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Love's Pursuit

Love's Pursuit



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An excerpt from Love's Pursuit by Siri Mitchell, published by Bethany House Publishers

In a rigid community where appearance is everything, Susannah Phillips stands out both for her character and beauty--things that have attracted two very different men. Yet as the depth, passion, and sacrifice of real love is revealed to her, Susannah begins to question the rules and regulations of her childhood faith. In a community where grace is unknown, what price will she pay for embracing love?
An excerpt from Love's Pursuit by Siri Mitchell, published by Bethany House Publishers

In a rigid community where appearance is everything, Susannah Phillips stands out both for her character and beauty--things that have attracted two very different men. Yet as the depth, passion, and sacrifice of real love is revealed to her, Susannah begins to question the rules and regulations of her childhood faith. In a community where grace is unknown, what price will she pay for embracing love?

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Categories:Books, Romance, Christian
Publish date: Jun 1, 2009
Added to Scribd: Jun 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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o bing good, Susannah? Do you nvr
think any rbllious thoughts?”
I turned my eyes from my sister and back to my work in the
blubrry cans. Ay. I do.
Mary gasped, though I detected laughter in the sound. “ ’Tis
not possibl.”“ ’Tis not only possibl. ’Tis probabl. Lik this on I think right now, about you.” I thrw a blubrry in hr dirction.Sh dodgd it. “I shall rport this harassmnt to th slctmn.At onc!”
I lookd up at hr ton, or Mary was unprdictabl and sh might hav don it just or spit. But hr ys wr dancing dspit hr labors
and th unsasonabl hat. Warmth ros in my chks as wll. But it was not th sun that scorchd my fsh. It was my own conscinc.My sistr’s qustion had ound a mark too clos to th condi-
tion o my soul. To thos in Stonybrook Town, Susannah Phillips
was indd a air and obdint girl. But I knw mysl to b vastlydirnt than th prson thy imagind m to b.
Ay, I did tir o bing good. And I did think rbllious thoughts.
Otn. espcially on days lik this on. I wantd nothing mor than
Siri Mitchell
to abandon my task and plung into th narby brook. I longd orth luxury o on hour, on minut, that ndd nothing don.And mor than anything, I wishd John Prscott would nallyask or my hand in marriag.I was truly wrtchd. And I knw it. But th problm lay in mypast. I had bn such a mk, dutiul, obdint child that popl had
grown to xpct nothing lss rom m. Th wight o my unblmishdpast bor down upon my conscinc unmrciully. What i today wrth day whn my scrt thoughts bcam known? What i today wr
th day whn th town ound out how wickd I truly was?
 Would that I wr lik Mary, who had bn a hllion and constant thorn in my parnts’ fsh. Anything might b xpctd rom hr. And
th last bit o goodnss was caus or prais. I, howvr, was rlycitd as an xampl o th godly woman vry young girl wishd tob. excpt that somtims, I did not want to b that woman at all.I only I could tll on prson what darknss lurkd insid . . .thn at last I might b abl to contain it. And who but Mary wouldbttr undrstand?Grandathr.My grandathr would hav undrstood. I could tll him any-
thing . . . could have told him anything. For a minister he was
uncommonly undrstanding. But w had lt him bhind whn wmovd rom Boston.A droplt o swat slid bnath th collar o my shit, and thncontinud btwn my brasts on its journy to dampn th waist-
band of my skirt. I might have removed my hat, leaving only the
linn coi covring my hairs to shltr m rom th sun, but it would
not hav bn modst. Yt prhaps I could admit to just on thing.“I would giv anything to rmov my hat or a momnt.”Mary pausd in hr picking to look at m. Anything? evn tak-ing on th wk’s ironing? Twic in succssion?”I shruggd. I should nvr hav admittd such a thing.Quitly, sotly, sh bgan to hum a hymn.
My ys litd rom th brry cans as I lookd at my companions

