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Unconventional Science

Unconventional Science

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Unconventional Science asd
Unconventional Science asd

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Published by: Анна Александрова on Aug 16, 2013
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Unconventional Science
RL Jones
©Dstl 200120 April 2005Dstl is part of theMinistry of Defence
Horizon Scanning
For MOD to maintain its technical excellence and retainits position of superiority a keen awareness of newtechnologies is essential.
90% of the technology developments are outside theMod funded arena.
Developments of current technologies are emergingconstantly, and these form a significant part of thedefence superiority retention.
However, in order to identify disruptive technologies it isprudent to “look outside the box”, and it is only here thatthe high-risk high-gain developments will be found.
©Dstl 200120 April 2005Dstl is part of theMinistry of Defence
Some Examples of UnconventionalScience
Cold Fusion (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions)
Water Memory
Casmir Force
Hydrogen Storage in Carbon Nanofibres
Podkletnov’sGravity Shielding
 Asymmetric Capacitors

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