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FH Workshop Meeting Minutes - 2013-07-10

FH Workshop Meeting Minutes - 2013-07-10

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Published by Morris County NJ

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Published by: Morris County NJ on Aug 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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July 10, 2013
Adequate notice of this meeting held the 10
day of July has been provided through resolutionadopted by this Board at a meeting held at the Administration and Records Building onFebruary 27, 2013 through electronic mailing of said resolution to the Star Ledger, the DailyRecord and the Record, through posting on the County website, and by filing a copy of same withthe Morris County Clerk and the Clerk of this Board.
ROLL CALL:Director
MastrangeloDeputy Director ScapicchioFreeholder CabanaFreeholder CesaroFreeholder GrossiFreeholder KrickusFreeholder LyonSALUTE TO THE FLAG4:30 p.m.PRESENTATION:Resolution Honoring Judge Deanne M. WilsonOn Her RetirementPROGRAM:Morris County Economic DevelopmentCorp. - EB5 ProgramJim Jones, Executive DirectorPaul Boudreau, President, Morris CountyChamber of CommerceADMINISTRATORS REPORTCLERK/DEPARTMENT HEAD REPORTSCOUNTY COUNSELS REPORTREVIEW RESOLUTIONSFREEHOLDERS’ REPORTS ____________________________________________________________________________ _ CORRESPONDENCE:
 DISCUSSION:Road Opening Permits:
CLOSED SESSION: Identify TopicPERSONNELPersonnel RequisitionsLabor Negotiation Strategy:PBA 151 -StatusCouncil 6 Mosquito Commission UpdateCouncil 6 Office of Library Information Services UpdateAPPOINTMENTSInsurance Commission CounselCONTRACT NEGOTIATIONSMICA - Solar ContractsHomeless Prevention ContractsSafety Project ContractsPURCHASE, LEASE OR ACQUISITION OF REAL PROPERTY PENDING OR Real Estate – Long Valley ByPassANTICIPATED LITIGATIONMATTERS FALLING WITHIN THE ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE
Election Matters
Additional information about any resolution or ordinance that appears on the agendacan be obtained by calling the office of the Morris County Counsel at 973-829-8060.
The public informal work session of the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Morris was calledto order by Director Mastrangelo at 4:35 p.m. on July 10, 2013 in the Knox Conference Room, 5
Floor,Administration and Records Building, Court Street, Morristown, New Jersey.Deputy Clerk of the Board Susan Allard read the open public meeting announcement as to the schedulingresolution and the publication of notice as required by law.
Freeholders In Attendance
:Director MastrangeloFreeholder CabanaFreeholder CesaroFreeholder Grossi
Freeholders Absent:
Staff Present
Administrator BonanniAssistant Administrator BuchananClerk of the Board KetchumDeputy Clerk of the Board AllardAssistant County Counsel Bush
Others Present
:The meeting was open to the public and pressFreeholder KrickusFreeholder LyonFreeholder Scapicchio (left at 5:05 p.m.)Director BurdDirector DiGiralomoDirector HammondDirector LearyDirector PintoDirector RoeCIO TugmanDigital & Social Media Manager Spencer 
Resolution HonoringJudge Deanne M. Wilson
Freeholder Director Mastrangelo presented aresolution to Judge Wilson on her retirement of more than sixteen years of distinguished serviceon the bench. Judge Weisenbeck noted that shehas been with the Chancery Division and hasexperienced a great increase in work due to theforeclosure market in the last few years. Thishas required a lot of creative thinking on her  part. Judge Wilson said she started at theCounty in 1980 as a law clerk to Judge Pollack.She worked many late hours and remembersseeing both Freeholders Leanna Brown and PatMaynard working late as well.
EB5 Program
Mr. Boudreau gave a second quarter MCEDCUpdate Report to the Freeholder Board.Business retention, expansion and attractioncontinue to be key priorities for MCEDC. Inearly 2013, MCEDC created an “ExpertServices Task Force” comprised of MCEDCmember companies to provide a higher level of  professional services to companies looking torelocate to or grow within Morris County. The purpose of the Task Force has been to makeMorris County more competitive compared toeconomic development organizations around thecountry that have teams of full-time in-house professionals devoted to serving clients.MCEDC’s Task Force is a private sector version of this model and is comprisedof professionals such as real estate brokers, developers, contractors,architects, engineers, bankers, planners,attorneys and more.Currently Mr. Jones and Mr. Boudreauare working to retain a company with1,000+ employees in Morris County.This company’s lease is going to expireat the end of 2015 and they were lookingat five available sites some of which areout of Morris County. The companyhas now purchased a green field site inMorris County.It has been a major goal of MCEDC’s tosubstantially boost the membership basein 2013 to support the organizationfinancially as well as to grow thenetwork of partners who can assist witheconomic development in MorrisCounty. They held two very successfulinformation breakfasts back in Januaryand recently in May. The membershiprecruitment efforts have resulted in newcommitments from eighteen companiestotaling a net gain in membership of approximately $14,000.
