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OSP Towing Policy

OSP Towing Policy

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Published by MNCOOhio
The Ohio Highway Patrol's towing policy. A pair of tow operators are pondering a lawsuit against the City of Chillicothe because officials asked them to sign a contract that, in part, limits fees they can charge when called by the city to tow a vehicle.
The Ohio Highway Patrol's towing policy. A pair of tow operators are pondering a lawsuit against the City of Chillicothe because officials asked them to sign a contract that, in part, limits fees they can charge when called by the city to tow a vehicle.

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Published by: MNCOOhio on Aug 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ohio State Highway Patrol
Policy Number :
 Date of Revision :
 Priority Review :
All MCE Inspectors ; All Sworn Officers ; Dispatch Personnel
Distribution :
All OSP Offices and Facilities
Summary of Revisions
 Revisions are in bold, italicized text.CAD Tow Rotation guidelines revised to add Owner's Request Wrecker Rotation. All changes to atow company or to the Tow Rotation must be submitted to CICC-Dispatcher Management.
 To provide a documented call system for towing services to ensure a fair distribution of calls and toprovide a reliable and efficient service to the motoring public.To address safety apparel wear for work environment with low worker visibility during the day, inlow-light conditions and at night.
The towing service call system, alongwith the maintenance and retention of records of service calls, is the responsibility of the postcommander.1. A written request must be submitted to the facility commander/manager before anywrecker company is placed on the facility wrecker list. An updated request will only berequired when changes are made to policy for a towing company to remain on the list.Each tow company will be provided a copy of this policy.2. Written correspondence to a company will be required to approve or disapprove theirplacement on the facility's wrecker call list.3. Towing services may be removed from the post wrecker list for any legitimatereason by the post commander in written correspondence to the towing service.Reasons for removal include:
Violation of law.
Refusing calls.
Failing to respond after accepting a call.
Delayed response to service calls.
Failure to properly clean crash scenes of any glass or other injurious substancesas directed by Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.74.
Failure to maintain adequate impound areas.
Failure to provide annual proof of liability insurance.
Releasing vehicles without proper authorization from the patrol post.
Failure to charge reasonable or prevailing rates for towing or roadside services.
Jumping wrecker calls.
Towing a vehicle from a crash scene without contacting an officer to respond.
Making consistent unfounded complaints to the post commander or designee.
Failure to maintain Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) For-Hire Authority.
Page 1 of 4ODPS - Policy and Procedure Management (OSP-200.17)8/14/2013http://web.dps.state.oh.us/DPSPolicies/ASU_ViewPolicy.asp?Path=search&Pid=OSP-200....
Failure to comply with PUCO rules or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
Failure to require employees to wear High Visibility Apparel while outside vehiclewhen responding to a call for service for the Division.4. Motor Carrier Enforcement inspections of a towing service may be performed at anytime. These inspections shall be performed by a MCE-certified inspector. Following aninspection, serious or significant violations of PUCO rules or FMCSR regulations shall bereported to the post commander of the post area where the towing service is located.5. Each
district dispatcher supervisor 
will assure the use of the CAD wreckerrotation system to rotate wrecker calls and record associated documentation to includebut not be limited to wrecker arrival times and reasons for declining calls. SupportUpdate (SU) comments should be included in the CAD for all wrecker calls.6. Towing services on the approved call list shall be notified when material revisions tothis policy occur.B.
The following requirements shall be met before anytowing service is placed on a post's towing service call list.1. Towing companies shall be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance, whichincludes a "Garage Keepers" clause (includes care and custody) and an "On Hook"clause (liability while in tow). A copy of the towing company’s current insurance policy,with specified dates of coverage, shall be provided to the post commander or designeeannually. It is the towing company’s responsibility to provide a copy of the currentpolicy to the post commander or designee in a timely manner.2. Each towing company shall maintain a secure impound area.3. Twenty-four hour wrecker service will be a pre-requisite and twenty-four hour phonenumbers must be provided to ensure prompt response.4. Towing companies shall be able to respond in a reasonable amount of time. Eachpost commander must decide what is reasonable for that post area. Many issues mustbe taken into consideration such as distance, congestion, number of towing companies,towing company capabilities, etc. Companies outside a post area may be placed on thetowing service call list based on need and the ability to provide reasonable service.5. Towing companies shall provide a list of the type of equipment and services theyhave available. The list shall be updated as necessary.6. All workers within the right-of-way of a Federal-aid highway who are exposed eitherto traffic (vehicle using the highway for purposes of travel) or to constructionequipment within the work area shall wear high-visibility safety apparel.a. High Visibility Apparel (personal protective safety clothing) is intended toprovide conspicuity during both daytime and nighttime usage, and thatmeets the Performance Class 2 or 3 requirements of the ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 publication entitled, "American National Standard for High-VisibilitySafety Apparel and Headwear."b. Safety apparel use is intended to create greater visibility in environmentsthat divert a worker's attention from approaching traffic or put the worker
Page 2 of 4ODPS - Policy and Procedure Management (OSP-200.17)8/14/2013http://web.dps.state.oh.us/DPSPolicies/ASU_ViewPolicy.asp?Path=search&Pid=OSP-200....
in close proximity to passing vehicles. Worker means people on foot whoseduties place the worker within the right-of-way of a Federal-aid highway,such as highway construction and maintenance forces, survey crews, utilitycrews, or responders to incidents within the highway right-of-way.7. The intent of this policy is not to enforce the Federal Standard but to require towcompanies to comply with the rule. Wrecker operators and other company personnelwill be expected to wear the required clothing when called for service by the Division.Failure to do so will be cause for removal from the tow list.C.
 1. The MARCS CAD Tow Rotation should be used by all posts, except Statehouse Post97 and Turnpike Posts which are dispatched from Post 92 Berea (DHQ 10). The currentCAD Tow Rotation Contractor Information document may be requested from
CICC-Dispatch Management 
at any time. Dispatch personnel are instructed on the use of the CAD Tow Rotation during Computer Aided Dispatch training and are provided acopy of the training document. Only personnel who have attended the MARCS CADTraining may utilize CAD to document tow company calls.2. The CAD Tow Rotation is composed of 
separate rotations:
Regular Wrecker Rotation
Large Wrecker Rotation
AAA Wrecker Rotation
Owner's Request Wrecker Rotation (O)
The first three rotations require a Support Update comment of the type of wrecker requested [Ex: Large Wrecker, AAA Rollback or AAA Regular Wrecker,Regular Wrecker, Rollback, etc.], Arrival Time, Plate Number, and Plate State,to be entered using the SU function.
The Owner's Request rotation requires a Support Update comment of thename of the company requested to be entered [Ex: R&K Towing for a Regular Wrecker], Arrival Time (if available), Plate Number, and Plate State, to beentered using the SU function.
 5. Any changes to a tow company, e.g., adding new companies, changing phonenumbers, addresses, capabilities, or removal of a tow company, affecting the CAD TowRotation must be submitted by a supervisor using the supervisor's Outlook emailaccount.6. All requested changes to a tow company or the Tow Rotation must be submitted to
CICC-Dispatcher Management.
 The original agreement shall be approved by a post supervisor and retained in File 1-AGR for twoyears plus the current year.
Current Form and Supplemental References
Written Request to be Placed on Wrecker List
OHP1156Form available by accessing CRS :
Page 3 of 4ODPS - Policy and Procedure Management (OSP-200.17)8/14/2013http://web.dps.state.oh.us/DPSPolicies/ASU_ViewPolicy.asp?Path=search&Pid=OSP-200....

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