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Long Road Back Home

Long Road Back Home

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Published by Ron Brown

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Published by: Ron Brown on Jun 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Long Road Back HomeShort Story – By Ronald F. Brown 12/1/2006Winds sweeping across the dust filled yard which meant to be planted with seed but never was.Billowing clouds dance in the air with a dance flowing till released gently to the ground. Lone broad-shouldered Chase sits tapping his foot to cause his rocking chair on the porch to rock in soothingmethodic pace with his mind contemplating how he came to this meager existence.His faded jeans with tears in knees and hip not from fashion purchase but wear and lack of caring. HisT-shirt faded from mixing it with his whites with bleach bears marks like clouds from his thoughtlesserror. His left arm bearing a tattoo he got in the Navy back in the eighties while in port in thePhilippines of an anchor with a snake around it when he was too drunk to pick the one he reallywanted.His chest once tight from working out now sags slightly and abs lacking definition he once so proudlyhad now without a crease to be seen when he glances with regret each morning. His face with fewday’s growth upon it having no need to be kept since Andrea left him last year. Hair kept slightly longto cover the scar where she threw his bear bottle at him which he frequently touches so as to remindhim of when his life fell apart.The wind as it continues to ride the spring wind dries his tears from leaving his eyes. Marlboro reds hisbrand of choice rolled up in his sleeve. The ash barely finds his attention. Rocking ever so slowly withsmall pauses he reflects on Andreas words hauntingly. “You no good piece of shit. Why the hell didn’tyou die before you were born? Then I wouldn’t have to had put up with your shit these past fiveyears” he plays over and over in his mind.His breathe only existing for his smoke and sighs which he finds so hard to even try. Chase rose fromhis chair grabbing his lighter from the table next to him moves with zombie like motions, shouldersrounded from the weight of his life. Grabbing the door handle which is loose from lack of attentionbrings only a sigh from Chase.He slams the door behind him and pauses for a moan “What a fucking loser I am” he whispers withpouting tone. The floor covered in beer cans and wrappers from junk food his only source of substancesince Andrea left. Grabbing a burger from the table half eaten from the night before not caring of itscondition or coldness he devours a few bites and then throws it on the floor.He then picks up his 22 caliper revolver from the couch and sits down holding it in his hands andrunning his fingers along the barrel wishing instead it was Andrea’s skin. He flips open to make surethat the bullet is in the right chamber and flicks it shut. “I can’t go on like this” Chase shouts whilelooking up at his ceiling hoping for angelic intervention but finding only his own echo. Turning thebarrel toward his face and finger shaking on the trigger he says, “This one’s for you Andrea. I can’tnot be born but I can die for you. Is that what you want?” Squinting his eyes with the barrel in hismouth, shaking his finger gathering courage to squeeze down.Chase looses his grip on the gun and falls against the side of his couch. A bright light flashes in theroom. Could this be his angel almost too late? Chase holding a pillow to his face is oblivious to thelight filling the room. A glowing orb makes its way downward glowing toward his moaning frame andswiftly departs back through his ceiling.Going ever upward the orb finds the sky grey and puffy with weighted moisture waiting for release. Asthe orb makes it’s way through the cloud puncturing the withheld moisture as the rains strong in flow
find their way to the dusty ground matching the tears in chases pillow. As the orb reaches the top of clouds it finds an awaiting portal worm hole in shape which removes it from presence.Chase tired from on going tears falls asleep as the gun slides off the couch to the floor as he positionshimself on his back. As if minutes the sun finds it’s way magically in the sky and sudden clearing of the storm in seconds reveals a slender woman dressed in a long flowing dress. Ripped at the hemfrom her hurried pace as she starts to run toward Chases’ ranch. She stumbles upon her dress andfalls to the ground hitting her head on a rock. Blood flowing from the gash in her cheek she passesout.Chase now finds the light in his eyes squints and sits up saying “damn, why the fuck can’t I end it all.I’m such s pussy.” He grabs the gun in anger at his failed mission and places it on the table next tothe couch. Rising up from the couch with his arms stretched out with a yawn, he reaches down toscratch is balls and sniffs his arm pit and wrinkles his nose as the smell too much for his senses heswiftly pulls away and thinks, who gives a fuck, not like I’m going to see anyone anyway.He opens the front door to find the woman lying on the ground. He quickly rushes out and says, “Andrea?” But seeing her brown shoulder length hair he realizes it’s not her. Seeing the puddle of blood he quickly kneels beside her and takes her in her arms carefully placing his face close to hersfeeling a faint breath, he thinks to himself, “thank God”.He caring her body into his house kicking beer cans and trash out of the way finds the stair case andcarries her up to his bedroom which he hasn’t slept in since Andrea left him a year ago. He lays herdown gently and runs to the bathroom looking for his first aide kit and wash cloth. He returns kneelingdown by the bed and gently wipes the blood from her cheek, applying hydrogen peroxide to thewound and places some Neosporin on a gauze pad and puts tape on it to ensure it would stay in place.Finding a chair in the corner, he places it beside the bed and thinks to himself, “who are you. You’reso