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Metro 2034 English

Metro 2034 English



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Published by Anta Cyp

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Published by: Anta Cyp on Aug 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Metro 2034 (2009)Author: Dmitry GlukhovskyTranslated from the German version by: Metro2033Artjom
Metro2033Artjom’s annotations
:This is the translation of the German version of Metro 2034 into English. English is not my first language.This translation is as closest to the German Version is it gets. Some sentences had to be changed so thatthe grammar would make sense. They still incorporate the message of the sentence.
I didn’t get paid translating this book and neither did I want to earn m
oney with this translation.Dmitry Glukhovsky is the author of Metro 2034 and all rights are reserved to him. No copyright abuse /infringement were intended.Have fun reading.(Please report any mistakes to me, by chapter-page-line, to my YouTube channel Metro2033Artjom)Oh and before I forget, if something is written in brackets and is underlined than it is one of my notes.)LieutenantShwa (youtube channel) has volunteered to edit the translated text.Give him your thanks for taking time out of his day to ensure the quality of this translation.
cardboardtheory’s annotations:
I started this project at the beginning of this year I believe, and haven’t had the time to finish it. I have
attempted to refine the quality of the translation past Lieutenan
t Shwa and Metro2033Artjom’s work.
My work is evident in a little more than half of it (Chapter 10 maybe) , where I dropped off. For the pastweek I have also managed to revise the last few pages for reading pleasure.For reference, the original work Metro 2033 was written by Dmitry Glukhovsky, translated in to German,translated in to English by Metro2033Artjom and LieutenantShwa, and I hope I (cardboardtheory) havebetter improved the quality in to a more standard English.In short, this translation was the combined work of both Metro2033Artjom and Lieutenant Shwa, andcardboardtheory. Enjoy reading.
 Metro 2034Dmitry Glukhovsky
 PrologueIt is the year 2034. The world lies in ruins. Humanity is almost destroyed. Radiation has madethe destroyed cities uninhabitable. Outside their borders, some say, endless burnt wastelands andimpenetrable mutated forests extend forever.But nobody knows exactly what there is. Civilization fades away
. And the memories of man’s
former greatness slowly retreat fairy tales and legends.It has been over twenty years since the last airplane started. Rusted train tracks lead intoemptiness. And when the radio operator listens for the millionth time to the frequencies where onceNew York, Paris, Tokyo and Buenos Aires broadcasted, he hears nothing but lonely howling.It has been twenty years since then. But mankind has already left up its reign over the earth toother species.Creatures of radiation, that are far better adapted to the life in this new world.The era of man is over.
But the survivors don’t want to admit that. Some ten thousand humans are left, and they don’t
know, if except for them any are still alive
or if they are the last in this world.They inhabit the Moscow metro, the biggest atomic bunker that was ever built by human hands.The last sanctuary for humanity.Almost all of the survivors now alive were in the metro on that day. And that saved their lives.The hermetic security gates of the stations protected them against the radiation and the terriblecreatures from the surface. Old filters purify air and water. Resourceful tinkerers constructed dynamomachines to generate electricity. In underground farms humans farm champignons and breed pigs. The
poor don’t fear
the taste of rat meat.
A central administration doesn’t exist anymore. The stations have transformed themselves into
small states, where humans gather around ideology, religion and water filters. Or just unite againstenemy attacks.It is a world without tomorrow. Dreams, plans, hopes
for all that there is no more place.Feelings made place for instincts, and the most important of all
to survive. At all costs.
The story before the events of this book is told in the book “Metro 2033”.

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