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Island Connection - August 9, 2013

Island Connection - August 9, 2013

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Volume 7, Issue 8
Volume 7, Issue 8

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Published by: Lucky_Dog_Publishing on Aug 18, 2013
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R S  OR S  NDRD U S  O S  GI  D C HR S  O N S  C RMI   N O 4 3 7  O S R O N
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Our Lady of Mercy
 Volume 7 Issue 8August 9, 2013
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 Expedition Patagonia
Page 19
7th AnnualWine & Beer Fest
 Angel Oak 
continues on page 6
Kiawah Wins 
continues on page 14
Growing  S u p por t  to  Save 
Ange ak
PhOtOs By RALPh sEcOy
Te Angel Oak, nestled on Johns Island, continues to draws thousands of tourists each year.
Johns Island RotaRy Clubdonates $1,000 to PRoteCt angel oak tRee
by betsey PooRe
he unpretentious Angel Oak tree, located down a subtle dirt road on BohicketRoad, is anything but ordinary. Tis southern live oak, estimated to be anywherebetween 500 and 1,500 years old, is one o the oldest live oaks in the country.Tough the Angel Oak is iconic to the lowcountry, it is at risk o being invaded by hundreds o multi-amily houses. A 17-acre patch o land near the tree is zoned or multi-amily housing development,and many worry that this will ruin not only the beauty o the park, but also theenvironment surrounding it.On July 23, the Johns Island Rotary Club announced that it has donated $1,000 tothe Lowcountry Open Land rust (LOL) to support their eort to acquire the tract o land and preserve the natural area. I LOL raises the $3.56 million required to purchasethe land, a conservation easement will be placed on the 17-acres and development plans will be stopped. And so ar, they’re on the right track;Charleston County has already committed
Town of Kiawah IslandBrings Home Major Win
MunICIPal assoCIatIon of southCaRolIna honoRs kIawah wIth aChIeveMent awaRd
PRovIded by the MunICIPal assoCIatIon of sC
he own o Kiawah Island received a Municipal Achievement Award ortwo waterront recreational site improvements. Ofcials were presented with the award during the Municipal Association o South Carolina’s 73rd Annual Meeting on July 20. Te town won in the public works category. Tirty-three cities and towns submitted their projects and initiatives.Ofcials in Kiawah Island aced an uphill challenge when they decided toimprove two waterront recreational sites in town. Land on the island is someo the most expensive in the state, and
The IslandConnection 
Lynn Pierottipublisher 
Hannah Dockerymanaging editor 
Swan Richardssenior graphic designer 
Lori McGeesales manager 
Jerry Plumbgraphic designer  jerry@luckydognews.comRalph SecoyResident Photographer ContributorsLori LearyBetsey PooreSC Municipal AssociationJim McQueenMike CasellaChad HayesBob Hooper Chad KellyGeoff BennettKristin WelchJohn NelsonSarah DiazDave WilliamsJimmy GhiPublished byLucky Dog Publishingof South Carolina, LLCP.O. Box 837Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482843-886-NEWS
Future deadlines: August 14for submissionsfor the August 23 Issue
Op-Ed articles and letters to the editor do not necessarily refect the opinion o  Lucky Dog News or its writers.
Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC
Publishers of 
 Island Eye News
The Island Connection
Civic Calendar
21 Beachwalker DriveKiawah Island, SC 29455Phone: 768-9166Fax: 768-4764
2001 Seabrook Island RoadSeabrook Island, SC 29455Phone: 768-9121Fax: 768-9830Email:lmanning@townoseabrookisland.org 
Meetings are held at the Berkeley Electric Co-op located at3351 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island.Chairman Chris Cannon: 343-5113
4045 Bridge View Dr, N. Charleston958-4700t
75 Calhoun St.724-3745
2August 9, 2013
Mayor Holtz called the meeting toorder. Councilmember Cummin wasabsent.
Mayor Holtz inormed Council thata $79,000 check recently came into theown but had not yet been incorporatedinto the fnancials, creating a slight skew in the budget or the month. Holtz addedthat year to date fnancials are on target.“We’re in good shape,” he said. “Ourfnancials are fne.”Te Council continued to discussthe Emergency Fund balance, noting the need to continue building on the $1million already allocated. “Kiawah has$16 million in comparison,” Councilman Ahearn said. “We’re still short and weneed to build that und up over time.”
Citizens’ Comments
Larry Maddox, a representative romVC3, addressed Council regarding potential upcoming changes to thetechnology the own uses. Maddox mentioned that own AdministratorPierce is interested in hiring VC3 to updateown technologies, such as transitioning the own to cloud technology, which would allow computers to be restoredrom any location, even in the event o a disaster or computer crash. Right now,Pierce has to manually back up data andtapes on a regular bases; VC3 would takecare o all such services by streamlining the process and updating the technology.“We’re about getting you out o the Ibusiness,” Maddox said.