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lichencraig reviewed this
Siri Mitchell does what few romance writers do well: that is, write a book that is not cliche, sappy, or formulaic. She also gives enough historical detail to draw the reader into the time period - without making the reader feel bogged down in history and stopping the flow of the plot. "Love's Pursuit" is one that is hard to put down. It's characters are believable and it's plot flows right to the end.
tbbycatt_1 reviewed this
When I started this book, I thought it was going to be a typical historical fiction romance. This book is anything but typical. There is a depth and beauty to the story that really is far beyond the norm. The writing is beautiful, and I really look forward to reading more by Siri Mitchell.I have to admit that at first I was really drawn to the cover. I am a total sucker for a good cover, and in my opinion this book has a great one! Once I started reading, I was really drawn into the story. The story is very complex and not at all a light fluffy romance. The characters are well rounded, and both the characters and the story take the reader to unexpected places. There was an incredible amount of information just about the daily lives of these early Americans.I'd highly recommend this book. While it's labeled as Christian Fiction, any lover of historical romance will enjoy the book. As I stated before, this isn't a light, fluffy romance. This story will pull you in and keep you reading. I finished the book in one day - I couldn't put it down. Definitely a book worth reading and recommending.
cherryblossommj_1 reviewed this
This is an uncomfortable read. It is fabulous story telling, and the themes are ones that need to be told. But it is not warm and fuzzy, and nor does it need to be to be told well. Siri Mitchell is an incredible author and her writing is good. She delves into the harder sides of characters lives and deals with stories that need to be told in a manner where many would just walk away from the pain and hardships. However this book is not all prickles and stings, there are the shimmers of light one needs to grab onto to keep on going. One must grab them though and not let them pass on by. In my opinion, this is one of those stories where after reading it, you do not just get up and go back into a loud world, but you sit and contemplate and let what has been experienced soak in. Love's Pursuit is a perfect title for this book. Through out you assume things to be one way, yet reading the back cover blurb another, and then as plot thickens and other things change you assume another. Yet to me, in reality, the title is meant in a different frame of view entirely. The first half of this book was a bit for me to trudge through, but I am so glad that I did and I do recommend the book. I recommend when you get to parts that you might want to put it down, that you keep on going, because the gift that you are given by accomplishing this read are well worth your effort.
annekiwi reviewed this
I loved this book. It was an interesting insight into the life and customs in the early years of our country, especially the Puritans and more interestingly into the Puritan women. I enjoyed the love story but was so happy that it was more than that. I highly reccomend this book to any who enjoy historical romance or historical fiction.
curls_99 reviewed this
While I am still unsure about how I felt about the actual love story in Love's Pursuit, I will say that I really enjoyed reading a novel set in a time and place that I am not familiar with. I found the traditions of the Puritan community to be fascinating. I agree with other reviewers that the book was a little confusing in the beginning, but I was OK with that - it was Mitchell's way of making us think and keeping us engaged. I would (and have) recommend this book to others.
love2readnovels_1 reviewed this
Susannah Phillips lives in a Puritan community. She loves her family and friends. She's hoping soon to settle down and start a family of her own with John (but he has yet to ask). Then Daniel (the Captain) comes to help protect them against the savages and throws Susannah Phillips' world into a tailspin. She is drawn to him because he makes her laugh and feel things she's never felt before but according the the 'puritan' way of thinking he is a heathen. Then there is Simeon. He is not what he seems and more. His sights are set on Susannah. Who will win her hand? Or is her future chosen for her? Will she discover what real love is? How does a woman Small-hope help her?This was a good story but in the beginning was a bit confusing to read because both Susannah and Small-hope were written in first person. I have to say that I feel in the love with Daniel. He's the one that made me keep reading. The ending was good but very bitter-sweet for me. All-in-all in was a good read and worth the time.
quadmama reviewed this
Love's PursuitThis was a story of many twists about the struggle for a girl growing up the puritan way. She, Susannah, faces many internal battles with herself regarding her thoughts and struggle over being found out to not be as pure of thought as she feels she should be. A battle over her marriage ensues involving 3 men, however it is not as romantic as that might sound. Another character, SmallHope, alternates with the voice of Susannah in narrating the story. At times the switch from one characters view point to the others wasn't overly clear.A good story. There is a definite happy ending in a spiritual sense but not necessairily the best for the characters here and now.
