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Sirat Rasul Allah in English

Sirat Rasul Allah in English



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Published by Syed Hyder Akmal
Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasul Allah is the earliest surviving traditional biography. One of the most acclaimed source for the Lovers of Allah and His Most Beloved Prophet.
Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasul Allah is the earliest surviving traditional biography. One of the most acclaimed source for the Lovers of Allah and His Most Beloved Prophet.

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Published by: Syed Hyder Akmal on Jun 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sirat Rasoul Allah by Ibn Ishaq
 _____________________________________________________________________ 1
Sirat Rasoul Allah
 The earliest biography of Muhammad, by ibn IshaqThe earliest biography of Muhammad, by ibn IshaqThe earliest biography of Muhammad, by ibn IshaqThe earliest biography of Muhammad, by ibn Ishaq An abridged version An abridged version An abridged version An abridged versionIndexIndexIndexIndex
Introduction 1-Early Life 2-Khadija 3-Revelation4-The Helpers5- Night Journey6-Permission to wage war  7-Hijra8-Medina9-The Qibla10-Rajam 11-The Trinity
12-First Caravan 13-Badr  14-Uhud15-Banu Nadir 16-Aisha Sufwan17-The Trench18-Banu Qurayza19-Pilgrimage20-Khaybar 21-Pilgrimage of Retaliation22-Conquest of Mecca
23-Hawazin24-Byzantium 25-Tabuk  26-Last Illness
Sirat Rasoul Allah by Ibn Ishaq
 _____________________________________________________________________ 2
It is always extremely difficult to be objective about the life of the founder of a greatreligion - his personality is inevitably blurred by an aura of the miraculous. Early biographers are preoccupied, not with historical fact, but with glorifying in every waythe memory of one they believe to have been a Messenger of God or wo ha7UbkAqzzwve7UbkACzqxq
Sirat Rasoul Allah by Ibn Ishaq
 _____________________________________________________________________ 3revelation from God. The communication terrified him and he spoke of it and of anumber of others which followed only to Khadija and a few close friends. But finallyhe received a command to proclaim publicly what had been revealed to him. Most of his family had scornfully rejected his teaching and his early converts were slaves and people of the lower classes. His preaching soon drew not only mockery but activeopposition from the people of Mecca , who believed that his mission threatened their  position as guardians of the Kaba a position which brought them great wealth fromthe pilgrim traffic. The Meccans tried to discredit him, charging him with sorcery andwith stealing his ideas from Jews and Christians. From opposition to persecution was but a step. A hundred of his followers emigrated to Abyssinia, and finally Muhammadhimself decided to leave Mecca and went to Medina in AD 622. From this year theMuslim Era is dated.From a persecuted religious teacher in Mecca , Muhammad In Medina became theleader of a religious community and was acknowledged to be the messenger of God.He still, however, had doubters and enemies. The Jews, whom he had hoped wouldwelcome him, were among his bitterest opponents. His assumption of authority atMedina was also resented by some of that city's leading men. Nevertheless, by carefuldiplomacy and firmness of purpose, he began to create a brotherhood of the faith,
transcending all other ties and relationships, even those of father and son. This brotherhood united all Muslims by giving them a common purpose - the defence of the faith - and made God, and His prophet, the final source of law.This achieved, Muhammad began to look outward, not only because he wished toconvert all Arabs to his teaching, but also in an attempt to alleviate growing economicdistress in Medina . Muhammad's first step was to persuade the Medinans that theymust attack Mecca . This was, in fact, the first test of the new brotherhood, for manyof those in Medina had relatives in Mecca and to the Arabs the ties of blood weresacred. Muhammad, however, insisted that war was a sacred duty, demanded byAllah, and he was finally able to persuade his followers that this
was so. Muhammadfirst sent parties to attack the caravans of Mecca on their journeys to or from Syria .One attack was carried
out during the sacred month of Rajab (January 624), when
war was banned throughout Arabia . In the Koran, Muhammad justified this break withtradition by claiming that
there could be no scruples in the fight to overcome idolatry.From this time onwards events moved rapidly. Two months later 
a battle took place atBadr between three hundred Muslims and nearly a thousand Meccans. The former were triumphant, taking many prisoners. Soon after, Muhammad began a series of campaigns to expel the Jews from around Medina . These campaigns were interruptedfirstly by an attack by the Meccans, in which the Muslims were defeated at Uhud, andthen by an unsuccessful Meccan attempt to besiege Medina . After the Meccans hadretired, Muhammad dealt with the last Jewish tribe near Medina which had supportedthe Meccans. The men were killed and the women and children enslaved.Muhammad now began to subdue the tribes surrounding Mecca , and the result was aten-year truce permitting the Muslims to return to Mecca for the yearly pilgrimage tothe Kaba. After this, adherents flowed in and, though the prophet only lived four moreyears, in that time the future of the countries of the Near East was to be determinedfor hundreds of years to come. The attacks on Jewish tribes continued and much of the wealth of the country, which had previously been monopolized by Jewish traders

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