One of MCEDC’s major objectives in 2012 and2013 has been to establish closer workingrelationships with elected officials,administrators and economic developmentcommittees to help in identifying economicdevelopment objectives and obstacles and mapout actions that can be taken. With this in mind,they created the Mayors Council that meetsquarterly. They have since decided to rename itthe Municipal Council since there are other local government representatives in attendancenow.They made a decision earlier in the year tochange their traditional logo. They hired acompany called Trajectory who has developed anew more updated logo and a tag that says,“create, innovate and grow.”Mr. Jones introduced the proposed MorrisCounty EB-5 Regional Center concept which isa foreign investment program and part of thefederal government. The program isadministered by the United States Citizenshipand Immigration Services known as the EB-5Immigrant Investor Program. The proposalwould be to establish a future program and potential funding with the county governmentand the private sector partnering together.He noted that New Jersey has no plans toimplement an EB-5 on its own, but will seatsomeone from the State on the board. To their knowledge, no other county in New Jersey hasan EB-5 program.GreenbergTraurig has experience in establishingthis program. He introduced Jennifer Hermansky from that company to make a presentation:She reviewed the following:EB5 Basics. This is a federal government program administered by the Dept. of Immigration Services. It was created in 1990for foreign nationals to invest in a newcommercial enterprise that will benefit for theUS economy and create at least 10 full time jobs. In 1993 the Immigrant Investor PilotProgram was enacted that provided for regionalcenters. This program gets renewed every threeyears by the federal government. This latestcycle will end on September 30, 2015.There are individual EB-5 programs as well asregional center EB-5 programs. Ninety-five percent of all applications fall into the regionalcenter designation, the main advantage beingindirect employment counts through the use of an economist report to predict/project jobcreation.In a regional center the investors’ money is placed into a pool. The center is designated tooversee the projects for immigration complianceand reporting. Ongoing administration andcompliance responsibilities are with the USCIS.She noted that her company is presentlyworking with the City of Miami to startan EB-5 program.The State of Vermont has had atremendous amount of success with this program and has been able to create asignificant number of jobs.The initial cost to the County would be$500,000. Mr. Jones noted that thecenters are self funding and they derivethe money from operation of the center.Mr. Jones and Mr. Boudreau spokeabout four companies interested in pursuing this. They noted that foreigninvestors are more comfortable when agovernment is involved. If theFreeholder Board wants to continue withthis, the MCEDC would then work withthe private sector. The Freeholdersasked them to provide an overview of the four projects. If they have other questions, they will contact their office.
At the direction of Director Mastrangelo,the Sheriff’s Office has taken a pictureof the courthouse to be framed and presented to Freeholder Laureys’ familythis Friday.He reported that portions of theAffordable Healthcare Act have beendelayed for one year. This gives us anadditional year of planning.Emergency radio atmosphericinterference - He has been speaking toCongressmen Frelinghuysen 's officeand Congressman Lance’s office whoare in the process of reaching out to theFCC for a meeting. The communicationcenter did also reach out to the townsthat are served as well.The Public Safety Youth Academy willtake place the week of August 5 – 9. TheFreeholder Board was given thematerial. This has been sent to MorrisCounty school districts/superintendentoffices.He met early this week with somefreeholders, the Vo-Tech School , andrepresentatives of Denville to reviewsome proposed roadway changes .He noted that there have been reports of flooding problems on Central and Cook Streets in Madison. The County willlook into this.The next Insurance Fund Commissionmeeting is this Monday at 5 p.m.

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