scarpettajunkie reviewed this
Love’s Pursuit by Siri Mitchell is a fun-loving, involving, heart rendering, and tragic book that gently pulls you in and before you know it you are in the maelstrom. It is a book about the Puritans, not the Amish, which might be assumed from only looking at the front cover. But the belief system is similar as far as I can tell, and it did not detract whatsoever from my thorough enjoyment of this book. Love’s Pursuit is written in the voice of the heroine, Susannah Phillips, and Small-hope Smyth, a woman with a troubled past who seems to always be in the shadows of the action. Susannah tries hard to be a good Puritan, but she constantly has rebellious thoughts. She finds herself in conflict when a soldier arrives to help train the townspeople to guard against Indian attack. He is fun loving and has a freer form of belief that she is secretly yearning towards. Despite her best efforts to be married to John Prescotte, she finds herself single and drawn to Captain Daniel Holcombe, a member of the King’s army. Small-Hope is seen as a withdrawn woman in a troubled marriage. She gives a bird’s eye perspective on all the action taking place. One is intrigued by her silence and skulking in the shadows. Even though she abhors the limelight, she is never far away. She is one of the key characters to watch in this story. A third main character of note in my opinion is Simon Wright. He has blond hair. He has blue eyes. He is pleasant and the girls flock to him. He has his cap set on Susannah as he finds her the best maiden in the town. He is a leading townsperson, but there is something about him that causes Susannah to not give him a moment’s notice and to be troubled when he makes her aware of his intentions. Love’s Pursuit kept me turning pages. It almost seems as if there could be a sequel to this eye gripping want to punch the bad guy story. It is a look into the daily life of a Puritan. It is a love story. It has suspense, hope and reassurance. I couldn’t ask more from this story. I highly recommend it. It gets my big thumbs up. It was memorable for its ending and gets extra points for that.
chicgeekgirl21 reviewed this
Love's Pursuit is a Christian romance that takes place in a small Puritan community in 17th century Massachusetts. The heroine, Susannah Phillips, is the perfect Puritan woman--faithful, obedient, and kind. However, she constantly torments herself with thoughts that she is "not good enough"--either for God or for the zealous, rule-bound society she lives in. When Susannah meets Daniel Holcombe, an English (and therefore very much NOT Puritan) captain sent to protect the community of Stoneybrooke from "savages", she has to make the choice between following the rules...and following her heart.Ok, ok...it sounds totally cheesy when put that way, but Love's Pursuit is actually a very moving book. Even though it is a work of Christian fiction, it never comes off as preachy--probably because it is set in 1640 in a Puritan community, so discussions about God and the Bible seem very natural and not forced. One major religious theme that runs throughout the book is that of salvation through grace vs. salvation through works--Susannah initially thinks that by following the rules, she can prove to herself and others that she's a good Christian. Over time, she comes to see that no one, no matter how "good" they may seem on the outside, can be saved without accepting God's grace. Again, her transformation is very moving. The book also has an unexpected ending, which gives it an authenticity that I sometimes fail to see in other works of Christian fiction. I'll say it again: Love's Pursuit is a cut above the rest. It's an emotional, compelling story that I had trouble putting down.
brainella reviewed this
I love historical fiction, but have never really strayed into the Christian lit area. The book is set in Massachusetts during the 1640's -- the Puritan community of Stoneybrooke. Susannah Phillips is a devout Puritan trying desperately to live a humble and good life according to how she has been raised and what she believes. Her life is turned upside down when an older man who wants to possess her vies for her hand in marriage over a young man who has been courting her.Susannah's voice is clear but scared, and is joined by another character -- Small-hope. Small-hope Smyth is a woman who was rescued from an abusive father only to join a community that shuns her because she is different. Small-hope wants to help save Susannah from her pending doom with an abusive man while trying to be a good wife to the man who saved her. Susannah finally realizes her heart is different than she thought and falls in love with a "heathen" and a "king's man".This is a story of accepting who you are, what you believe and how the grace of God works. The changes in first person voice are a bit annoying because you have to decipher who is speaking – either Susannah or Small-hope. The story is heavily Christian and scripture heavy, however it reflects the spiritual journey the characters are traveling and helps show the beliefs system Puritans lived through.

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