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Broadcast Glossary

Broadcast Glossary

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Published by bear7
Broadcast Glossary
Broadcast Glossary

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Published by: bear7 on Aug 16, 2013
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The Medialink Broadcasting Glossary was prepared by and used with permission from RichardWeiner from his book,
"Webster's New World Dictionary of Media and Communications"
-- a678-page book with 35,000 definitions of slang and technical terms from advertising, film, journalism, printing, public relations, radio, telecommunications, television, theater and other fields.To receive an autographed copy for only $31 (including shipping), call 212-601-8005 or E-mailrweiner522@aol.comand mention Medialink for a 10-percent discount.This glossary is being updated on an ongoing basis. Please forward all additions, comments orfeedback towebmaster@medialink.com.
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A and B roll editing:
The production of a master tape by assembling segments from two tapes, A and B rolls, on the same input machine.
A and B rolls:
Two separated reels of video on which scenes are alternately placed to performspecial effects.
across mike:
Referring to the technique of speaking sideways to a microphone, rather than directlyinto it, to reduce hissing, popping, and explosive sounds.
A program or commercial scheduled at the same time each day, generallyMonday through Friday; also called .
A live or taped news report broadcast from the scene, containing the voice(s) of thenewsmaker(s), as well as of the reporter.
ad hoc network:
A group of stations that is formed for a special purpose, such as the showing of aone-time TV program or series. Ad hoc is Latin for "for this."
BROADCAST GLOSSARYhttp://www.qsl.net/n2jac/jota2k/BROADCAST GLOSSARY.htm1 of 768/16/2013 6:01 PM
Area of Dominant Influence.
A commercial or program preceding or following another on a radio or TV station ornetwork, or the time period itself.
A notarized record of commercial and public service announcements aired by a station,listing broadcast date and time, provided to advertisers; also called an affidavit of performance.
A station that contractually agrees to carry programs of the network with which it isaffiliated. The station may be owned by the network but generally is independently owned.
The medium for radio and TV broadcasting. A station or program, when broadcast, isor .
air check:
An audio or video transcription or recording, made from an actual broadcast, of a radioor TV commercial or program. Technically, a typed transcript is not an air check, although itsometimes is called that.
air date:
The time of a broadcast.
air master:
A print of a film or a tape from broadcast use; also called an .
air ready:
Describing a commercial, program, or other material completed and available forbroadcast use.
air show:
A TV program as actually broadcast; if taped, the final edited version.
Suitable for use on a radio or TV station (uncommon slang).
The broadcast of a record or tape. One measurement of a hit recording is the number of airplays it receives.
air time:
The scheduled day or period of a broadcast, described by the beginning time;the length of an actual broadcast of a program or segment, such as an interview.
Filming or taping of one moving aircraft from another.
The medium through which broadcasting signals are transmitted; their pathwaysthrough the air.
Slang for a metal spring-clamp with serrated jaws used to attach lights and other items;
BROADCAST GLOSSARYhttp://www.qsl.net/n2jac/jota2k/BROADCAST GLOSSARY.htm2 of 768/16/2013 6:01 PM
also called a or . It is used by gaffers (electricians) and called a . Thespring-loaded clamp has serrations along the edges and resembles the jaws of an alligator.
AM station:
A station that broadcasts with an amplitude-modulated signal. An AM signal is a long,direct radio wave that travels the earth's surface, whereas a frequency-modulated (FM) signal is astraight broadcast signal that travels only as far as the horizon.
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA):
An AFL-CIO union of broadcastingworkers. Headquartered in New York, near the offices of the major networks, it is the primaryorganization of broadcast talent, with 30 locals. Performers who appear in TV and radiocommercials are required to be members of this union and/or other unions. However,spokespersons and others who are retained by public relations practitioners for talk shows andother radio and TV programs are not required to be union members, since they are generally notpaid for their services. The acronym, AFTRA, is pronounced af-tra.
American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT):
An association in Washington, DC, of womenwho work in all areas of broadcasting.
amplitude modulation (AM):
The encoding of a carrier wave (such as the sound waves or audiosignals of a radio station) by variation of its amplitude, or power (not its frequency).
A method of data storage and transmission by continuous or wavelike signals of pulses of varying (greater or lesser) intensity; in contrast to digital transmission (on or off).
The key narrator of a newscast or other program; also called anchorman or anchorwoman.Two or more individuals sharing these functions are co-anchors. A local anchor works at a localstation; a network anchor, at a network. Specialized newscasters include sports anchor, weatheranchor, and weekend anchor. A field anchor reports from a studio outside the studio headquarters.
A "rough" of a TV commercial, resembling an animated cartoon, produced on film orvideotape from drawings that show the stages in the storyboard.
The process of creating static figures that appear to move and seem alive, such ascut-outs or puppets filmed a frame at a time, each slightly different in a sequence.
An artist who produces animation drawings, or the person in charge of an animationproduction.
BROADCAST GLOSSARYhttp://www.qsl.net/n2jac/jota2k/BROADCAST GLOSSARY.htm3 of 768/16/2013 6:01 PM

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