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O Timeless Night

O Timeless Night

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Published by Buffy Aakaash
31 Plays in 31 Days. Play # 17. The appearance of Mother Nature changes the lives of two farmers.
31 Plays in 31 Days. Play # 17. The appearance of Mother Nature changes the lives of two farmers.

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Published by: Buffy Aakaash on Aug 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PLAY #17 O TIMELESS NIGHTbyBuffy AakaashBuffy Aakaash3935 South Americus St.Seattle, WA 98118206-619-9021Buffsters@me.com 
THE GENERATORA loud piece of machinery.JOHN DOEA farmer.BOBBY DOEHis brother. Also a farmer.MOTHER NATUREMultifaceted being, a female bodied form,as well as the sights and sounds ofnature as they appear.
1.O TIMELESS NIGHT(At Rise: Late in the day at the DoeFamily Farm. As the action progresses,the darkness of night settles in.Center stage, THE GENERATOR, a largepiece of machinery, is running loudly. A bright light also emanates from it.JOHN DOE enters. He wanders around THEGENERATOR, flicking switches, trying tofind a way to shut it down. After a minute, BOBBY DOE enters. They bothshout at each other to be heard.)BOBBYShut it down, John! We're done for the day!JOHNWhat?!!BOBBYI said shut it down!JOHNI'm trying to!BOBBYDid you turn the switch?JOHNI turned the switch.BOBBYDown is off!JOHNWhat?BOBBYDOWN! Down is OFF!JOHNI know!(Pause. They look at each other,shrugging. THE GENERATOR gets louder.They plug their ears. JOHN hauls outand kicks THE GENERATOR. It stops.

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