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Lectures on Christian Graces and Happiness

Lectures on Christian Graces and Happiness

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LECTURES O CHRISTIA GRACES AD HAPPIESSBY M. ALLE, M. D.These Lectures were written for fisunily use, andfor those under my professional care, and I publishthem, because " I hold," in the language of LordBacon, ** that every man is a debtor to his profes-sion, from which as he receives countenance andsupport, it is his duty, by way of amends, to dis-charge the debt;'* and the excellent Mr. Basil Mon-tagu adds, not merely bgr activity in the discbargeof its duties, and in using his best exertions to im-prove and extend the knowledge of his profession,but, also that by the publication of his knowledge,experience, and practice, he ought to transfer tothe public whatever is likely to be of any use tothem.The slight alteration in the Title of this Editionis more descriptive of its character and of the usewhich I find, has, in private families, and in schoolsbeen made of the former Edition.High Beach,OctSih. 1831.COTETS.LBCTURE I.GEERAL OBSERVATIOS O OUR LORO's SERMO O THE
MOUT.That in this sermon is displayed the pure spirit of uni-versal benevolence^ and the absolute wisdom of thesublime principle of one universal law of love — aprinciple and spirit which is the sum and substance of the character of that kingdom which Jesus Christ cameto establi^li in the world ; and when it is so understoodand practised, it Will produce every where the mostdelightful and the most glorious effects. P. 1 .LECTU&B II.O HUMILITY OP MID.Blessed are the poor in spirit : for theirs is the kingdom of .. heaxen^That pride ^may affect humility, butbupulity is yoid of allaffectation. The very basis of the kingdom of Christ'within us is humility of mind, because it prepares us forall that is best calculated to promote our moral and in-telledtual improvement, and our true and lasting feli-city. 1*. 13.2cIV COTETS.LECTURE III.THE 8AUE SUBJECT COTIUED.That as HmmHtgr is Ifib fbrst and nvnH; dilBcult step in ourmoral and intellectual improyement, so also it keeps
pace with it ; for it makes men candid and open to con-viction, and these infailibly lead us to wisdom, know-ledge, usefulness, worth, and felicity, while pride pro-duces nothing but i^dranice> hatred, persecution, war,sin, and misery — ^thatone << makes a heaven of hell,"the olher *« a hell of heaven." P. 25.LECTURE IV.TAB HAUE SbB^ECT C0TIU«1>»That the best are generally the most humble. That hecannot be proud who knows the purity required of him ;how much he has to learn ; the nature and extent of hisduly, and who believes in an Omnipresent Being. Thatpride begets sin, and separates us from heaven; thathumility begets penitence, and reunites us to heaven.The temper and spirit of Christian humility. P. 33.LECTURE V.THE ADVATAGES OF AFFLICTIO TO THE MID.Bletsed are they that mourn : for they shall be comforted,. That these beatitudes should be treated as general prin-ciples ; and that by partial and party views much evil isproduced. That it is a general principle, that afflictionproduces good ; and that if pain, disappointment^ mi-COTETS. Vaery, poverty, and diBtre9B, prodace repentance, sobriety,irirtae, goodneaa, wisdom, and happiness, the purchaseia still A cheap one. That this view of the sjal^ectgiTe^ unspeakable comfort to the .ooind. P. 43.LECTURB YI.

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