beautiful. How did you get here? What the heck happened to you and why are you in a gown?” Asthe sun made its way across the sky, Chase only left her side for a minute to take a piss, wash hishands and pits. And returned to her side not even thinking about his needs for food he watched as shestarted to move. She mumbled “Stop, don’t touch me.” Turning into a screamed again “Stop!” as hereyes came open and she sat up. Frantically looking around to see where she was.She felt the bandage on her cheek and said, “Who are you?” Chase said, “I’m Chase. I found you inmy yard this morning. You were bleeding and I brought you in my house to make sure you were ok.What the heck happened to you?” Her hurried breathes started to relax seeing his friendly face.” I’m,Donna, Donna Johnson. Oh thank God, for a minute I thought you were that guy who ran my car off the road.” “Where was this?” he asked. She said, “I was on my way to a fundraising ball for disabledvets when some guy ran me off the road and into a ditch on highway 12 near Saw Mill Creek.” “SawMill Creek?” Chase said. “That’s five miles from here.” You poor thing he thought to himself catching asmile on her face. “I started down the road to find any sign of life but all the houses were dark exceptyours.” “Mine?” he said. “My lights were off last night.” “No. I saw this glowing light in your windowwhen I was a mile away. That’s why I started running to your house. Then, I fell and that’s all I canremember”. “Huh,” he replied. Thinking that’s weird.Chase said, “You hungry?” Donna replied, “No, but thank you for asking. I’m just sore” Grabbing hercheek. “Do you wanna see a doctor about your cheek? I can drive you to town to the hospital if youwant” He said. Donna replied, “Can I see a mirror?” Chase said, “Sure, sit still, I’ll go get mygirlfriends, I mean ex-girlfriends she left behind.” Quickly he rushed to the dresser and grabbed thehand mirror and returned to her bed side. She smiled and took the mirror out of his hand touching his
hand gently saying “Thanks, Chase was it?” Chase, slightly flustered at his appearance said, “yeah,Chase.” She looked into the mirror, gently pulling the tape from the gauze and said, “That’s not toobad, I’ll be ok.” Removing the full bandage she said. “You’re my hero.” Chase said, “Nah, I couldn’t just leave you on the ground now could I” in a flirting tone showing a smile for the first time in a year.Chase said, “Why don’t you get some rest for a while and I go check on your car and see if I can get ittowed for ya.” Donna smiled and said, “You know even though I was passed out, I could use somerest. Thanks my angel.” Chase flustered and pleased by her comment, said “Rest Donna, I’ll take careof everything.Chase rushing out the door grabbing his car keys and cell phone off the table by the door ran off to gocheck out her car. Donna, thinking of how cute Chase looked, tried to sleep, but was so curious abouther rescuer. She rose from the bed and began looking around the bedroom seeing a picture of himwith a blonde haired woman. Thinking to herself, “huh, guess she is the ex.” She noticed how thefemale items on the vanity were still in place like she still lived there. Donna slowly made her waydown the stairs seeing trash and beer cans on the ground. She found her way to the kitchen. Andfound the broom, trash bags and began to clean up the mess. She said to herself, “It is the least I cando for my Chase”. She giggled, “My chase, that sounds nice.” Donna had known such heart ache inher life as her husband Brad had been killed in the Gulf War one month after their marriage. That’swhy she focused on helping disabled vets with her spare time to fill the void of her lack of herhusband. Filling 10 trash bags and placing them out by the trash cans on the side of the house, Donnafinally found the living room next.She bent down and started picking up pieces of food, wrappers and cans not even caring about hismess. She started humming. She looked up on the table and saw a picture of Chase in his Navyuniform. Her eyes tearing up thinking of her late husband Brad. She then noticed the ship he was onwas the USS Intrepid, a sister ship to her late Brad. She looked lovingly in to Chase’s face in thepicture grabbing it with her hand. She said, “Wow, he was just as handsome then.” Wiping her eyes she spotted the gun on the floor. Picking it up she started to think, “What is thisdoing here?” she looked to see it was loaded with a single bullet and started to think, “Oh my God, hecouldn’t have been so hurting to do that.” And placed the gun behind the table so he wouldn’t betempted to think about that again.She now with even more fervor started cleaning up the mess that was Chase’s life. She went back andgot the 409 and paper towels and began cleaning every inch of this downstairs home. Humming outloud she began to think of Chase’s face in that picture and when she woke up in his bed. “Donna girl,get a grip, he probably wouldn’t want you.” Now scrubbing with more force to repay her debt to him. “Well at least I can leave him with a clean home.After finishing, she wondered where he was as the light of day was reaching dusk. She kept lookingout the window and saw a pickup truck with it’s lights on coming down the dirt drive. She ran upstairsand giggled to herself. “Donna, he is going to think your some Looney tune. Chance entering hishouse dropped his cell seeing the state of his home.Flowers in his hand that he had picked up to make her feel better and a bag of groceries to makedinner for her placed on the table. “Donna? He shouted, you still here? Donna, biting her lip, said “Yeah, I’m upstairs.” Chase, half embarrassed by her cleaning up his mess and half glad she was stillthere ran up half way up the stairs and thought, “Damn, do I give her the flowers or not? I don’t wanther to think I’m some freak, especially after she cleaned my shit hole.” He then thought of her faceand ran the rest of the way up the stairs hiding the dozen peach roses behind his back.

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