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Theological Notes

Theological Notes

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Jun 03, 2009
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Theological Notes
I have tons of information that I haven’t even revealed to the Internet yet. I wrote them down innotebooks in the privacy of my own home many years ago and recently. Some of these workswere created by in 2002 and 2003. This is some of my religious works that are secret to you andnow are revealed to the public for the first time. I have even more works that are non-religious andreligious that I have yet to show. Hopefully, they will be shown in months and years ahead in mylife. I could of thrown away all of these notes. Yet, I know by the Providence of God, he wouldn’tallow me to do so. This is interesting subject matter.The Early Church was a complete Church even before 100 A.D.
1). The first church had preachers in Mark 3:14.2). The first church had a commission in Mark 3:15 and Luke 10:13). The first church had offices as found in John 13:29.4). The first churches had the 2 ordinances of baptism and communion (which are purely
symbolic things being done to people who are already saved). John 4:1 and Matthew 26:6describes baptism and communion in great detail.5). The first church had the Holy Spirit as found in John 20:21.6). The first church had omissions in John 4:34, Matthew 8:13, and Mark 7:26. Through thescriptures didn’t until the 45-96 A.D. period. Before that the church used the OT
.*In Acts 2:1-3, the Holy Spirit came upon the aposltes and other people. That occurred beforePaul’s conversion to Jesus Christ leading Paul to preach unto the Gentiles. The principle events ofthe NT (birth of Jesus Christ, church formation, the ordiances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper,salvation by Christ, Pentecost, Holy Spirit being received, resurrection of Jesus Christ, etc.)already existed before Paul being called to preach and become an apostle.*Also, Christians are first mentioned as a word in Acts 11:26 in Antioch. Paul was in Antioch, butthere is no proof he created the name nor did he incorporated his views into the Orthodox views ofthe church. Paul was an ex-Pharisee who followed the Torah. That is why tons of Paul’s greatwritings are mirror images of parts of the OT. The Old Testament is the New Testamentconcealed. The New Testament is the Old Testament fully revealed. Paul is very important andrighteous, but the Christian Church was function before Paul was saved. The church alreadyexisted by 30 A.D. In 33 A.D., it spread even more in the world. The Greek word for church is“ekklesia.”
Mormonism’s false Prophecies
It doesn’t take a genius to see that Joseph Smith and others in the Mormonism created falseprophecies. In the Bible, signs of a false prophet are easy.
They include: if someone leadspeople astray by signs and wonders (Deut. 13:1-4), their prophecies don’t come to pass (asfound in Deut. 18:20-22), They contradict God’s word (Isaiah 8:20), they bear bad fruit(Matthew 7:18-20), the world or men speak well of them (Luke 6:26), and they deny thatJesus Christ is the one and only Christ (he came into the flesh to save people once and forall as found in 1 John 4:31
. The false prophets deny Jesus Christ’s sufficiency in all manners oflife and godliness as found in 2 Peter 1:3). So, enjoy this list and peacefully wake up a Mormon:
1). In the course of 18 years, Joseph Smith made about 64 specific prophecies. Only 6 of themwere fulfilled (that’s fewer than 10%). Many of his proclamations dealt with the future of hischurch.2). In September 1832, he state that the city of Independence would become “New Jerusalem”even the place the Temple shall be reared in this generation. 6 years later, the Mormons weredriven out of Independence and no Temple was built there. Eventually, they were moved fromMissouri to Utah. This was an example of a false prophecy.
3). In 1833, Smith prophesized that the U.S.A. would suffered unparalleled multipledisasters (like pestilence, hail, famine and earthquakes) sweeping non-Mormons off theirland. This will allow Mormons to have a haven in Mussouri. This didn’t occur at all.
4). Smith said that in 1835 that Christ would return within 56 years and many would be living whenChrist comes. Nothing of the sort happened.5). Brigham Young, who is Joseph Smith’s successor, predicted that the Civil War would not freethe slaves, but the states were freed of slaves. This makes Brigham Young as another falseprophet.
Jesus Christ called God in the Holy Scriptures

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