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Problem Set 3

Problem Set 3

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Published by John Wanyoike Makau

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: John Wanyoike Makau on Aug 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Problem Set #3
(1) A DC chopper (shown in Fig. 5.3 of the hand out) operating in continuousconduction mode feeds the armature of a DC motor. The chopper input is 100V. The motor is operating at constant speed and its armature can be modeled ashaving a resistance of 0.5
, an inductance of 4.166 mH and an EMF(electromotive force, voltage) of 20 V. The chopper is operating at 500 Hz, witha 50% duty cycle (k). Use straight-line approximations for the motor current.(a) Draw the circuit diagram of the converter and motor load.(b) Determine the average motor current.(c) Find the peak-to-peak motor current ripple as a percent of the average motor current. What value of smoothing inductance would reduce this figure to10%?(2) A buck converter operating in continuous conduction mode at 10 kHz has afixed 100 V DC input and a fixed 50 V DC output. The converter delivers 500W into a fixed load resistance. If the converter inductance is 0.5 mH and theoutput voltage ripple should not exceed 1% of the DC output voltage. Whatrange of converter capacitance can the designer choose from?(3) A small DC motor is modeled as having an inductance of 0.32 mH in serieswith a resistance of 2
in series with an EMF. When operating at rated outputspeed and power, the motor has an EMF of 35 V and draws a current of 2.5 A.A DC chopper supplied from a 48 V battery drives the motor. The chopper contains a smoothing reactor which is modeled as a series combination of aninductance
, and a resistance
= 1.28
. The chopper switching frequency isfixed at 4 kHz. If the motor is operated at rated conditions, the chopper outputcurrent has 10 % ripple. Assume that the chopper current varies linearly between its minimum and maximum values.(a) Draw the circuit diagram of the battery, chopper, and DC motor load.(b) For operation at rated conditions, determine:(i) the duty cycle applied to the chopper,(ii) the smoothing inductance
,(iii) the switch mean and RMS current,(iv) the chopper output power,(v) the chopper input power,(vi) the chopper efficiency.(4) The switching frequency of a boost converter is fixed at 45 kHz. The inputvoltage is constant but known only to be in the range of 4.5 V to 5.4 V.Feedback is applied within the converter to set the switch duty cycle, k, and thusmaintain the output voltage at 12 V across a load modeled as a constantresistance of 4
. The converter is to operate in the continuous mode only.(a) What is the range in the duty cycle, k, which may be applied to the switch?

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