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Southward, Grow!

Southward, Grow!

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Published by cityhallblog
Southward, Grow!
Southward, Grow!

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Published by: cityhallblog on Aug 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ward, Grow!”
Creating One Dallas, World Class
“Southern Dallas is not a charity case. It is an opportunity.”
 -Mayor Mike Rawlings
By: Chequan A. Lewis
Winter Term in the Office the Mayor of DallasJanuary 2012
“Southward, Grow!”
Creating One Dallas, World Class
In 1839, a man named John Neely Bryan set foot on the land that would one daybecome Dallas, Texas.
Officially incorporated as a town in 1836, Dallas grew into anattractive location for businesses and southerners in search of opportunity over the next few decades.
By 1890, Dallas began to show signs of its now-trademark aggressive growthpersonality as it began annexing surrounding areas.
Over the next century and a quarter,that ambitious personality resulted in a sort of civic schizophrenia: the dueling destinies of Dallas.
I use the term “dueling destinies” to capture an unfortunate truth about the place I
love. At this point, Dallas is really two cities (one north and one south) separated by theTrinity River. Northern Dallas is a shining beacon of light replete with booming businesses,population growth, and a diverse housing stock. In
Dallas, median incomes continue tosoar, educational opportunities abound, and employment prospects are high. But there is avery different Dallas that looms to the south. Southern Dallas is largely forgotten and
underdeveloped. In “
Dallas, there is an eye-popping unemployment rate, schools arestruggling, and massive tracts of land remain undeveloped.Dallas began as a promising novel. With a bright beginning and energized earlychapters, the city seemed destined for a limitless horizon. Somewhere along the way Dallasgot trapped in its own tale of two cities. Increased disparities in wealth, educationalattainment level, and health characterize this seemingly interminable chapter. It is time to
From the archives of the Dallas Historical Society.http://www.dallashistory.org/history/dallas/dallas_history.htm
See id.
See id.
3turn the page in Dallas and write a new chapter. That horizon for which Dallas seemed
destined is still attainable. Yet, this can only be true if the “Dallas dream” is made available
its residents. One word best characterizes the city’s ambition: growth. It is hightime that this word finally includes the city’s southern rim. If Dallas will ever realize her full
potential, she must grow southward. Only then can she create a unified, world-class city.
What is Southern Dallas?
The part of the city to which this paper refers has been called many things over theyears: Sunny South Dallas, the Southside, Southern Dallas, the Southern Rim, or theSouthern Sector. No matter the moniker, the geographic area under discussion remainsmostly the same. As depicted in the map below, Southern Dallas is the area south of Interstate 30 out to the city limits bounded on the east by Interstate 635 (all of which issouth of the Trinity River).

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