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Published by John C Stark

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Published by: John C Stark on Jun 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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First Federated ChurchSunday, March 16, 2008
4801 Franklin avenue Des Moines, iowa 50310 515.255.2122
see page two
 or important inormationabout today’s service andhow to get the most out o your visit with us.
Volm 9 Nmb 43
M h Cc  Chgg
By Joe Lightoot, Pastor o Adult Ministries
It seems as though most o you success-ully changed your clocks or daylight sav-ings time and made it to church on time lastSunday. In the Fellowship Class, we had abrie discussion on the eorts it took to getour clocks changed. One couple noted thatthey have three clocks in their kitchen alone. Ihave to coness, I’m still attempting to get mycar stereo clock up to speed.Clearly, making the change took somesignicant eorts. This is also true or thechanges that will come with implementing twoadditional worship services.As PastorMike mentionedon March 2 andin a ollow-upletter, we willimplement atraditional serviceon April 6, anda contemporaryservice scheduledto begin onJune 1. The traditional service will run 8-9
.Our Children’s Ministry Sunday school classes,youth group, and Adult Bible Fellowships willmove to a 9:15-10:30
time rame. Our currentblended service will change to a 10:45
starttime.With these exciting changes come some won-derul opportunities or your involvement. Forexample, the addition o the traditional serviceon April 6 will immediately double the op-portunities or you to be involved in supportingour Sunday ministries. Areas such as greeting,ushering, children’s ministries, and a host o building and grounds roles will be available.We encourage you to note on the Care &Communication card which service you areplanning to attend. Further, we challenge you tomake a commitment to serve in one o the ourareas listed below, and mark that on the cardalso. This is indeed an exciting time or FirstFederated Church! We encourage you to makethe most o it by investing your gits and talentsto help make this change successul.
A passionate part o our connection to Godcomes through our worship experiences. Addyour vocal and musical skills, drama and artis-tic abilities, and creative media talents to helpothers connect to God. Put your artistic talentbehind improving our impact in communicatingto those infuenced by our ministry.
Cmp spp
We have over 240,000 square eet o acili-ties, not to mention our grounds and parkinglots. Many hands make light work, and you canuse your skills and elbow grease to keep ouroperation running smoothly.
Chd & Yh
We place a high value and signicant minis-try resources in partnering with parents raisingchildren and youth in a godly manner. Fromour tiniest babies to our graduating high schoolseniors, we oer a variety o tremendouslyrewarding ways or you to invest in the uture.
G sc
Help make all o our guests eel importantwhen they join us. By providing directions,inormation about us and our activities, or help-ing them meet others, you can help our guestseel at home.You can indicate your desire to help FFCreach more people on the Care & Communica-tion Card or by calling Julie at 255.2122, x116.
N Rgar Wnsay Ng Avs
Mch 19 (spg B)
sdy Mg
Sarng Apr 6
  Tadtonal Svc9:15–10:30
 Gops o All Ags10:45–12:00
 Blndd Svc
First Federated ChurchSunday, March 16, 2008
Welcome to FiRSt FedeRAted chuRch!
H Q?
I you have any questions, simply ask someone wearing aname tag with “Here to Help” on it or visit the Welcome Centerin the auditorium Foyer.
G rcp
I you are visiting with us or the rst time or have justrecently started attending First Federated Church, we cordiallyinvite you to a reception in the Foyer immediately ollowing theservice. We would love to have the opportunity to meet you, getto know you better, and answer any questions you may have.
F o h C & Cmmc Cd
I you have never completed a Care and Communication Card,please take a moment to do so. This allows us, as a church amily,to better know your needs and how we can serve you. The Careand Communication Card is located inside this newspaper. Just llout the card completely and leave at the end o your pew, give to anusher, or hand it in at the Visitors’ Table located in the oyer.Thank you or taking the time to visit First Federated Church.I you are not presently a member o a Bible teaching church, weinvite you to join our church amily.
i Y H Chd v h Chd’My rg s
Trust your children to the care o our dedicated, lovingChildren’s Ministry sta. Our children’s programs provide qual-ity care and learning or kids o all ages.I your child has not already been enrolled in our Children’sMinistry, a quick visit to the Children’s Ministry RegistrationStation will provide you with temporary security tags and give usthe inormation we need to eectively minister to your child.
i & Pch Chd
Childcare and teaching are available during the 9:00 hour and 10:30 worship servicein the Nursery and Preschool Departments.
kdg–4h Gd
During the 9:00 hour,
K–4th graders
meet in graded classroom groups or Biblelearning and un.
K–2nd graders
attend the rst part o the 10:30 worship service with their amiliesand then are dismissed through the large black doors at the ront o the auditoriumto attend their own age-appropriate children’s church, called KZ Church. Parents, weencourage you to go with your children the rst time they visit KZ Church.
3rd & 4th graders
attend the worship service to listen and learn with their amilies.
Xm aM (5h & 6h Gd)
Our preteens meet in their own Xtreme spot, Room 205, at 9:00 or a time o Xtremelearning, Xtreme prayer and Xtreme relationship-building, then join their amilies orthe 10:30 worship service.
Yh (Gd 7–12) & ad
Grps fr AdultS
and activities or
begin at 9:00
. Stop bythe Welcome Center to nd out about each o the groups and how to get there.
th y  chg  hp h  h mg!
La La 
First Federated ChurchSunday, March 16, 2008
VoluNteeR oppoRtuNitieS
t’ i Bc  h s  2008
We had such a great time last summer “Takin’ It to theStreets” we thought we would start early with some local minis-try work projects.
sdy, Mch 29 | 10
We will be working at AGAPE Pregnancy Center, 2550Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy. Dependent on the weather, we willbe helping to reorganize the Bargain Basement area and possiblydoing yard work. Bring along a sack lunch.
sdy, ap 5 | 8
Travel down to Camp Appanoose in beautiul Plano, IA tohelp them get ready or the upcoming camp season. There willbe tree trimming, yard work, collection o rewood, and generalclean up. Lunch will be provided or those who sign up. TheHomebuilders class will be heading this up, so i you have ques-tions call Keith Christiansen at 957.8054.
See what God can accomplish through you by just volun-teering some o your time. Contact John Porter, 255.2122, orJPorter@FirstFederated.org.
a B Pc
By Joe Lightoot, Pastor o Adult Ministries
You would have to live in a hole to not be aware o the recentcrisis in the mortgage industry. That is kind o the point, isn’t it?While trying to secure a better place, many have actually dug bigholes or themselves by becoming overextended nancially.As a believer, it is hard to hold securely to my aith while thesystem o the world works so hard to shit my ocus. This is theocus o our current sermon series,
 Living Here in Light of There
.God has placed you here in the world, but does not intend or thisworld to be your home. The Bible tells us that our ultimate homeis in heaven:All these aithul ones died without receiving what Godhad promised them, but they saw it all rom a distance andwelcomed the promises o God. They agreed that they wereno more than oreigners and nomads here on earth. Andobviously people who talk like that are looking or a betterplace, a heavenly homeland. That is why God is not ashamedto be called their God, or he has prepared a heavenly cityor them. (Hebrews 11.13-16 NLT)This series will help urther equip us to live
 Biblically Mea-sured 
lives. As Pastor Mike mentioned, this means “letting Godguide your lie through His Word and the Spirit’s use o the Wordin your everyday choices.” It is truly living here in the world inlight o there, your home in heaven.Further, this series is a great next step or you ollowing Dr.Bill Brown’s challenge last Sunday. This series can impact yourneighbors, co-workers, riends, and amily members who need tounderstand that there is more to lie than the here and now…thatthere truly is a better place.

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