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Simona Caba March April 09 -Newsletter

Simona Caba March April 09 -Newsletter



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Published by Christ4ro

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Published by: Christ4ro on Jun 03, 2009
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March - April 2009 Simona Caba Afrika Wa Yesu Inhaminga, Mozambique
Dearest and precious friends and family,When we decided to follow Jesus, to live like Him - weactually decided to come out from the normal and live ourlives on the edge as He guides us. How exciting! Wenever get bored as everyday Jesus is surprising us;everything is brand new just waiting for us to trust Himand do as He is asking us to do. I love my life with Jesus!I thank Him for His plans and so many opportunities thatare ahead of me every morning I wake up!
My adventure in Nhanssonsue
 It started with Lino (a Mozambican team member) drivingthe tractor in front of my car cutting the grass and thebush, making “a road” to get to Nhanssonsue. Peoplewere coming out from the bush when they heard thetractor passing. Because there is no real road to these littlevillages, many of them are still living in completespiritual darkness and great need for Jesus.In the beginning of march we sent two of our evangeliststhere. They sent message that the people there are so inneed and there is an open door for the Gospel.Last year Pai Francisco from Nhanssonsue came to ourPastoral Bible School. While he was in School, Godreally changed him, made him courageous with the desireto change his people for Jesus.Little he had and gave away, God multiplied and when wegot there lastweek wefound achurch withat least 25adults andlots of children.They were sohappy andgrateful,receiving uswith singing and dancing. Some of the little kids werecrying and screaming looking at me. Probably I was thefirst white person they saw.The next Sunday we had two morning church services.We started early in the morning at Chite and than drove18 km to Nhanssonsue to have the next one. Linopreached in both places. He is really taking the heart of God to these people. The two evangelists Abdul andJosias are also working hard preparing the hearts of thepeople for what God started to do among them. The needis great in allareas and at allages. So they aredividing theirtime teachingthe children, theyouth and theadults.Our days werefull: visitinghuts; praying forthe sick; youthand children’smeetings. Wecamped close to Pai Francisco’s hut. Starting from earlyin the morning people were coming to our camp. Weworshiped God and prayed together and we shared theWord. Every night we were showing the “Jesus” film andBible stories for children. It was the first time theywatched the “Jesus” film. Everybody was quiet,absorbing every word and every action. Jesus wasspeaking their dialect and they were exposed for the firsttime to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.Paulo and Santos had small messages every night beforethe movie; also they were doing the altar call at the end. Iam sure that this trip had a great impact in their lives, too.Even though our hearts were already sold out for theseprecious people, because the two young guys needed tobe back to Inhaminga for school, we decided to leave onWednesday morning. This wasn’t also God’s plan. Justwhen we were leaving, dark clouds got together on thesky and we were surprised with a very heavy rain. Wefound out later that was an answer to the prayers of thestudents and team at the Bible School in Inhaminga.People in the villages were worried because they didn’thave enough rain this year so the witchdoctor fromNhanssosue decided that on Wednesday afternoon he willstart the traditional ceremony to call the spirits to bringthe rain. Again they were put to shame because Godshowed that He is Sovereign and sent a wonderful rain onWednesday morning.That rain though wasn’t a great help for what we wantedto be our trip back to Inhaminga. The dirt road we justmade few days ago through the bush was transformed inminutes in a muddy, slippery full with holes road. Of course that we got stuck and almost fell in a very bighole. It was still raining and I was trying to remembereverything I learned and heard from Rodney and Ellie“how to get out of these kinds of adventures”….

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