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Margolin Guide From Bruce M. Margolin

Margolin Guide From Bruce M. Margolin

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Published by Vince Lin
Attorney Bruce M. Margolins famous Margolin Guide on Marijuana Law. Full download here:
Attorney Bruce M. Margolins famous Margolin Guide on Marijuana Law. Full download here:

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Published by: Vince Lin on Aug 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bruce Margolin isSynonymous With Fighting Weed Busts in California.....The Dean of Weed Defense Attorneys.He has Defended 25,000 Pot Cases and Timothy Leary.
-La Weekly “Prop 19: Dreams of Legal Weed” October, 2010/Vol. 32/No.48
“Finally someone has made the Marijuana Lawseasy to understand.”“What you don’t know can hurt you. Read this Book.”
-Jack Herer, Hemp Advocate and Author,The Emperor Wears No ClothesR.I.P 1939-2010
In our mission to provide quality training, OaksterdamUniversity utilizes The Margolin Guide as a key componentto our curriculum. The Margolin Law Guide offers smartpractices to stay compliant with California Law. Theentire community will understand their constitutionalrights and learn to have successful encounters withlaw enforcement by following this guide.
-Dale Sky Clare, Executive Chancellor, Oaksterdam University.
The Law Office Of
Bruce M. Margolin
State And Federal Criminal Defense
Est. 19678749 Holloway DriveAt The Sunset StripWest Hollywood, CA. 90069
WWW.1800420LAWS.COMWatch for Opening of our new office in Nothern CA,
Mr. Margolin is available to represent clients throughoutCalifornia and in all 50 states (pro hoc vice)
2013 Edition “Copyright Dec 2012” All rights reserved.
Dear Reader,I am o
ering my guide in the hopes that the information provided will help everyonestay out of trouble because,
“No one belongs in jail for marijuana”
Knowledgeof the laws and your rights can be the key to your freedom. I trust you will
nd myguide easy to read and will make the laws and your rights simple to understand.For over 40 years as a criminal defense attorney, I have successfully defended thou-sands of clients faced with marijuana related charges and many others accused of allvarieties of criminal o
enses (please see the partial List of Recent Successes startingon page 34).I have seen that many of those who have been arrested and prosecuted were not only the victims of theunjust marijuana laws, but also due to their lack of knowledge of their constitutional rights and how to invokethem. To help ensure the protection of your constitutional rights including: not to Consent to Search, and theMiranda rights, etc. Please see the Invocation of Rights (wallet sized card) inserted here at the centerfold.Please note that even though one may choose to invoke their rights it is best to be respectful to law enforce-ment.Unfortunately, convictions of marijuana o
enses still can have serious consequences, including jail, prison,probation, loss of professional and driver’s licenses, student aid and even deportation. My Guide includesboth medical and non-medical California marijuana laws including many of the recent, and highly import-ant landmark appellate court rulings (pages 18-20). California non-medical marijuana laws are very similar tothose throughout the U.S., however there are signi
cantly di
erent punishments in other States as well as inthe Federal Courts. California’s medical marijuana laws are unique in that they provide more rights and pro-tections to quali
ed patients, caregiver, collectives and patient cooperatives.(See the “Federal Sentencing Guidelines”, “Laws in all 50 States”, and “Medical Marijuana” sections of this Guide). This booklet is a guide, not legal advice. I have simpli
ed the laws to make them easier to understand. Not allthe marijuana laws are included in this guide, but I have compiled those that are most relevant to typical casesbrought for prosecution. Ultimately, only the actual statutes and the case rulings should be relied upon andtherefore, I have included statutes and case law citations. I have done my best to be accurate, however, pleasenote that errors can occur, including in the editing or printing process. Finally, be aware that laws changefrequently due to appellate court decisions and new legislation.Visit my website for future updated versions of my guide.I am available for phone and o
ce consultation if you, or someone you care about needs help.Call 1 800 420 laws (5297) or 310 276 2231.Sincerely,Bruce Margolin, Esq.You may download a free PDF version of my guide at
Just click on the Margolin Guide icon on the home page.
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