Government Relations
Councilman Reed attended a Councilo Governments meeting and reportedthat the main topic concerned thecutting down o trees on I-26, betweenSummerville and I-95. Reed reportedthat no trees would be cut unless theCouncil o Governments approves theunds to do it. A representative rom theDepartment o ransportation addressedthe audience on why it is important thatthe trees be removed, but Arthur Ravaneland Congressman Mark Sanord spoke inopposition to the removal. Several motions were made, all o which were deeated, andthe Chairman then took it upon himsel to appoint and ad hoc committee to work  with the Department o ransportationand come up with a solution.
Branding Initiative
Councilman Ahearn updated theCouncil on the Branding Initiative, whichseeks to come up with a tagline and sloganor Seabrook Island. A brand has beendecided and a public unveiling will becoming soon in the
as well as the
Island Connection.
Debris Removal
Ciancio inormed Council that threebids or the debris removal contract werereceived on time. Companies out o Florida, North Carolina, and Alabama sought ater the bid. Te Public Saety committee undertook an extensive review and Phillips & Jordan out o Robbinsville,NC, was the best bidder, earning 20percent more total points on the PublicSaety committee review scorecard thanthe nearest bidder. Ciancio made a motionto designate Phillips & Jordan as the winning bidder, and suggested meeting in August to approve the contract. Councilunanimously approved. Te ownreceived no bids ordebris monitoring, sothe own will solicita single bid rom a debris monitoring service.
Memorandum of Understanding 
Ciancio mentioned that he has been incommunication with the POA regarding a memorandum o understanding. Teown’s emergency plan requires thatthe own enter into a memorandumo understanding with the other islandentities, including the Club, POA, Camp,and Marina. Te own entered into a MOU in 2009 when the emergency plan was adopted, but ater being reviewed by the Public Saety committee, the ownrealized the MOU needed updating and more specifcity. Te MOU will bebrought beore Council or approval in August, and will include such areas ascoordination o emergency procedures,preparation o inventory, acility o assets,etc.
 Alan Fleming Tennis Tournament 
Council unanimously approved a temporary permit or the Alan Fleming ennis ournament. Tis year’stournament will be held October 2 – 6 onSeabrook Island.Te next Seabrook Island ownCouncil meeting will be uesday, August27, at 2:30 p.m.
Seabrook Town CouncilJuly 23, 2013
 August 14
Seabrook Planning Commission
Regular Meeting 2:30 p.m.Seabrook own Hall
Kiawah CommunicationsCommittee
10 a.m.Kiawah own Hall
Kiawah Public Safety Committee
3 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
 August 19
Kiawah BZA 
4 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
 August 27
Seabrook Town Council
2:30 p.m.Seabrook own Hall
Kiawah Ways and MeansCommittee
2 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
september 3
Kiawah Town Council
2 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
Carolina Chickadee
By Sarah harper Diaz
he Carolina Chickadee is a very small passerine ound throughout the southeastyear-round. It is easily identiable by its distinctive appearance and call, exceptin the northernmost part o its range, which overlaps with the deceptively-similarBlack-capped Chickadee. Te Carolina Chickadee is in the same amily as the uteditmouse, and they are commonly seen oraging together in small focks. Tis species o Chickadee is completely non-migratory and is able to survive winters by caching seeds,nuts, and small insects. Carolina Chickadees orm pairs during the nonbreeding seasonand begin building nests as early as February. Tey are cavity nesters and pairs will eitherexcavate their own cavities in snags or dead branches or they will readily use nest boxes.Females alone build the nests and incubate the eggs. Tey lay about six eggs per clutchand only breed once per year. Both adults eed and care or the young. Nestlings havea relatively high survival rate, but there are many predators to contend with. Raccoons,rat snakes, opossums, hawks, and domestic cats requently eat nestlings and fedglings.Even Red-bellied Woodpeckers have been seen snacking on nestlings. House Wrenshave been requently witnessed stealing nest cavities rom Carolina Chickadees anddestroying their eggs and/or young in the process.
photo by Sarah Diaz
Photo of Te Carolina Chickadee 
 August 9, 2013
Sarah’s Birds

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