind aboard, that suddenly went out fromcontrol.
What’s the reason?
All that currently defines human behavior are consequences of very remote reasons. The Universeis unitary and develops according to the noosphere scholars’ recent findings upon energy-informationholographic matrix. Information, energy and matter these are threesome pre-bricks, of which the Universe wasbuilt. In the context of modern vision of the human being the information sphere is defined as “spirituality”,energy sphere – as “the Spirit”, and matter is “the Body” of Universe. The recent research reveal that ovulatedcell would build the future human body upon energy-information holographic matrix. I can quote here theresearch work, performed by V.Kaznatcheev, A.Trofimov, in the Institution of the Space anthropo-ecology, byF.Rorr, P.Gariayev, A.Akimov and others. Particularly Gariayev states that the DNA cellule consists of 95-99%of information, while only 1-1,5% is the synthesis of the genes. The DNA cellules emit light that can bedetected with devices.There are a lot of publications stating that thin matter substance, the splash of energy, “living substance”that leaves the body immediately after human death has already been measured, weighted upon high precisionscales and showed different characteristics with different people.The devices also detect different energy increments within human aura that our grandmothers named evilimpact of hostile witchcraft activity. More of that, if such substance to be fed with similar energies, they may“swallow” physical human body and the man finds himself inside this substance. It is highly probable that this is2

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