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نظام إدارة السلامة والصحة المهنية

نظام إدارة السلامة والصحة المهنية

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Published by aldeebn

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Published by: aldeebn on Jun 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Occupational Health and Safety systemcomprises the following:-ةكرشلاب ةينهمل ةحصلو ةسل دإ اظ ت :ةي رانعل  a-Occupational Health and Safety Policy.1-ةكرشل ةينهمل ةحصلو ةسل ةاي 
Identifying the Occupational Health andSafety ِAspects.2-ةحصلو ةسل ى رثؤمل ح ةينهملc-Identifying the relevant legislative andregulatory requirements.3-ةيعرشتلو ةياقل اطتمل ح ةختسملd-Setting appropriate Occupational Health andSafety objectives.4-ةينهمل ةحصلو ةسل فأ ح ةكرشل e-Developing programs to implement theOccupational Health and Safety policy andobjectives.ةكرشل فأو ةاي يقحتل جرل ضو -ـةينهمل ةحصلو ةسلاب ةاخلو 
Activities monitoring, detecting non-conformances, implementing correctiveactions, auditing and reviewing the activities
ا فاشتكو ةطش ةر يطو ةقباطمل ءر اعرمل ذينو ةيحيحصتلOccupational Health and Safety Policy for ……Company..… ةكرــشل ةينهمل ةحصلو ةـــسل ةــاي - Company is specialized in ... -.…  ةصصخت ةكر -The trend of the top management of the companyis to give the priority to apply the safetymanagement system of the company to all theworks and activities undertaken by the companyespecially the services to ……...ةــلو ءاطإ ــح ةــكرشلاب اــيعل د ــت -ــل ةــكرشلاب ةــسل دإ اظ يــطتل ــصقلةكرشل اهب  تل ةطشو ام........ company is committed to do the following :معب ......... ةكرزت 
Providing the means of protection, safety and therequired precautions for emergency cases, thesuitable instructions, and training the employeesto ensure their safety.ةل اايتو ةسلو ةامحل ئاو ري -ـــــــو ةـــــــانمل اميعتلو طل احل .هت امل اهي ياعل
-The ideal use of resources and equipmentthrough the state-of-the art methods of technologyto cope with progress in the field of work whichleads to continual progress of work techniques .أ ــ عملو دمل ــ ختــ -ا ىـ قتل ةـكمل ةـحل ةـيلنتل يلاـ.معل يلا رمتسمل يسحتل ىلإ دؤ ام معل-The company is greatly concerned about trainingand teaching the employees to develop their  personal skills to perform their work efficently,and to spread awareness with the occupationalhealth and safety requiements.ـهاه ةـيمنتل ـياعل ةـيو ـتب امت -ـــال ـــل رـــشو ام ءدأ ـــ ةيـــصخشل.ةينهمل ةحصلو ةسل اطتمب - The company defines the harmful effects andlay on the required plans and procedures andmake the necessary analysis for any accidentwhatever its effects are to lessen its bad reactionsand prevent reoccurrence in the future.ال ريثتلو رـاخمل ـحتب ةـكرشل ق -مو اهعن ى ةل ءرو طخل ضوو يقتل م اك امه دا  ةل يحتل.قتس ر نو اثأ  -The continuous improvement in applying theoccupational health and safety system throughmeasuring and reviews.ةــسل دإ ــظ ءدأ ىــ رمتــسمل يــسحتل -.اعرملو ايقل   لو ةينهمل ةحصلو - laying on safety objectives and providereasonable work environment and make thereviews to assure the implementing of theseobjectives periodically, and consider them as afoundation to creste new objectives.ةيب رـيو ةـينهمل ةحـصلو ةـسل فأ ـضو -ًاود ف ذ يقح  ةعرو ةان م. فأ ةغايصل ًااأ ااخ و This policy is declared , understandable andavailable for all employees.ةاعل ةاتو ياعل ةهو ةنع ةايسل ذ
PLANNING ::طيختلاPlanning for Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control ل طيختلارخملا ع ةريسلاو ييقو ددحت 
Each department/section in the company isresponsible for identifying the OccupationalHealth and Safety Hazards of its activities;according to Risk Assessment Procedure
ب اط /دإ ك لا ح  ةلس ةكرش ةحصلو ةسل ةطشب ةقعتمل راخملاهي رطيسلو راخمل  ةعرو ةينهملراخمل ييق ءر اق 
a- A hazard register is maintained at eachdepartment/section, and a master list is kept bythe Occupational Health and Safety Department,these data are kept up to date in case of:-أتو س وأ دإ ب راخمل  م ت ةحصلو ةسل دب ا سلاب اتراخملاب ةقعتمل اايل ذ ح تو ،ةينهمل:ةي   1-New activity or service.1-. ا وأ ةطشب ايقل2-Change in activity, or service.2-اخل وأ ةطش ى أرط ذل رييتل3-Change in legal or other requirements3- وأ ةياقل نلاب عت ريي و . رأ اطت  b- A risk assessment is conducted according to procedureءرل اقو راخمل ييق ت - c-The hazards that are given a medium-risk levelwould need documented operational control;where as those with a high-risk level needobjectives and programs to reduce the risk levelin addition of control measures. The activities thathave in tolerable hazards must be stopped tillreducing the risk level.ةطتمل ةل  راخمل طت - ـ ايعل ةل طت امنيب ، ةقث ةر ءرإجرل ةبا ءرإ ىلإ ةاضب راخمل  راخمل اآ راخمل ا  حل ةا فأو ي ةمتح ريغ ةد ىلإ ا  ص تل ى معل يحل احل  اشنل و ذني طخل ةد d- Results of risk assessment are important inputsfor determining training needs, responsibilities,monitoring and measuring. All corrective actionswill also be reviewed through the risk assessment process before implementation.ي ةا اع راخمل ييق جئات رتع -د ةيو ايلسملو ،ةبطمل تل ةي دح ةعر  لذك .ل ايقلو ةبارلراخمل ييق ةيم   ةيحيحصتل ءر..ذينتل  ءل  
Legal and other requirements:
ىرا بتملاو يننقلا بتملا
:The Occupational Health and Safety Manager isresponsible for::  س ةينهمل ةحصلو ةسل دإ ر 
Identifying legal and other internationalrequirements that are applicable to theOccupational Health and Safety ManagementSystem of the company
اطتمل ابو ةياقل اطتمل ح ةينهمل ةحصلو ةسلاب ةطرمل ةيلولةحصلو ةسل اظنب اهقيط ت تلو ب ةينهمللا .… اقل ذكو ةكرش .)معل(
Documenting and updating theserequirements according to changes occurringin the existing laws or requirements.
راسو ح و اطتمل  يث .ةياقل اطتمل

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