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The Grand Adventure and Other Sermon

The Grand Adventure and Other Sermon

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Published by glennpease

Copyright, 1916, by

Copyright, 1916, by

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE GRAD ADVETURE AD OTHER SERMOBy ROBERT LAW, D.D.Copyright, 1916, byGEORGE H. DORA COMPAYPREFACEOf the sermons contained in this volume, those whichhave been preached during the period of the Warendeavour to treat of some of its aspects and lessons;but it is not specifically a volume of War-sermons.All of them are published practically as they werepreached, no attempt having been made to modify thestyle, which, as I am aware, is better adapted to thepulpit than to the printed page. For the publicationthere is the usual excuse, that it has been urged uponme by many to whose wishes it is a satisfaction, if not exactly a duty, to defer; to which, I acknowledge,must be added the special pleasure afforded by thededication.Robert Law.COTETSPAGEI. God's Wrestling 13II. The Law of on-Resistance 25III. The Law of Stewardship 39
IV. Politics According to Christ. 52V. Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? 66VI. It Is Finished 76VII. Into Thy Hands 87VIII. Strength and Beauty 99IX. The Pattern of the Web 112X. The Court of Appeal 125XI. Providence in the Fall of a Sparrow.. 137XII. A Tragedy of Blunder 149XIII. The Wonder- Working God 161XIV. The Fall of Jericho 173XV. Cain and Christ 185XVI. The Blood of Abel and the Blood of Christ 196XVII. The Grand Adventure 208IXTHE GRAD ADVETURE
THE GRAD ADVETUREGod's WrestlingAnd Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man withhim until the breaking of the day. — Gen. 34: 24.Jacob's life is the story of a sin, a retribution and arepentance. It begins with his heartless betrayal of his brother and infamous deception of his blind oldfather, a sin which we see steadily tracking him downthrough long years of trouble and sorrow. Twentyyears have passed since he did the evil, and one mighthave imagined that its full harvest of consequenceswould have been reaped long ere now. On the con-trary, the crop was lustily growing, and was still farfrom ripe. At first the antagonist standing in Jacob'sway was only Esau vowing vengeance; now it is Esauat the head of four hundred men. But first of alland last of all it was God. Jacob did not recognisethis. He thought still that it was only Esau and hisfour hundred he had to reckon with; and, after thefirst moments of alarm and depression, he felt littledoubt of his ability to circumvent that obstacle. He. 1314 THE GRAD ADVETUREcould count upon his brother's impulsive temperament.Prepare the way by sending some handsome gifts inadvance ; follow these up with eloquent apology, humblesubmission, and touching appeal, and all would be well.In this mood, feeling as self-complacently as ever

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