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A Path of a Different Kind

A Path of a Different Kind

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Published by Ron Brown

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Published by: Ron Brown on Jun 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Path of a Different KindBY: Ronald F. Brown10/6/2007Sun rays find the peach skin of Mary with a massage of heat as she lay on the beach of contentment.Her darkened sunglasses keeping harm from her eyes. As breaths of the welcoming air fill her lungs abaited release of air accompanying the tracks of tears streaming down her cheeks. Flashes appear inher mind of last night and the path which lead her to be upon this beach alone. Tender kisses uponher neck from Roberto, the pressing of her arms against the wall of the hotel room. Desire, lust andpurpose whirling through her mind as he found his way to the nape of her neck with tender kisses andnibbles that only he could deliver.Mary’s sigh released upon the warm beach as her mind continues to flash back to last night. Roberto’stouch upon the small of her back as he led her to the bed caused quivering to her frame. Feeling theheat of his chest as he lay upon her enveloping her every sense with pleasure she had waited a lifetime to experience.The sound of a seagull brings her back to the beach and with a swipe of her hand the tears werewiped away. She rose to her feet quickly taking the towel in her arm, she moved slowly away from thesound of the crashing surf. A flash again in her mind brought her to the shower after pleasure’srelease last night. Roberto washing her back tenderly as kisses of a life time continued to beexchanged. She stops and drops the towel, drops to her knees and whimpers “oh Roberto” releasing aflow of emotions that the wait of her frame could not contain.Flashes of Roberto drying off his very manly frame came to mind. She watched on as he slipped intohis very tight jeans and grabbed the keys from the night stand. His words with a haunting echopierced her mind, “Mary, I’ll be right back my amore.” Then the door closing behind him and thesound of crashing cars and red lights flashing filled her mind. Seeing in her mind she saw the bloodupon the pavement and her fainting upon the pavement. The crowd still visible in her eyes she calledout for Roberto. No answer was heard.She only remembered waking up on the beach. “Oh God”, she cried out, “why am I here and isRoberto dead? Then a hand reached down to her as she was curled into a ball on the beach. A handtouches her shoulder as a man’s voice with a heavy Latin accent said, “Mary” as her eyes looked up,she saw those rich brown eyes of Roberto. She said, “Roberto, your alive”. Roberto with a full smileupon his face helped her to her feet. “Mary, I told you I’d be back my sweet amore”. Mary holding onto him and kissing his sweet lips, said “But how? You, you were in that car accident and all the blood.” Roberto saying only “shhhhh, me amore” lead her back to the hotel room. Mary, looking at Roberto,said “I don’t understand. How can you be here? I saw you die.” Roberto holding her close said, “Mary, you don’t remember do you?” Mary said, “what, tell me.” Roberto said “I did die last night. And you did see my blood on the pavement. But Mary, do youremember falling to the pavement last night?” Mary said, “Yeah, I do.” Roberto replied, “My sweetMary, your love for me is real, yes?” Mary replied, “You know I do my darling, but I don’tunderstand?” “Mary, when you fell on the pavement, you hit your head.” Roberto replied. “Mary, you are not really here. You are in the hospital. Come on I will show you.” Taking Mary’s handa bright flash occurred and suddenly they were in a hospital room where a women lay in a hospitalbed with her head bandaged. “Mary, that is you”, Roberto replied. “You went into a coma a monthago.” Mary responded, but Roberto, that happened last night.” Roberto, said “No Mary you have beenin a coma for a month now.” I am here to help you wake from the coma. I love you Mary and want

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